Illness? Sketch a Day + DF Dendoh Lyrics and Game #GEAR戦士電童

A small follow up from yesterday’s article Quick Impressions of GEAR FIGHTER DENDOH!


I am a bit ill so here’s a Sketch today and some lyrics that I’ve been wondering about when I started the Dendoh series. So episode 1’s intro song, and occasional scene music, is called “Heaven’s Premonition” (天空の予感; tenkuu no yokan). I thought it was a good insert for the scene where the Data Weapons scatter across the earth, and seeing a mysterious little girl stumbling across a beach.


If I were the sun,
I’d be gone.
If I were the moon,
had be gone.

If I were the sky,
I’d be gone.
and If I were the star,
had be gone.

If I talk with you,
I could Dream, may be free.

So you know,
I were alone so long

If I were the sun, I’d be gone.
If I were the moon, had be gone.

By the way, here’s footage of the PS1 game:

More going on as there’s stars in the sky | #Kyuranger Quick Impressions #ballin

I had to do a catch up because I’m a slow poke. It’s time for Doggie Opinion: SUPER HERO TOKU TIME!


It’s the Rebellion vs JARK Matter!

A bunch of puns, a feudal era empire, and a large galaxy. Kyuranger is titled thanks to nine initial rangers, the space theme, and the use of balls. All of it means “kyu” in Japanese. So no, Sho Long, you can’t change the show’s title by any means.

I think this show is good for both fans of sentai actors and voice actors (especially Aoni). Also, an actor from a previous Kamen Rider appears.


No? Okay.

The red ranger Lucky, upon first impression, turns out to be grating. He is straight positive and impulsive as if he doesn’t have a molecule in his brain. However, I haven’t started to hate him yet. Red is always the lead-action color, and it’s like his combination with the characters makes a fine chemistry. Why? That’s one of the fine components of these fighting squadron dramas. With such an ensemble cast, there’s a lot going on.

And on the opposite side of Lucky is Naga (silver) and Stinger (orange).  Naga is so confused, he’s hilarious. Cool temperament, but uncertain where to place his emotions correctly. Once again, Silver and Gold maintains the sentai tradition of being COMPLETELY weird. Naga and Balance (Gold) are also complete contrast of each other, with the latter being the happy-go-lucky treasure hunter.

Matter of fact, majority of the characters have positive attitudes.

I really like the organic poses and fighting styles of Garu (and Kamen RIder Gemn). Garu is also voiced by Nakai Kazuya (ONE PIECE’S ZORO, Gintama’s Hijikata, Aldnoah’s Koichiro), he seems to always play a blue dude and a complete gangster.

So gangster that he has a Hiroshima dialect that I’m trying to pick up. It’s there. Not sure why Nakai plays those guys when he’s from Kobe. Garu and Gaomon! They’re not trying at all, huh?


C.V Kamiya Hiroshi, Toei/Aoni’s poster boy (or one of them) voices the supreme commander of the Rebellion, Sho LongPun. With his intelligent voice, the role works in sounding “older”. Strangely, he isn’t always consistent with the “old man” sound and the familiar “young man” sound.

Never thought of Kamiya Hiroshi in having a “boy sound”. Intelligent (and glasses are often a factor) and somewhat repressed sound, and also incompetent or orthodox. As a combination, Shou Lonpung turns out to be an usual Kamiya character that’s conflicting with another figure of the cast. In this case, the other figure is everyone. Straight-man partially, then comedic in another. So, Sho is kind of a headache?


The Rebellion is making me despair!

HiroC voices not only Minamoto Koji (Digimon Frontier) and Terra Arde from Gundam 00, but Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei . There’s too many character to talk about really. He also does the insert song in episode 9.

Hammy and Raptor are the squad girls and pleasant amidst this clown tent. M.A.O (Aka: Gokai Yellow) is expanding her VA career, currently appearing as Navirou in MONSTER HUNTER RIDE ON and was Julietta in Gundam Iron Blood Orphans.

Champ, Bull Black, is Otsuka Akio! Surprisingly, he gets the hero role as a stubborn robot bull that was a wrestler. Not mule, a bull. We also have Ono Yuuki as Balance.

Again, I enjoy the puns. Virtually everyone’s names are somehow connected to their respective constellation or some specialty or theme. For example:

  • Raptor – Aquila (bird of prey)
  • Naga  – Snake (Ophiuchus)
  • Balance – Libra/Scales
  • Spada – Sword/Blade (Dorado. His cooking skill. Also represented as swordfish)
  • Long Pung – Dragon. Long means “Dragon”; I think Pung is either the same or storm?

I am uncertain of Hammy.

The enemy also have puns in their ever-confusing names, and are ranked like in Feudal Japan. The Kyurangers spend most of their time fighting magistrates (daikarn; big Khan). By the way, the Khans carry this Inrō-like small box item that shows their rank, also makes them big, and calls their towers.


In my opinion, the Seizabracer (“SAY THE BRACER”) is one of the best things about this show.  I fell in love with it on the first ep and it looks nice. However, it’s kind of big on the wrist and the Kyurangers have to hold this bar in their hands the whole time. I often wonder if it’s uncomfortable. Voice is Kimura Subaru, who has a thick voice, but sounds perfectly dramatic. He’s the CURRENT voice of Jian in Doraemon and has been expanding his voice roles. Apparently he ‘s a big fan of Tokusatsu.

Say the Attack! GALAXY@

Genis’s most favorite thing? Digest ZyuOhger 22 – 26 #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー‎

Putting my efforts elsewhere, from work to watching Olympics, this is going to be the worst digest.



If there’s one thing we learn is that Genis loves to have fun, and he’s a sack of potatoes unless he has toys. Even if it’s a boy toy.

A boy toy voiced by Kanna Nobutoshi (神奈 延年): Beast hunter BUNGLAY seems challenge the Deathgaliens on who’s crueler than who. Since his debut, he’s been a complete thorn and does what he wants. A hunter who kills for fun, even getting under Yamato’s skin.

Here’s our monsters:

Illuzion (entry 17), who was voiced by favorite Yamaguchi Kappei! Aside from his many roles, he was also Ticket and the Tokkyu gadget voice (ie: “RED RESSHAAAAAA!”) in Tokkyuger.


Suyama Akio’s CRUIZER (entry 18), which was loosely based off a battleship.

Maker of the Happy Camera, Jyashiger (entry 19), referencing the sound effect for a camera flash.

BURST Digest. #BeybladeBurst 11 – 15 #ベイブレードバースト

Reporting! Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA (鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)!

 photo Shuisnebver_zpsondwuhvf.jpg


This range of episodes are probably the heavy fights so far, pretty much showing everyone’s ability at peak.

Kurenai Shu is now serious.

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Toku Doggie Time! ZyuOhger 18 #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー‎


It’s HONNOU KAKUSEI (Instincts Awaken) time!

Something I forgot to add the last time. There’s so many monsters throughout sentai that have a pun in their name, representing their theme. They can be yokai (kakuranger, shinkenger) or some kind of item (ie: Gobusters). I wish I could do it for every episode. For example, here’s Kikuchi Masami’s monster, who I think was Ep 14:

The joke is どろぼう (thief) or dorobo (泥棒). His name is ドロボーズ (dorobouzu). “Dorobo jya ne! Dorobouzu!” (“I’m not Theif/Dorobo, it’s Dorobouzu!”)

Also, it’s interesting to point out when Naria gives the fallen monsters a “continue medal”, they grow and say “THANK YOU NARIA”. There’s been a few exceptions such as Huntajii, saying “Arigatou Naria.”. He’s another joke, his name meaning “old man Hunter” because he’s a old man looking monster with a sniper rifle.

Ep 16’s Mantaur (Mataru), based on Mantle and/or Matador (maybe Minotaur too), is C.V Hino Satoshi. Apparently his first Toku role. “OLE!” (AXL ONE BLOG Source). When he receives a Continue, he says “Gracias Naria!”

Now for 18, the Zyuohger’s gets knocked down a notch on the Food Pyramid. Also, Trumps (トランパス; entry 18 in Asashi website) is still up to this tricks. A trickster always has a cowardly side. Trumps is obviously based on the card trick used to gain an advantage, and he has the face of a king.

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Toku Doggie Time! Animal Sentai ZyuOhGer – SO FAR! #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー #zyuohger

HONNOU KAKUSEI (Instincts awaken!)

Helpful guy Yamato
Big-sisterly Sela
Serious Tusk
Impetuous Leo
Nice girl Amu

They are ZYUOUGER!

Now I finally caught up, and it wasn’t that bad. No, this is cute and genius show. Who doesn’t love animals? No matter what toku show, the love of animals can’t be properly relayed without the smart writing and the engagement of characters, that also includes the villains. The compatibility of the characters.

 photo Yattekikuchi_zps94zomsnh.jpg

Like Kakuranger and Kyoryuger, it’s enjoyable when the episodic baddies have some character outside of speech pattern and technique. It is prevalent in Sentai for the bad guys to have a theme.

Dethgalians (デスガリアン) or Deathgaliens are phucked up. Messed up. I think, by far in Heisei, this has been the most brutal group? Starting with the first episode, there is absolute no consideration for the public’s lives. In most cases, you’ll see a mob cast running away from explosions or getting grabbed, but they’re getting burned and struck. And there’s even hanging? It’s all for entertainment – the Blood Game. Reminiscent of animal trading business. And the plots of the “Monster of the Day” are twisted too, from extortion to human brawling.

Yamato’s Uncle, Mori Mario, is the best.

For this week I’ll have to do ZyuOh #18, along with new Ghost.

GO SHOOT! Beyblade BURST 1-9

What time is it?

Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA

(鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)!

My initial thoughts of BEYBLADE BURST was already expressed

Somebody has to do it, since it also reached the 10th episode mark. A country full of shows, and Western focus seems to focus on a selective bunch.

However, I’ll have to do episode 10 another time, but it’s basically Valt (or Baruto) having to go through a struggle.

Actually, the show is quite slow, but I’ll tell you what happened.

BTW, in AnimeRanking, the top three characters are Kiyama, Shu, and Valt!

The Boys and the Blades


Aoi Valt (蒼井バルト) | C.V Inoue Marina
Main Character. Despite being blue, he’s the passionate type with the wild hair. Wild child archetype. He loves beyblading and wants to be Shu’s battle rival in the national tournament. The majority of the show, so far, has him training and gathering members for his school’s BEY CLUB. He really needs to train mentally because he blows his top easily, but he has a type of spirit that understands the fun in the sport. Stil, his learning curve surprises his opponents. Spinout does a rant of stupid “no rational” main characters in anime (Japanese), even mentioning characters from SUPER SENTAI! (BouKen Red YAY!)

Aoi’s BB is Victory Valkyrie B.V, an attack type.

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