Doggie Sketch a Day – Wish me luck

Obviously didn’t take 3-5 minutes. This is for something, hopefully, much bigger.

A little frustrating as I forget the basics due to my impatience. I ended up ripping two pages because I tried to color early or I made an imperceptible sketch. Sometimes, I think on the details too much, but will that eventually get to the realism? Especially when there’s pattern like texture involved?

We’ll see. I don’t think I’ll use ink.


Doggie Sketch a Day – Weird and Veggie (?)

Back in the sketchbook again for these past couple days, using a mechanical pencil. My plan was to practice on nature. Results are disappointing because I want the final to be on a big board. Turns out I just get further reminders that I am amateur. And that I can’t get better without drawing more, rather than through study.


The guy on the far left? No idea. I suppose a superhero. The third was supposed to be a bizarre cliff side or alien rock, but I guess I had fun with the shading. This was also a good test to “see shapes” and shade in their direction.

This is a tree in my yard that I want to use as a reference.