Another Sketch a Day?! #BATIM #ThunderForce

Late at night, I just did this. Do you know Bendy and the Ink Machine?



Also did this tonight.

This one is just an original character that I thought of for the Thunder Force game series (maybe a short story). I am going to talk about THUNDER FUTURE one day. Even if it’s just a M-pencil, I thought it was a bit refined. It was also a good reminder that proportions still pose a huge problem, despite taking it slowly. I even flipped it to one side and upside down to figure it out. This will take a lot of work after all.

He looks a bit of a greenhorn, which is good. He is young, but I also wanted him to have a bit of an impulsive face since he hates the Thunder Force’s main antagonist The ORN EMPIRE.

Characters #2 | Raijin Hakkei ZANAM (#雷神八系ZANAM)!

Previous Article: Heart Throbbing Imagination | Raijin Hakkei

Off to work, so here is today’s ZANAM entry. More character reveals.


Alfa N Duo
An enigmatic French guy. 26 years old. Hair is black or purple; cool impression.


Rin Monica Kilik
Elder sister of Kilik twins, a boy and girl. Apart of a “tsukkomi” duo where you point out the other’s stupidity (or mistakes). She’s the straight person and both nice and relentless to her younger twin brother.


Harry Papas
16 year old kid from Greece. Blonde hair.


Zack Mastro Bonbel
Italian-American. A handsome fellow and cheerful. However, does he like those of the same gender? 28 years old.


19 year old Vietnamese girl. Cute Asian girl.

風が脈打つ?! Doggie is ワクワク. Heart-throbbing imagination | Raijin Hakkei ZANAM (#雷神八系ZANAM)!


TITLE: A Swelling Wind?! Doggie’s pounding heart-beat. Heart-throbbing imagination.



雷神八系 -ZANAM- ファム・ファタール 運命の女!

RAIJIN HAKKEI – ZANAM – Femme Fatale, Girl of Fate!

A follow-up on Raijin Hachisei ZARAM, Okamoto Maya’s concept CD. First things first, I had the incorrect spelling. It is ZANAM and not ZARAM.

Second, it is apparently “Raijin Hakkei” instead of “Hachisei”. It fits since in many cases, following a robot’s name within a product title are Japanese Kanji with four or five syllables, or they are just three or four Kanji or Kata. It flows well; it is still “Thunder God Eight”. Here are examples:

  • Invisible Steel Man Daitarn-3 (無敵鋼人ダイターン3; Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3)
  • Beast King Golion (百獣王ゴライオン; Hyakyu Juoh Golion)
  • Electric Machine Voltes V (超電磁マシーン ボルテスV; chou denji mashin voltes five)
  • Future Daltanius (未来ロボ ダルタニアス; mirai robo Daltanius)

More about ZANAM
My previous article in a nutshell: Actress/Voice actress Okamoto Maya releases a music CD/short drama based on a concept – animation from the 1990s. Asimiya Kia provided the key visual above. Okamoto hasn’t released a music CD in years and turns out there’s plenty of background around ZANAM. That also includes a dream of Okamoto and her crew. Turns out it was thought up in a ramen shop.

The OP and Insert song of ZANAM is “RISE AND FALL” and “Wind Song” (kaze no oto) respectively, and the main character is Kanon J Kusanagi. You can hear the songs on the radio show.

This is why I like science fiction. A stunning imagination parallel with fantasy, but it feels close to reality as technology inevitably changes and intergalactic life and discovering are a part of our real lives.

But this concept CD is indeed what it is – concept. More than I first thought, there is a lot of thought put into ZANAM. It’s not just a music tribute to the 1990s. And, my curiosity turned a little unhealthy.

On the official site’s Femme Fatale bi-weekly radio show, I received a shoutout and some answers to questions, but I’m not particularly sure of those answers. If there is a possible spoiler, Okamoto mentions it as a “himitsu” or a “secret”.

And Okamoto has the cutest voice. Surprisingly soothing and seems to fit a humble character. Somehow, I can pass twenty minutes even with little comprehension on what’s being said.

I think, from what I can gather, Kanon has a brother but the rest is a secret. I think she did say “nii-san” (elder brother) and that “he’s not dead”? Tekkaman… There is also a hint of a rival; “nii-san” and “teki” (enemy) are in the same phrase but I don’t want to officially confirm. There’s also the “number 20”? Are there twenty robots? Again, I can’t confirm.

One of Kanon’s special techniques is possibly “Cyclone flare!”

And, it looks like extra questions are put on hold. I am patient, Okamoto-san.

About the Work

The excerpt below is from Akiba, explaining the initial setting so far (page 4):






Source: akiba-souken

Asimiya Kia gave an idea. Then, Dragon, a manager, decided that the setting should be on Earth “200-300 years in the future”. At ramen shop, Asimiya commented that “it’s really interesting but it should be good in modern times”. A modern construction; Dragon wanted to initially begin in space. After some thought out effort, it’s decided that the story is set in the year 2017 and both Earth and Mars play a role.

Kanon is in Mars and The Raijin come from Earth. The Earth that we know is different; ancient civilization exists. Earth has experienced nuclear war and atmospheric disasters. The people enter underground.

As for Mars, they flourish through terraforming. The people are split into two powers. Thus, with this development, Mars is the Earth of 2017 (AKA: Modern times). There is an attempt to revive Earth of course, and people from Earth ally with Mars. Mars contain the needs of Terraforming. Of course. From Earth, they adopted the crafting culture, the traditions and spiritualism. This is where the drama is born. The “who or what” on Earth is the story. It becomes gradually.

In addition to this, the robots used in battle are referred to as “Mules”, which engage in “Mule Fights”. You could say that it’s the same as a mobile suit (MS), or how we refer a MS to a “gundam”. The model is a “Mule”, and one of the Mules is ZANAM (zanamu).

It is a dream? I AM SOLD!

Character Info

This is from Nakarigi’s blog, transcribed from Okamoto’s radio segments. I’ll just do a couple for today. Hopefully more will reveal itself in the future:


Kanon J Kusanagi
22-24 years old. “J” is from Jeanne d’Arc. A warrior of the Mule Fight; C.V is Okamoto-san.

It’s revealed in the above interview that Kusanagi is based on the sword in Japanese Shinto myth that slew the snake Orochi. Kanon is an expert in kenjutsu, or the art of the sword, trained by her grandfather. Silver hair, violet eyes, slender body. Are her breasts nice? (LOL). She is the ace pilot of a platoon. Height is around 165 – 168 cm (About 5’5″ or 5’6″). That is her in the key visual.

One interesting part is “Part of the body during specific condition changes”. What could this mean? If I were to think of even “Battle Spirits: Zero” or old mecha shows, it could be a “change of character”. Another thought is that there’s an impediment such as weakening the body (or mind) while fighting.



Onango Kawanda
An African. Guy who likes wearing fancy clothes. However, he has too many favorite clothes and strains himself.
Jay’s rival. Introduced in the 9th segment. Fun fact: Kawanda is a town in Uganda, Africa.

Yonashiro Jay
24 years old person from Brasil. Introduced in the 9th segment. A passionate character. Fun fact: George Yonashiro is a former Japanese-Brazilian football player.

More characters:

Also, as of the 11th radio segment, the CD is now available for delivery. More on this project on a later date.

I think this is cool. And, I am further surprised by Okamoto’s kindness. It also looks like, by becoming curious in this project, I met others who are also interested.

Another SKETCH A DAY. “For real?”

Galaxy wind! JIN-RAI-GAAAAAAAAAAA! #ジンライガ― #jinraiger #Mecha #scifi


Should we get excited about the original J9 work, Galaxy Divine Wind (GDW) Jinraiger?

If you’re a retro fan then maybe? A super sentai fan? A sci-fi fan? A super robot fan?

By the looks of things, it looks like the staff, and the producer being J9 veteran writer Yamamoto Yu (山本優), who has also worked on the screenplay of the original Gundam and original Yatterman, Gachaman, and Urusei Yatsura, are aiming to go big and free. However, they’re having problems with keeping each other together such as with music production.

Already, I like the idea of characters. The show’s theme is based on Water margin (水滸傳), “Suikoden” in Japanese, which has 108 generals called the “Stars of Destiny”. The characters will be based on those said generals. Not sure if you heard of “Dairugger XV” but there were 15 robots that were able to combine. Considering the many characters of Anpanman (and it holds the Guiness record of most characters) and Level 4’s Inazuma Eleven series, 108 characters should not be a hassle?

I, myself, plan to make a series about shinobi with as much characters as I can.

Let me share some Jinraiga material in progress:


 photo Leerock_v5_sample_zpsuf7dqqc4.jpg

Leerock Woura’s (リーロック・ワウラ) motif is Si Jin. The Rising Dragon! Sense of justice is strong; is he related to Ginga Senpu Braiger (first J9 series)’s Blaster Kid?

 photo ruingho_zps6mx0clwy.jpg

Rin Ho (リンホー)’s motif is Rin Cho (or Lin chong), a former martial arts instructor. Doesn’t he look like a guy with a barrier behind his true skill? No. he looks strong/tough doesn’t he?

There are various info and artworks within the GDW website’s archives.

gdw-jinraiger/blomaga/tagged 小説/ノヴァノベラ (NOVA NOVELLA!)

There are various screenplay drafts and novella, and you need to be a premium member to access them fully.

【特別公開】銀河神風ジンライガー 第1話 脚本準備稿 or Blog-Magazine)

Apparently the first chapter is called “The Wind rustles” (風そよぐ; kaze soyogu).


A young adventurer full with a wild sense of justice and courage – Weerock.
However, he does not realize the vortex of destiny that’ll swallow him yet.

Theme song by Yamagata Yukio. I hope you love rock.


You guys?! I



And she was selected to sing the ED, “Terra Amata“.

 photo amazingGIGAG_zpsesagevxp.jpg

SOURCE: GDW Website: Jinraiga

JinRai looks amazing. Looks like the Water Margin Motif is true because I see the dragon style. For some reason, I am reminded of the Chronos monsters from the Guyver series, the Zoanoids. According to the website, Jinraiga is “a robot, and not a robot”.

More in the future!

Doggie & Mobile Suit Gundam: Ep 1 – 5

Five years ago, I watched and completed the cult classic Mobile Suit Gundam (1979 – 1980; 機動戦士ガンダム), a pop culture staple in Japan, and the pioneer in the mechanism of bipedal  “real robots”. Since then, I wanted to complete the gundam series in order, even though I’ve already watched recent series such as 00 (Double O), Unicorn, and Build Fighters. I also watched some of the OVAs taking place during or after the One Year War.

At the moment, I’m on hold at Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

The same time, while watching MSG, I jotted down my quick rambles on the 43 episodes and made a series. I want to relieve those thoughts again – after cleaning them up and posting them here.

This is episode 1 through 5. However, I talked about episode 1 and 2 more than anything 😉

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