Hot eyes! WET TEARS! Poll shows #1 #Gundam Series that makes you cry #機動戦士ガンダム #ネタバレ

OFFICAL LINK: GOO RAKING: TEAR DUCT EXPLOSION: #1 Gundam Series that makes you cry

Nico Nico News article on same ranking


Hooray, a new gundam article. I’ve seen a few polls on Goo about gundam as it is, such as “worst female character” and “the gundam you’d wish to pilot”. Maybe I’ll cover those one day since they’re interesting. Now, this time, this is about the gundam series that makes you cry.

Indeed, a series with a tradition of war. According to GOO Raking, these are the top three crybaby gundams:

1位 機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ (Iron Blooded Orphans)
2位 機動戦士ガンダム (0079’s gundam)
3位 機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争 (0080 War in Pocket)

4 and lower are listed on Goo.

SPOILERS (ネタバレ)! GO!

I’ll try not to reveal too much, but there are thoughts here and there. So here are spoilers for ORPHANS, Gundam X, Gundam AGE, IGLOO 1 & 2, 0080 War in Pocket, STARDUST MEMORY, 0079 (1st Gen), G_RECO, Z Gundam, and 00 (Double O; TV series and movie.

I love everyone’s opinions on NicoNicoDouga. They seem to like IGLOO.

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R-E-T-A-E-H-C #Gundam IBO 45 #g_tekketsu

The next episode of Blood Orphans is soon in Japan (Sunday), so I better get this out of the way.

Spelling the title backwards because Rustal is ass-backwards.

Small talk on Gundam deaths. 

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Wolf King and Space Rats #Gundam IBO 42 #g_tekketsu

Can’t wait for Vidal.

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Doggie Digest of Gundam Build Fighters Island Wars #G_BF


Jigen Haou Style! “Have you seen this gundam?”

Official Site (Japanese): & try special

If anyone has seen Build Fighters, and seen previous gundam series before so, you’ll realize that Bf and BF Try are making fun of Sunrise mecha (and characters) and gundam in particular. Colony Drop, blackhole laser, transformable frames, and strange phenomenons that change the world or give you power, all familiar within gundam.

But because Island Wars is short, it doesn’t complete what makes BF fun. It’s a bit on the low spectrum. It definitely shows its elements. GUNPLA IS FUN (and freedom!)! And fired up. It’s also funny. Scramble Gundam battle was a little…”eh” unfortunately.

And, we’re missing some key characters.

Gyanko was great!


Who harts gundam?

Doggie & Mobile Suit Gundam: Ep 6 – 12

A half-century has passed since mankind megan moving its flourishing population to outer space. Gigantic colonies orbiting the Earth have become mankind’s second home where people are born, raised, and die…

Geez, it was that long ago? And I have it archived?

Anyways, I am continuing from last time, when I covered episode 1 through 5. Today it’ll be episodes 6 through 12.

We meet Garma Zabi. I respect Bright’s tenacity as a commander. He is young too (younger than me!). There are spoilers.

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Iron Blooded Orphans Part 1 #G_Tekketsu

“The food of life is the battlefield.”


Main Site: (japanese)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ), or Tekketsu no Orphans, its first half has ended in March, and was probably the most bittersweet gundam by far. It was, much like its predecessors, was heavily riddled with warring political parties. If anything, Gundam often often has to do with finding independence and the over exaggeration to employ war when one tries to move against another’s authority. Mobile Suit Unicorn is probably the most silliest example of “exaggerating”. There’s also our obligatory masked man.

I think I’ll go for mild to no spoilers when talking about impressions. S1 covers the mission to escort Kudelia to her destination.

Also, random question I saw sometime ago: Is Gundam “Japan’s Star Wars?”

My answer: That would be Gundam F91.

Let’s go! Sorry, I have to split it because I am a slowpoke. But that means more gundam entries. 😉

NOTE: C.V = character voice (or the actor voicing the character).

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