7 Great Rivals from the Robot Japanese anime genre (Part 5) #宿命のライバル

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Who do we have so far?

Char Aznable

Reducing the number from eight to seven lucky rivals due to time, I lost my list and left this hanging for too long, the mecha genre is obscure, and the choices are a bit compressed by basing characters only seen on TV. However, the ones I have listed so far, I feel strongly about. Plus, I already know who the last two are going to be. Also, in my last entry, will have examples of other animated rivals in animation.

The aim that we’re looking for is a lifelong rival (宿命のライバル) that burns almost as bright as the Red Sox vs the Yankees, and there only seems to be the a handful of “great” ones.

So what does this fateful rival look like? Most of them are handsome, but a primary factor that makes these characters is that they butt heads with the protagonists many times directly, or maybe they are supporting characters, and they have a complete desire to defeat one another because they end up standing back up and going at it again. There are also cases where the rival is quite strong and such a threat, he/she shakes the protagonist and causes motivation or even fear.

This is an one-hundred percent case of Guylos pilot, RAVEN of ZOIDS!


The Zoids series is split into four TV series, in order: ZOIDS, Century Zero, Fuzors, and Genesis. The first series is also called “Chaotic Century“; the machines are based on animals and are amazing.

Raven is from the first series, the owner of the organoid Shadow, and a solider of the Guylos Empire. Devoted to only fighting, he has battled against MC Van Fligheight various times, and this is something I want to see in my rival. Raven is cold and merciless, and Van is usually pressed into a corner or needs aid from his friends, which doesn’t always turn out well.

I can say with confidence that the Van Team has nearly been killed by Raven, and a force to be reckoned with. Even at the start of the second half, after the defeat of the Guylos usurper, Raven sought to antagonize Van and his team again. If the protagonist and the rival both gain a mechanical development, such as Van’s Blade Liger and Van’s Genosaurer, and it results with both struggling against one another time and time again, it’s done right.

Spreading destruction, a tragic past that leads to a callous temperament, attacking even allies, isn’t that not someone to defeat? Another thing about good rivals is that they can have their own development, for the worse to better. The fighting may lead to a tragic fate, or they learn to let go of something that is unnecessary, such as hatred or a complete misunderstanding.

For Raven’s case, to make it vague, he found his organoid a “tool” to power up his zoid, and hides his true feelings.

Check out Raven by all means.

The last one is next  – maybe in the evening.


A free acting sense? Mental Strength? Release the stress | 2015 Katsuki Masako x Shumei Doki Article (Part 1) #勝生真沙子


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller (ヘレン・ケラー)

It’s been nearly two years in the making. Matter of fact, this was hanging in my documents, incomplete, for quite some time. Real life has gotten in the way, but this is something I wanted to place a lot of effort and accuracy into. Why?

Back in September 2015, there was a program special called Shumei Doki (趣味どきっ!一声入魂!アニメ声優塾; Hobby time! Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!) hosted by multi-talent Nakagawa Shoko (AKA: SHOKOTAN) and two other guests. Each week, Shoko and these guests are assigned to a single instructor: Eight well known seiyu or voice actors. I love the majority of them, their craft indeed renowned.

What was this special about?”


番組では、魅力あるキャラを完成させるために、声優たちが声の演技に込めるもののすべてを“アニ神魂”と呼び、 単にアニメ制作現場の裏側を知るだけではなく、人生の教訓ともなる教えを学ぶ。

塾長として番組を取り仕切るのは、アニメ、漫画などに関する造詣が深く、声優としても活躍する歌手・タレントの中川翔子。 アニメと共に時代を創り上げてきた声優陣をゲスト講師として招き、“アニ神魂”を引き出していく。

Why is “that anime character” we know so attractive? The voice actors who breathe life and voice to the character, voice actors of effort and inventive idea, working behind the production, source of passion, are revealed to light.

This program, completing charming character, performance of voice actors are called “Ani god spirit”.

Lessons of life are learned.

One of the instructors, the seventh, is someone I would probably put in my TOP 10 Japanese voice actors. When it comes to females in entirety, she would probably rank in my TOP 5. I adore this person.

A sensual tone, a passionate timbre, probably a go-to-gal when you reliably want a strong female character, this person is probably best known to Westerners as the voice of NARUTO’s Fifth Hokage and Sailor Moon’s Sailor Neptune (in which was recently given to Ohara Sayaka for Sailor Moon Crystal) among a long line of credits – animation, tokusatsu, video games, dubbing, narrator, drama CDS, singing. Among her performances is her rather silly personality; she is also a VA tutor of the Tokyo Animation College in Shinjuku. There’s an impression that a “heart is straight”.

Her name is Katsuki Masako.

There are many things that I could say about this person but I should contain myself to the main topic.

In today’s age where there are live shows and music performances of seiyu, Katsuki-san’s appearance in media is quite rare. In such an opportunity, as an instructor of Shumei DOKI, she applies knowledge that is fundamental NOT just for any actor, but is also universal health advice. What to learn from “sensei”? Sensei’s advice is nothing technical or complex.

On the program, she was defined as 止まらない勝生 (tomaranai katsuki). The unstoppable Katsuki.

It’s weird because Katsuki’s theme is “freedom”: Having little preparation of getting into the part, and let the flow run free. Why is that? It’s due to the pressure. An actor’s mind should be released of pressure. Now, I will elaborate on sensei’s performance style or Katsuki-ryuu (勝生流).

This is the Refresh Style (リフレッシュ術).

心構え = 勝生流声優道
Prepation/readiness/mental atitude = Katsuki style VA path

One of the techniques to release this pressure or stress is LAUGHING! I recall her appearance on “BLEACH B STATION”, hosted by Morita Matsukazu (the C.V of Kurosaki Ichigo) and answered a question from someone regarding “being scared”

And K’s answer was “WARAE” or “to laugh!”.



Tell me advice to stand on stage.
Everyone get up!

The majority of her explanation in Shumei Doki is about a strong mentality, or there is “little matter”.

I found a hilarious photo regarding the “laughing” advice in connection to the program and I have yet to find it (and I am totally upset about it).

Using the voice

The diaphragm, which is the piece of muscle underneath your ribcage that supports your lungs and the flow of air, has an important function in breathing, thus your voice. Another important factor for your use of voice is your larynx. To put it simply, the muscles you contain in neck and chest must coordinate equally. This is necessary when singing, using the muscles in continuum.

Your vocal cords (in laryx) function by vibrating from air and making sound. Because you breathe outward while speaking, laryx goes down and your cords close. Avoid touching the back of something with tongue (or muscles). To not stray far from the point and not into science, the point is that breathing is highly important. You have a versatile voice capable of making sound, including tone change. So confidence shall be a factor in a good performance because it’s both physical and mental. Inflection is important as well; not just voice but the use of speech.

Listen to a contrabass flute of different range of “low” notes.

A mental effort is a significant factor within a performer not just for the practice and conveying for a character, but to avoid self-indulgence, and to know what to expect from such a job (ie: difficult products, criticism/ugly remarks, etc). This also includes your mistakes. Also, a confrontation of a physical and mental disorder. There should be a step-by-step patience and motivation.

Part 2 and further elaboration should come another time.

About Katsuki-san:


Help ya boy Shinji out! | Celebrate @Megumi_Ogata’s 25th Anniversary ALBUM #animeg25th #wishes

LINK: “Animeg. 25th” Megumi Ogata 25th Seiyuu Debut Anniversary Project

Long story short.

Ogata Megumi is a voice actress/singer that I admire, with too many credits for me to list, and she’s an advocate for animators in their business and her fans including overseas.

So now, she believes that one of the ways to support financial dissemination is through crowdfunding. She’s releasing a new CD, and overseas fans can get it through Tokyo Mirai Mode‏.

How? Just back the crowdfunding.

And here is the album’s JUICY tracklist:

“Taiyou Ga Mata Kagayaku Toki” – from Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files – feat. Nobuyuki Hiyama
“Moon Revenge” – from Sailor Moon R: The Movie – feat. Masako Katsuki
“Platinum” – from Cardcaptor Sakura
“Komm, süsser Tod” – from THE END OF EVANGELION
“Driver’s High” – from Great Teacher Onizuka
“Fukanzen Nenshou” – from Kamisama Dolls
“My Soul, Your Beats!” – from Angel Beats!
“Kimi no Kioku” – from Persona 3
“Kamisama no Itazura” – from Tamayura: Hitotose
“Bye Bye Yesterday” – from Assassination Classroom Second Season – feat. TERASAKA-GUMI
“Hikari” – from Hamatora
“Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku” – from Danganronpa
“Sakuranagashi” – from EVANGELION: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Indeed. All of these products, from EVA to Persona, Ogata has appeared in all of them. I am personally looking forward to the Sailor Moon duet; believe me, I’ve contained my excitement. Even though the goal has been met, let’s acknowledge this wish further and continue to support Ogata.

“What can I do to overcome this invisible wall separating the fans and myself? There has to be something that even I can do, right?”

(Sic) I also wish my project could help finds residing outside of Japan to gain access to a wide variety of Japanese content. Nothing would make me happier than having those wishes come true.


AROUND THE WORLD BABY! (Yes, I like Daft Punk)

More Links/Sources:
TOWER RECORDS: 緒方恵美、声優デビュー25周年記念アニソンカバーアルバム『アニメグ。25th』の一般流通盤が登場!

nlab: 声優・緒方恵美の25周年アルバム、檜山修之さん、勝生真沙子さんら6人が参加決定! エヴァQ「桜流し」の追加収録も

Rocking 10 years of #GurrenLagann | 8 Great Rivals from the Robot Japanese anime genre (Part 3) #グレンラガン


I lost my list and I have to recall who I had.

This is kind of a biased choice. One of my favorite characters in GL is shark boy VIRAL!. Japanese C.V is one of my first favorites Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之), who’s entertaining in giving off a composed (or maybe goofy) and then intense portrayal in many roles. He also shows that Viral has a proud character. I like Sam Riegel (English C.V) but not really a fan of his Viral.

He is the first threat that Kamina and the group meets, then things start getting progressively intense. Intense describes the series pretty darn well. I don’t think he’s as impact and stubborn as the previous mentioned Galden and Altair, but has proven to be a stubborn threat for a while. For Kamina and for Simon both. He looks cool too (A Beast Man), an officer in the human sweeping forces, and good in hand-to-hand combat.

Viral’s machine, or his “Gunmen” is called Endiku, which I believe, if I remember, the monster that Gilgamesh had to kill.

Also, Viral’s theme is NIKOPOL. Great Rock!

If you like Viral, let me know.


Characters #3 | #雷神八系ZANAM


  • Heart-throbbing imagination
  • Characters 2
  • Okay, here is the rest so far:


    Karsten Franz Kilik
    Younger brother of Kilik twins. His nickname is Karl.
    Contrast to sister, he’s a frivolous person. A silly kid who is often caught within his sister’s cruelty. Thus, the tsukkomi pair is complete.

    【チミー・神山・テンジン (チミー・コウヤマ・テンジン)】(不明)

    Chimi Kamiyama Tenzin (maybe Cimi)
    C.V is Tokumoto Eiichiro of NEVERLAND ARTS. Mechanic, in charge of Maintenance. He appears in the concept CD’s short drama “The Blue Star” (星の蒼さ).


    Shantel Saruuma
    C.V is Arai Shoko. Mechanic, in charge of programming. Indian. She appears in the concept CD’s short drama “The Blue Star” (星の蒼さ)


    Japanese person around his 30s. Sharp-witted guy who’s skilled with a gun. A bit of a bad old man. Mentioned in Segment #10.


    Forrest C Taggat
    A Captain (taii) at a critical age. Last name is either Taggart or Tagato. 41 years old. Indeed, a veteran.


    Battleship Io
    Giant Battleship. Other than that’s, it’s veiled in mystery.
    It goes to Mars’s Port Seven.

    Fun Fact: Io is a moon of Jupiter.

    Eating bunny rabbit sundae | Tatakae Iczer-1 (戦え!!イクサー1) OVA

    LINK: イクサー1 in sakuhin database

    Oh God help.

    Pronounced “ik-zah”. For some reason, I kept reading it as “Ice-ser”. Odd.

    After Amazons, I go way back into that evil 80s department of darkness. Where you bend your arm, rip the flesh, and the bones sticks out with a splatter of blood?

    So when animation was mostly cels, OVA releases were popular, especially for an original work or following the popularity of a comic or tv series. Thus, production cost aid and promotion, going right into the 90s. That’s just to put it in digest. I saw someone ask if this was the “first gore anime”, which was a little odd. It might be his/her first, but you’ll see some pretty creepy stuff in the classics. If there’s no gore/blood, there’s physical/mental abuse and sexual themes.

    BEAST KING Golion (Americanized into VOLTRON) comes to mind, a brutal 81 show with violence and gore, and I think there’s also Ganba’s Adventure (ガンバの冒険).

    Continue reading

    This show needs Jesus | Seraph of the End 1-2 Impressions #終わりのセラフ

    (c) Official Site/Yamamoto Yamato

    Website: OWARI NO SERAPH.COM (Japanese)
    Anime Site (Japanese)

    Funny since a seraph is an angel. I was about to say “WIT STUDIO needs Jesus”, thanks to Kabaneri, Attack on Titan, and this, but I changed my mind.

    The writers may be different, but there are some parallels to these shows, such as humankind facing extinction, a crisis facing Japan, undead, crisp animation, and an MC hellbent on revenge after seeing his love ones get killed.

    Seraph of the End is a comic and novel series by Kagami Takaya (Densetsu no yuusha no densetsu), with an anime adaptation directed by Todo Daisuke (did some render directing for Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown). The anime has two seasons, 12 episodes each.

    Enjoy seeing a kid get his hand crushed.

    Long story short, I watched this around when it aired and I didn’t finish, so I’m starting again due to interest. I have to change my mind on the artistic look. Years back, I thought it wasn’t good, but it is WIT, and I can determine that its more crisp than originally thought.

    Hyakuya Yuuichiro (C.V: Irino Miyu) is such a…douche. He is best described as stubborn but hides his true feelings. Due to his hatred of vampires and being sent to the orphanage by his parents, he had a rough temperament. The adults of Japan are being infected by a bizarre virus, and the Hyakuya orphanage is forced to live with the vampire nobles in an underground city. After Fareed kills the children of the orphanage, Yuuichiro escapes to the surface world of Japan and joins the demon-slaying army, aiming to become a member of the anti-vampire squad The Moon Demon Corps, led by Ichinose Guren. He makes friends despite not wanting to, and they face against the vampires.

    Again, and again, Sakurai Takahiro. He is not to be trusted. He provides the C.V of Fareed, a pretty face and the killer of Yuu’s orphanage family.

    And what do you mean “virgin-less”, Guren? Yuu is 16 years old, even though the age of sexual consent in Japan can be a low at 13. What a provoker that Guren. As expected from C.V Nakamura Yuchi.

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of dark fantasy, especially vampires. These products keep coming up in present day as we become engrossed into the dark side. Perhaps it is a cousin of crime drama. We like what’s grotesque, we like monsters artistically, and we like death and thriller/tension. Supernatural horror with a combination of giallo.

    I don’t mind vampire hunters though, and magical or hi-tech weapons, which will have a big role in the Moon Demon group. So, I say, it’s time to kill the night.


    • Good atmospheric art fitting the dark fantasy genre
    • Show’s Dark tone is composed well, especially the opening theme
    • Magical weapons; KATANAS!
    • Good cast (Irino, Sakurai, OnoKen, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, etc)
    • Awesome full dress uniforms


    • Yuichiro is a jerk. Typical MC with rebellious streak that can get him killed.
    • Syringe on kids/children in messed up situations
    • Revenge, revenge, revenge (it could be a pro if you’re into it, but it effects Yuu and Yoichi)

    So far, so good.

    P.S: Kanazawa is pleasant and will save me from the Aoi Yuuki that is about to come.