The Red Comet World | 8 Great Rivals from the Robot Japanese anime genre (Part 4) #Auris #Char


We’re at the halfway point, and I wanted to mention GUNDAM at one point.

Char Aznable was a commanding officer in the Zeon Republic and the focal threat for  Amuro Rei, the main character of Mobile Suit Gundam. That’s the first title to this long-running series, and after that, there’s always been a masked man (or any guy hiding his eyes or face) that follows in the impression of giving the protagonist hell.

Thinking over the series as a whole, I kept wondering over which masked man/rival should I put on this list? I thought of the majority of the series, including Rau Le Cruset from SEED, Chronicle of V and Scwartz of G; for those who don’t have a mask, there’s Gato of STARDUST, Haman, and Daryl of THUNDERBOLT. Who’d be the best fighter that the main character is determined to face? I don’t even mind mentioning Luin Li of the Capital Guard (G of Reconguista).

I’ll have to go with the beginning, the one who started it all, even though he isn’t the most interesting fellow. Char Aznable has his own spin off, his movie, two artificial beings based off of him. No one can doubt that he has massive influence on this series, in real life, and in other products, really coming from the core of the first gundam series. His C.V Ikeda Shuuichi even calls Char “the main character”. It suits him well considering Char’s parents died, and that’s a typical case for gundam main characters 😉

His lines and nickname “The RED COMET” are often parodied as well, as well as a masked (or red-related) character that Ikeda Shuuchi plays (ie: Shanks from ONE PIECE). There’s even an Amuro-Char reverse parody in Detective Conan. Matter of fact, I think Char and Amuro are one of the most intense rivalries in the gundam series along with Gato and Kou in the short SATRDUST MEMORY series. In fact, the radical TITANS movement in Z Gundam was perpetrated to the actions of Gato and his superior Delaz.

Amuro and Char has constantly fought with each other, thus the latter’s mention. Consistent fighting, creating a new war, a long-time influence, a real-life connection, etc.


Notable Mention (?)

Yuuki Tatsuya, AKA: Meijin Kawaguchi, is the main rival of Sei Iori and Reiji in GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS. However, he isn’t the primary rival in the second season of BUILD FIGHTERS TRY, but still shows his might. I asked myself would I place Yuuki over Char? In conclusion, I said no. There is no denying this kid’s skill. Reiji had an absolute, burning desire to beat Yuuki just as much as Amuro did with Char. However, Build Fighters is a fun parody, shorter, and the battles between Yuuki and main are few in comparison. And since it is a part on a sports genre, Gunpla Battle, there are inevitably a TON of a rivals that intervene in the series that even the main rival has to put down in order to reach the top.

And Yuuki doesn’t parody Char’s lines, but he does use red units, including a Zaku, and he parodies the 0079 opening theme (ie: Moeagaru! Gunpla!“). So maybe Yuuki is theme song parodier ;D Even in second season, it’s the Fighter Try’s OP theme “CERULEAN”

GENKAI NANTE NAI!” (“There are no LIMITS!”)

World Influence
There is too many to mention. but this is one of my favorites. A Char-based TOYOTA Auris was build.


SOURCE: Zeonic Toyota’s Auris II w/Ikeda Shuuichi (CAR WATCH)

Some Specifications:

  • Double (4 cylinders) OverHead Cam Inline engine. Either 1.2, 1.8 or 1.5 liter.
  • 2WD or 4WD. Front wheel drive.
  • 7 speed-Continuously variable transmission

FREED-san inspects the car. THE SOUND!:

SKE48’s Furukawa Airi rides

Downhill or DIE! | INITIAL D Vol 1 (Part 1) #頭文字D (and a


Akagi Red Suns vs Akina Speed Stars!

This series has been on my mind for years and I couldn’t decide whether to do comic or animation first. I already had a taste of one of the intense arcade games (title eludes me), so it was just a matter of time that I’d get in the series as I seek out the one of the best motorsports series.

I bought VOLUME 1 from Barnes and Noble where the description is a little bit deceiving:

Only the fearless survive in the white-hot world of street racing, as teams take on dangerous roads in the shadow of Akina Mountain. Behind the wheel of the mysterious “Ghost of Akina” is Takumi, on his way to becoming the greatest racer ever. (Source: Barnes & Noble).

Unfortunately, thanks to cancellation, it seems that only up to the 33rd volume (out of 43) is available. Despite that, and the translation weirdness, I think that I may pick volume 2.

Due to TokyoPop and their editing “magic”, tthe character’s first names are westernized and thus, presumably simplified.

Takumi Fujiwara, despite the B&N description, turned into “Tak”; Kousuke is “Cole”; Itsuki is “Iggy”; Natsuki is “Natalie”; Takahashi brothers Ryosuke and Keisuke are Ry and K.T respectively, and so on. You can sense some closeness. For some reason, Takumi’s father Bunta retains his name. Worse thing they could’ve done was feign the setting. Locations and team names such as Red Suns are kept

Keisuke and Takumi (and I’m kind of alright with “Tak”. A little Korean but it may fit as an annoying nickname?) are in center stage as volume 1 gradually unveils the story behind the GHOST OF AKINA:

The Toyota Trueno, the A86 (the author Shigeno has one too, also named “86” or “Hachiroku”).


Earth to Takumi? Despite working at the gas station, Takumi displays having no clue about Japanese cars as this ripping racer comic has its share of comedy. Actually, Tak-Tak’s ignorance has been a recurring theme in this volume. To his benefit, these cars do have their funny number codes that takes some encyclopedic looking up on spare time. Makes me want to look up my FORD CHRONICLE. And we’re talking some old classic Japanese cars. Toyota, Nissan, Madza, Mitsubishi (in fact, Cole-Kousuke had a…run in with a Mitsubishi in Akina. No? Okay.)

In these days, we’re improving on the internal combustion engines, the use of electric energy (battery), and faster reactions of manuals. Keisuke’s Mazda car has a rotary engine that speeds up acceleration, while the Trueno works on a 4-straight cylinder.

Why Keisuke as a “center”? Because of his deep desire to take on the A86, which is an older model. You could say that’s a bit salty, but anyone desires a true challenge.

There is talk on Mazda creating a new rotary engine – as a hybird work (Auto Express U.K).

I haven’t picked up the name of Natsuki-Natalie’s boyfriend but you could immediately tell from first words that he was was total jerk that was rightfully punched.

Shigeno has a funny design for characters that I can’t explain, but it’s unique and adapted well even in the games and animation. The cars look pretty good.


Takumi vs Keisuke!

6 “Bad to the Bone” Bikers

I think it was a month ago. While driving, I saw a guy, burly looking old guy with his skullcap and sunglasses riding on his motorcycle. His bike had a sidecar, and guess who was in it:

His partner right? Of course! His partner was a big guy too; he or she looked to be large white thick-coated terrier.

Turns out it’s not that weird.

I can’t wait for another Annual Dog Day! So, here are videos of dogs riding with their owners on motorcycles!

1.) In the Philippines, here’s Reyes and his dog Bogie, the Askal (Aspin).

2.) One of my favorite songs, and driving songs, “BAD TO THE BONE” by George Thurugood (originally) with doggie Zeb!

3.) A trailer of a documentary called “SIT STAY RIDE” about America’s Sidecar dogs. Totally not weird.

4.) The ever famous Brad and his golden doodle Moki! You can find a few articles on them. Various vids and images.

5.) Golden retriever takes the front!

6.) From Japan, here’s Riki, 3-year-old black Shiba Inu, and Dan, 13-year-old red Shiba Inu. They belong to the Nomura family.


The title is probably not the correct lyrics, but the heat is on.

“Day-tonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Let’s go away.” Thanks Sega, damn it.

mentioned here in my last entry that I went to a fun center with my niece, and I absolutely needed to. It wasn’t just for my niece, but it was also therapeutic for me.


(Source) This is:

Triotech’s TYPHOON simulator

The TYPHOON was a two seat simulator, giving 8 options to choose from. All you had to do was sit and hold onto the sidebars.

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MADHOUSE Road Adventure? Forget about it!

Heart pounding just thinking about it. I didn’t watch the Datona 500.

Think Spy Hunter or Twisted Metal when it comes to automobiles and weaponry, the latter being applied to a salivating sport.

Keep thinking about “sports”.

Forget everything you know about cars, and think of vehicles with HP over 10K (about 10 times than average sports car), faster than any 8 to 12 V cylinder, and don’t forget firearms.

This is REDLINE (2010). The title already indicates that RPMS are beyond the limit. As soon as I finish up an assignment, I’m about to hop into it and probably get mentally wrecked. But hey, it’ll be a good reward.

And I am all for something that is hand drawn, with a lot of effort, taking many years to finish. The director of this sci-fi car action movie is Koike Takeshi (小池健), who has been a part of many projects such as LUPIN THE THIRD: Jigen Gravestones, X, Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpocho), BIOHUNTER, HAJIME NO IPPO the Fighting, MIDNIGHT EYE. Original creator/script writer is Ishii Katsuhito (石井克人).

When I went to the official website a week or so ago, I quickly fell in love with the music.

On the cast side, at least the notable voice actor side when it comes to animation influence, this seems to be notable posthumous work of Gouri Daisuke. Aoni Takeshi is also included, and I miss them both. Main character voices are SMAP member Kimura Takuya and Aoi Yuu (Not Aoi Yuuki, Yuu).

Can’t wait to check it out.

Michigan Winter and Me

I’m home, and old man Winter has truly hit today with over 20 mph (about 32 kph) winds, rain, and a blizzard.

I’m probably biased, or a “state patriot”, but I only wanted to drive Ford vehicles. Or rather, I wanted to follow its legacy. I’ve seen so many Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta, along with the ever obnoxious Dodge (rival of Ford?) Chargers (or maybe its the drivers), that I wanted to know what they were like.

But I was given a used Hyundai Santa Fe LE by a long-time family friend. Before her was a Grand Cherokee, but I won’t get into that story.

So this Hyundai has a lovely sporty-looking frame. What does that mean? I guess when I see it, I kind of thought “Ah, it looks like a type of All-Terran, Jeep type of car”. It has a V6  3.5 Engine and two wheel front drive. SO far, the driving has been simple so far. I’ll say this: All you have to do is tap the gas. I felt like if I pressed it too much, I’d rocket down the road. High acceleration.

Since it was snowy today, I didn’t feel brazen enough to try the so-called “auto-manual” or the Sport mode, so I don’t know if its four or five speed.

Nor did I try to drive without the traction control. Second thought, because weather’s been bad and I’m mostly in a closed or high traffic area, I haven’t gotten the chance to measure the FE’s potential with its speed and handling. Might have to wait until late Spring 😉