CGI #saintseiya is coming to Netflix! Doggie Sketch a Day

Saint Seiya, AKA: Knights of the Zodiac, is coming to Netflix as a new CGI series.

So, why not have a sketch a day to commemorate?

This was done today but not sure how long. Could’ve been around five minutes. Okay, so the hands/fingers are getting a bit better.



Making Mistakes and Sketch a Day| Doggie Stories – Why do I like drawing 2?

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So, last Wednesday, I was just sketching and seeing how much I could do.

I am well reminded that the time and patience is necessary to provide a good work. Also, I am guilty for now. However, immense detail wasn’t the goal as it was quick sketches and the use of mostly a mechanical pencil. I was a little surprised at the differences that each drawing attempt made. Or rather, I was surprised at the occasional improvements. I would say, “That looked better than before”.

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Sketch a Day? 10,000 Hours PT 3: Two years later? #聖闘士星矢

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A little disappointing IMO. It looks almost the same as last time, but I pay a little extra attention to detail, lines, and I seem to officially gain a dynamic or pretty style.

Souma you’re still handsome, but he looks a little wicked? Almost looks like Go Nagai look and I like it.


The face is split into two, and the hair is above another “Segment” (of the same height). I had an issue with the face outline.

Edit: Going over it again, it’s the roundness of the head that puts off the hair symmetry. Second thought, it puts off the entire drawing.

The circle matters


Doggie Sketch a Day : Gau Ban (ガウ・バン) practice #SHADOWSKILL

More sketches from my 9 x 6 ( x 15cm). Once again, it’s Gau from SHADOW SKILL as I practice his look. The upper right looks a bit like how Okada Megumu (creator of SS) draws him, and the others makes him look more like a typical main character from a Japanese animation. It’s hard for me to put him down. between the animation product and the comic product, he looks different.

However he turns out, I’d like for Gau to look dynamic during his battle pose. A bit concerned with his hair.


Doggie Sketch a Day – Various

Various sketches from my 9 x 6 ( x 15cm) and from different days, including today. I have a goal to make a good Gau Ban drawing in a fighting pose. Well, if I want to do a comic, I’ll have to work on poses in general.

It makes me a little frustrated to do studies. How much more will it take until it’s perfected? Until I get the right body language?


2.) fightpose2.jpg

3.) Was trying to imagine myself as a Fire Emblem character in basic armor but it didn’t work out?



5. Pretty good jab here, and a lunge.


Doggie Sketch-a-Day – Stress Relief. That’s more like it

My goal is to re-draw SHADOW SKILL’S Gau Ban again in a fight pose. So, I’m back to working on the body. Circles and smooth lines, and it became random and dynamic.

I made Gau faces a couple days ago in my hand pad (this isn’t it) to look for the right expression, but I guess…I have to work on him looking like the Gau I know.


Doggie Sketch-a-Day – Gakkun’s back (がっくん). Gakuto.


  • Gakuto II
  • Sketch a Day – Akechi Brothers (明智兄弟)
  • Gakuto Revision + Akechi Mitsuhide in games
  • AKECHIKUN_01.jpg

    Definitely clearing up and is quite cute. Gakuto, explained from older entries, is a character from an original NARUTO net story called “OH-TEN” (皇天). I’ve sketched him various times and made his hair complex as I look for a style similar to illustrations from the “LEVEL-5” studio. A friendly youth.

    Still unsure about eyes. The symmetry and where it should curve is quite important; so is giving the impression of a child.