Making Mistakes and Sketch a Day| Doggie Stories – Why do I like drawing 2?

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So, last Wednesday, I was just sketching and seeing how much I could do.

I am well reminded that the time and patience is necessary to provide a good work. Also, I am guilty for now. However, immense detail wasn’t the goal as it was quick sketches and the use of mostly a mechanical pencil. I was a little surprised at the differences that each drawing attempt made. Or rather, I was surprised at the occasional improvements. I would say, “That looked better than before”.

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The answer is in the line | Doggie Stories – Why do I like drawing? #cyberf

A little weekend frustration trying to figure out scheduling balance. School and work is quite tantalizing. With a child niece? Even more so. Plus, trying to figure out method of payment for hundreds of semester tuition, which probably gave rise to most of my frustration. I ended up sighing a lot.

I may have to go into counseling.

Doggie Drawing

Drawing is one of those things that I think that one can continue to improve on. Change, offer different perspectives (or character?) each time. The same with writing.

I don’t like tutorials because it doesn’t completely teach you how to draw. They’ll have the basic techniques, blocking in, and how to hold a pencil, but they’ll break it down in few steps. Is it expecting you to follow directions to a T?

It won’t come out exactly especially if you’re starting out. The importance is your confidence and how much practice you put in it. You will then wonder where your style ends up. In addition to the confidence, there is also the critique. And, a wise man once said:


You’re often told to start on paper. I do hate cliches because I wonder when the improvement will come, or when that certain spot comes.

Despite the bland word, PRACTICE is necessity, plus a sense of contrastive and comparative perception, symmetry, area perspective and negative space, field of view, and many other things. Then, by instinct, your hand moves and don’t realize it; that is another issue with tutorials, written by those who already know what to do, instilled firmly with muscle memory.

The line expresses many things, and each medium can produce a value. A thick line, a thin line, a round or sharp line that can express the age of a face, a muscle, etc. There are also invisible lines that support your idea of proportions/measurements. When you make an initial guideline sketch, don’t be afraid to go outside of them.


Blocking in an Asurada so I can finally draw that car. I did this last night before bed.

How to see shapes?

Experts, or professionals, say it’s the right brain: One of two Hannibal-favorite muscles in your head responsible for imagination, visualization, intuition and more.

That’s because you want to see shapes, rather than focusing too hard on “what a thing is supposed to be (or the association of a part)? An estimation; rather than a nose like how you’re familiar with it, you probably see a few circles. Take the shades of a person’s face for example. Thus, the reason behind the blind-coutour exercises.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain | The Official Website of Betty Edwards

In three entries, or rather one, I discuss about the 10,000 hour theory and provide examples of “improvement”.

According to Betsy Edwards, these students improved in five days: BEFORE then AFTER

How you’re holding the pencil, and how relaxed your posture is, can really make a difference.

More another day.

Unacceptable. Words for mental abuse online #health #support

So far,  I made a couple of entries on information, what’s relayed, by who, and about the consideration of conducting oneself. One’s character.

Months ago, I saw something that made me irate, but more so, I became impressed by the aftermath.

This is Doggie Simmer Talk.

Who is deserving of online abuse and why?

Not sure what I would call her. She’s not my “friend” even though I’d secretly like her to be (did I say “secret”?). I’ll keep it anonymous.  Let’s call her “Lady M”, like Mikumo from Macross.

She’s “young” and talented with the big sister title.


Popularity could be synonymous to “knowing thoroughly what he/she does”. Whether it is broadcasting, which I always loved, culinary, writing, or singing.

But I respect her. This Lady M. I don’t like the idea of someone being put under another due to popularity. However, if it weren’t for popularity, some wouldn’t follow in “Lady M’s” footsteps. Some people, notable names even, aspire to be her or work with her.

M seemed to have be accused for “self-promotion”. In other words, an unworthy human being; maybe a washout even? There is a gap within the “popularity level”. Also, she might’eve been called bad names and was frequently disparaged.

Why was such hatred received?

Jealously? A thrill? A deceptive truth?

Lady M was being susceptible to abuse for some time. It is perhaps the reason why she’s been fickle and upset over “her words”. Grieving over it as if she received some attacks that most could not see. One point she put her foot down and revealed this abuse.

“That is not my intention”.

“Those words, do not send them to another woman aside from myself!”

It is possible that she “isn’t nice“.  Who isn’t rash and who doesn’t get angry and say a harsh thing? Especially on social media? However, so far, from my own impression, M is pretty accepting to a follower or a random stranger, easily inspired, and does not say a cruel thing. People who have worked with her has stated the same thing: “Heart is nice”, “big-hearted”, “nice big sister”, relatively the same.

They describe her as “温かい” (atatakai) and “大らか” (ooraka; generous). This is a reply to someone who said that M “seemed scary”:

ええっ⁉︎ 優しいよ〜(^ー^)ノ💕

“Huh?! She’s tender.

Voice is strong, and so is the character’s image. [The character is strong too]

A blunt person, however, has a warm heart.”

From my POV, M does say many strange phrases (ie: “A man holding a purse is odd” or along those lines) but often apologizes for it. The “blunt person” part may be true after all. It’s not entirely the abuse. M always says “Sorry u(_-_)u” for an awkward phrase. Those who receive scathing words are usually those who dedicate their time and their actions to being negative to others. Take politicians for example.

So far, she hasn’t said anything personal or political, and often praises/thanks others, commenting that she is “healed by gentle words”.


For those who witnessed the abuse was quite supportive, and M thanked them.

Doggie Thoughts

I’ve seen this before, the belittlement of someone being “not popular enough”. An actor could retire for not receiving enough roles, let alone main roles,  as it is a demanding, competitive, and wide industry, and someone could leave a comment such as “I don’t know you, so good for you” or “Great”.

For Lady M personally, it is extreme ignorance. There can be more said, but that is all.

To quote “you need to survive physically and mentally.”

Also, do not quit. After so many years, Lady M has not quit. Don’t think of yourself as useless and don’t let anyone else say so. And if you’re wrong, be humble and reflect on the mistake/words.




#LegendofZelda A quote for today

“I think… I finally understand what my dad meant… when he told me he wanted me to be strong like you, Link. He didn’t mean strength as in lifting stuff. He meant strength as in courage.”


A quote from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If I recall, a touching scene; also, it is considerably true. Of course it doesn’t mean to tackle a lion or to base jump off a cliff, even though those are very brave things.

The answer is conviction.

About Sketch a Day. Do it too!

One day I will talk about why opinion is important.

What is SKETCH A DAY? Aside from being 2-5 minutes of lines on a paper?

These sketch a days are valuable evidence showing that you can improve in an area. Not only that, it also shows that you can unlock a different way of thinking. In other words, you will have a new insight from a look back on something, and change your actions. Your past can influence your future.

So, whatever I scratch up, some square or ugly hand, it’ll change. Isn’t there some improvement?

This is what happens when I get bored with my notebook.

Being a College Student: I. (My weird draft)


SO my theme here is to answer these questions after hundreds of years:
How to be a good college student/what happened?
Self-motivation and what does a degree mean?

College, along with the tuition and subsidiary fees, and the question on how to pass the finals during the exit gate of the semester, we all wonder how to reach success through hard work and education. This entry was hanging in my drafts for probably half a year or more, and what I wanted to say for this initial entry was completely forgotten. I wrote down the questions “how to enjoy my job?” and “how to pass college? What happens afterward?” in my small notepad and nothing more. When I started this entry for the blog, I didn’t go back to refine it, leaving a few sentences.

This is what I did say: “I returned to school after a long absence“.

There was also something weird in the draft:

I also remember some books about drug dosage and intestinal disease stored high in the closet. I think professionalism has to do with routine.

This might have to do with advanced medical books, and they don’t belong to me, that I found in my closet. Looking at the following sentences about “professionalism”, was there some kind of revelation? There’s some kind of point that I was trying to make.

I don’t like the answer of “hard work”. It seems like a cliche phrase. “Please work hard and you’ll do well” because sometimes hard work or diligence isn’t awarded in the way you want, or not right away. In addition, “hard work” isn’t understood; some people don’t have what it takes. And, “hard work” can have various definitions. Who is working harder than others? Better or worse?

Life is not straightforward like a child. People suffer depression because they meet a speed bump in their lives where they don’t know how to react to the difference.

According to USA Today, finance is one of the greatest difficulties people living in the United States face. For example, “making ends meet” and “Debt”.

USA TODAY: You may have heard about the groundbreaking AP research from last year, which found that 4 out of 5 American adults are faced with economic insecurity at some point during their lives.

In a survey designed by Chapaman University in 2015, Personal Life is in TOP 5 of American fears.


America’s Top Fears 2015

First thing’s first is to build an agenda. Put it on paper (I prefer it) or keep it in memory. Another cliche? Probably so, but I think one of the best ways to relieve (or to avoid) pressure is to tell yourself that you want to do something and presume the accurate result of that something. That way you will start taking direction into “hard work” type of spirit.

Also understand before long that some work isn’t found mainstream.

That’s all for now.