Another Sketch a Day?! #BATIM #ThunderForce

Late at night, I just did this. Do you know Bendy and the Ink Machine?



Also did this tonight.

This one is just an original character that I thought of for the Thunder Force game series (maybe a short story). I am going to talk about THUNDER FUTURE one day. Even if it’s just a M-pencil, I thought it was a bit refined. It was also a good reminder that proportions still pose a huge problem, despite taking it slowly. I even flipped it to one side and upside down to figure it out. This will take a lot of work after all.

He looks a bit of a greenhorn, which is good. He is young, but I also wanted him to have a bit of an impulsive face since he hates the Thunder Force’s main antagonist The ORN EMPIRE.

Doggie Highlight – Swords & Sorcery Flight Shooter #Caladrius

Twitter: @moss_caladrius
Official Site:

A caladrius is an all-white bird that lives in a noble house (Source: Bestiary). It is suitable for this shooter created by MOSS company. Starting with Xbox the Xbox title for PS3, then Aile Ciel (AC), Caladrius is a shooter with alchemy and noble knights.

Alchemist Paracelsus created a taboo ability controlling Ether, creating advanced technology. He also, however, created a taboo ability using human souls. Baradan Kingdom’s King Graham (C.V: Koshida Naoki) takes the taboo power for himself, forming the Sasaza Kingdom. With same power, he formed weapons. It looks like the noble clans are destroyed by said power, their souls used by taboo technique.

Guardian forces from church are sent out, using the “wings” inherited by Paracelsus. One of the flyiers, Kei Percival is a descendant of Paracelsus’s bloodline. He’s also named after a member of the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.


Moss also produced a part of the Raiden series.

Character design is by Yasuda Suzuhito (DURARARA, Digimon World, Yozakura Quartet)

Sound Maker is Basiscape (FFXII, Gradius V, Denpa Ningen)

Opening movie

There are 3 initial characters: Alex, Kei and Sister Maria, the pilots of Sword Ifurita, Valkyrie Lance, and Lightning Justicia, battling the enemy who use demonic machines, seemingly, with portmanteau names. For example, Wildduran (related to the pixy “durahan”) and Beezetolv (Beezebulb).

Gameplay with Alex Martin:

Robots, fairies, and mallets! | Doggie Highlight – Game Company Edelweiss (えーでるわいす)

The name means “Elegant White” in German, the name of a European mountain flower. That is called Leontopodium alpinum.

Edelweiss (Hiragana: えーでるわいす; ederuwaisu) is a game company that brings you fancy shooters and action games such as Ether Vapor (エーテルヴェイパー) and Astebreed. It is a good follow up of the previous entry regarding Okamto Maya’s sci-fi concept CD. There is also Fairy Bloom, which you fight to protect the flowers from pests before they sprout.

Their products are the following:

花咲か妖精 stands for hanasaki ka yousei (lit: flower blooming fairy).

Here’s a trailer for Astebreed for the PS4:

The next project is Sakuna (仮), where the main character seems to be a Japanese youth from the farmer class. He or she uses the scarf and a kneading hammer (mallet; 杵) to attack. The Kanji stands for “temporary.”

Sakuna trailer from C91 (comicMarket):

Edelweiss is considered a doujin game creator, which is independent.

PV for Freesia:

WARNING! Incoming Legendary Shooter | Darius BURST 2nd Prologue (SP) #ダライアス #STG

Official Website: (c) TAITO Co.

Above image is from Blister (SHOOTING GAME HISTORICA). Takara Tomy makes the models.

Thunder Force of TECHNOSOFT.

R-Type of IGM.

Gunstar Heroes and IKARUGA of Treasure Inc.

Gradius of KONAMI


Einhander of Square.

And much more. Renowned flight shooters that add in the combining thrill of side-scrolling flying, mass enemy fire and difficulty. They say that video games help your coordination skills, and I believe that STG and flight shooters support that.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: video-game-play-benefits-coordination

Pursuit of Research: VGs as Therapy

The horizontal shooter series “Darius” is a legend in itself, debuting in 1986, recording the long wars between the Silverhawk Squadron of Planet Darius and the sea creature-based Belsar army. I was always a big fan of flight shooters such as this, and I’m glad that, despite it being an adjusted, compressed version from the arcade and home console versions, DARIUS BURST SP (2nd prologue) reminded me of the thrill of shooters. Stages starts easy, and it progressively gets worrisome, especially with the bosses. It also looks and feels comfortable; the soundtrack sounds great and the controls are easy. There are illustration unlockables available.

Burst does it’s job of igniting your game flame. For my sake, it ignired lost for a while considering how busy I’ve been. I honestly want Chronicle Saviors so that I could play the multiplayer version at least once. One thing I’m not sure about is the difference between SP Mode and Original Mode is. Difference in stages? There is a Mission Mode. You can also change the difficultly level (ie: Easy, hard)

The Darius Burst series, starting from 2009, introduces the new BURST system to take on the durability of the bosses and make way through the tough stages since you have to deal with flying debris, asteroids, assault ships, and swarming enemies. It’s also used to provide a “Burst Counter” against the boss’s beams. Since it is a compressed game, only four ships are available: Legend Zero, Assault, Next Zero, and Origin. Assault’s interesting due to its linear Spark Burst; Next Zero has a flexible beam that you can either swing around or leave in a fixed aim. I find that a bit hard to do since the beam is guided by how you move your ship.

If you want to go a traditional path, Origin only relies on its bombs and shots.

The Belsar army always carried the marine life motif, all of them having interesting designs, highlighting the world of Darius as a shooter and concept.

I think DBSP is satisfying even if for a few days.

Here’s the trailer for SP (from Youtube account Taitochannel)

Doggie Sketch a Day – To conclude #STG #Pokemon Mimikyu?!

To conclude my long, revised entry, here’s some sketches from days ago and yesterday.

Mimikyu was yesterday. It was a quick scribble just to see how it’d turn out. I didn’t know that the pokemon was so popular, even during sun and moon online matches. For a while, I had Mimikyu on my team. My STG or side rail jet shooters were other days. I will refine them one day as soon as I figure them out. One of them may be painted and put in a contest.

To quote my niece, the bottom one looks like a “hero’s airplane”.

I’ll update the SaD list sometime.

Doggie Sketch a Day

I got to unwind sometimes. Mostly drawing out shapes, which then turned into…machine parts?

So you see silverhawk (or Rynex) again?

Oh the potential is so high. What am I capable of at maximum detail? Maximum conscious of time and attention? With true professional technique?



Unmotivated – Doggie Sketch of Basic Shapes

Work day and tired.

Well, past couple days I made these.

Basic shapes are the core to a drawing (or a piece of architecture). It’s surprising what you can see in a dresser, a keyboard, a vase, etc., how lines and shapes connect together and such.

I just quickly scratched these up, and that explains why they are uneven. My notes are for my support and I listed a few some things that are important:

  • use of shapes
  • Location
  • Muscle Memory
  • Foreshadow
  • Free Will
  • “Accidents”
  • Refinement



Do you notice SilverHawk?

Try shapes for practice. You learn this even in mid school.