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I know – has it been a year later? Sometimes I can crank out an article or two in a day, and sometimes I cannot. Too much to show and little time.

What are the next BEST fights?

Spoilers (ネタバレ)

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3 of my favorite anime?

So, I was tagged on Twitter, and asked to post photos of my three favorite anime (while tagging 10 others). I don’t think I tagged ten people, and I don’t think it said “Top 3”, but I believe these are honest choices.

While I always tell myself that I could never construct a “TOP list”. It’s impossible to me because I have trouble deciding on various matters. However, I believe that “favorites” can be decided due can be determined by a few factors, such as “watching it more than once”. Also, it would be something you’d recommend to anyone.

Princess Mononoke (mononoke-hime), a blend of the Muromachi culture and Japanese mythology and folklore, is a Miyazaki movie I’ve definitely watched more than once. And, I believe in three languages? Miyazaki puts a lot of fantasy elements into his works, and he has a love of giant or hyper-sentient creatures.

I haven’t finished Patlabor (TV Series) yet, but the concept is by Oshii Mamoru (Urusei Yastura, Ghost in the Shell).  I’m also interested in Sky  Crawlers. He’s also know for commissioning voice actor Sakakibara Yoshiko in many of his works. It’s funny, it’s serious, and it’s in a genre called “near future” work as Labors [the machines] are as modern and uncomplicated as an ordinary tank and aircraft. The title stands for “Patrol Labors”, centering the squadrons of the police force that deploys these Labors.

Too much to talk about Cyber Formula as my heart would explode. It’s probably for another day. It has a zealous fanbase, and long after Speed Racer (MACH GOGOGO), did it bridge the gap for motorsports anime? Especially with sentient machines involved, which by the way, is quite a strong point for SUNRISE company. Look at the Yuusha Series. Shigeta Satoshi (重田智) is resposible for mechanical design and some of the storybaord in Cyber Formula SIN. He also worked on Gundam SEED and Cross Ange.

Honorable Mentions: I was going to say EUREKA SEVEN, but it’s difficult to recommend due to being so unsophisticated.

Speaking of Yuusha series, there is Gaogaigar. The only reason gundam 0079 is not up there is because I’d put it in my “top gundam list” instead. Plus, it’s outdated, and it might not be for everyone, especially if they watch modern shows.