Arnold @Schwarzenegger has a mesage about ghosts, a useless cause, and shameful lives

Keywords “choices” and evolve”.

Even here on Supra Doggie World blog I always want to hammer down the idea that anything can change, and there can be a different perspective to what you’ve seen or what you’ve thought of.

You have the power to use it for something good.

#WHAT THE FLUFF AMERICA! Charlottesville Riots leaves one dead. what is the Confederate symbol?

Long time no see.

Well, I lost my written lists for the 8 Great Rivals and 7 shows that made me cry topics, so these are on hold until I can write them back up.

Next time, I will have to use one of these:


This week I have to wonder what year I’m in? it seems to be the 1940s, 50s or 60s because we have a White Nationalist Movement and we have threats of nuclear war.

CNN: Charlottesville, Virginia (CNN)One person was killed and 19 were hurt when a speeding car slammed into a throng of counterprotesters in….

ABC: Charlottesville murder suspect’s teacher: ‘He thought Nazis were pretty cool guys’

The Statue at the Center of Charlottesville’s Storm

Three’s a charm. The Rule of three.

Why do people support the Confederacy? Or even want to? For it it such an anachronistic symbol of division in the United States. What is wrong in the modern era? And what do we possibly want from the past? When we are progressing into an era of technology, expansive learning and curiosity, diversity, etc.

It’s funny because no where in Michigan is the Union flag displayed except in the museums. Why? Because it was replaced by the fifty star American flag, along with the state. You can see flags from other countries mounted on hotels and law firms. This international display displays on what the structure stands for. And I should add: The flags in their current form. What purpose would the Union flag have?

Giant American flag displayed on the Mackinac Bridge for Independence Day

Instead of thinking over it, I rather just show videos to display the thoughts of others. It is indeed obvious that what happened in Charlottesville is disgusting, and I rather not just say “it’s disgusting” and leave it alone at that. What I really like to do is offer different sides and what show what they look like, despite how appalling they may be.

In all honesty, this cannot and will not go away. There are rooted values that someone is above the weak; the bad examples of one or few can lead to the believe that genocide or some form of destruction is a solution. I seem to recall everyone getting upset with the idea of banning Confederacy flags (Looks cool TBH).


Internet is a scary place.

Making Mistakes and Sketch a Day| Doggie Stories – Why do I like drawing 2?

PREVIOUS ARTICLE: the answer is in the line

So, last Wednesday, I was just sketching and seeing how much I could do.

I am well reminded that the time and patience is necessary to provide a good work. Also, I am guilty for now. However, immense detail wasn’t the goal as it was quick sketches and the use of mostly a mechanical pencil. I was a little surprised at the differences that each drawing attempt made. Or rather, I was surprised at the occasional improvements. I would say, “That looked better than before”.

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Hot eyes! WET TEARS! Poll shows #1 #Gundam Series that makes you cry #機動戦士ガンダム #ネタバレ

OFFICAL LINK: GOO RAKING: TEAR DUCT EXPLOSION: #1 Gundam Series that makes you cry

Nico Nico News article on same ranking


Hooray, a new gundam article. I’ve seen a few polls on Goo about gundam as it is, such as “worst female character” and “the gundam you’d wish to pilot”. Maybe I’ll cover those one day since they’re interesting. Now, this time, this is about the gundam series that makes you cry.

Indeed, a series with a tradition of war. According to GOO Raking, these are the top three crybaby gundams:

1位 機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ (Iron Blooded Orphans)
2位 機動戦士ガンダム (0079’s gundam)
3位 機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争 (0080 War in Pocket)

4 and lower are listed on Goo.

SPOILERS (ネタバレ)! GO!

I’ll try not to reveal too much, but there are thoughts here and there. So here are spoilers for ORPHANS, Gundam X, Gundam AGE, IGLOO 1 & 2, 0080 War in Pocket, STARDUST MEMORY, 0079 (1st Gen), G_RECO, Z Gundam, and 00 (Double O; TV series and movie.

I love everyone’s opinions on NicoNicoDouga. They seem to like IGLOO.

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“Awarded free rent?” Annotated bibliography about homelessness in #Michigan

Today, I was reordering my computer files, and I came across something from last year’s winter: A document on my short research on homelessness, and it made me recall on some assignments that I did. I was aiming for an idea on how to reduce homelessness/beggars as it poses a huge issue in southeast Michigan (before that, I focused on animal abuse), but I mostly ended up with data.

Art and fitness, to me, is very important in mental health and plays a big role in Michigan lifestyle. Take a look at the League of Michigan Bicyclists and the Michigan Bicycle Racing Association. Also, Detroit is home to one of the nation’s most renowned museums: The Detroit Institute of Arts.

The following is what I gathered for my assignments. Also, I advise to never sleep in a dumpster to save your life.

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Iga and Koga. Beginning of Shinobi Hyakka (忍び百科) + Sketch a Day


From Hattori Hanzo to Ishikawa Goemon, a new category!!

Hyakka (百科) means “encyclopedia” or “many objects for studying/observing” or a “compilation”. For many years, I did research on the ever elusive figure called shinobi for a particular project: A lengthy epic and family saga called the Seishin Ninpōchō (清心 忍法帖), which I started in 2008. I can’t break anywhere though, because I learn something new everyday. From Japanese culture to historical reports, there is something new. And whatever I find, there might be a different telling of an account. It’s history, what do you expect?

We all have this fascination.

Shinobi are also called ninja, suppa (water breaker or folly), kusa (grass), kanja (dark people), rappa (乱破; something like “causing disorder/breakouts”). There are also various connections to the word “robber”; they are surrounded in myth and suspicion, changing the tides of battle with their unconventional tactics, always figures in creating chaos.

In superficial means, the media fame of ninja are propped by this image of being unbelievable fighters. Sorcerers even, perhaps due to the many tales of them tricking their opposition. So, with the Hyakka category, I will cover fictional, and supposedly real figures connected to the words “Shinobi” and “ninjutsu”, tell their stories, and their connection to media (you know what that means right? TOKUSATSU and corny 80s movies!)

Today’s terrible Sketch a Day to fit today’s topic:



Nothing I didn’t commit much into because this morning, I spent time on a careful piece: A (hopefully) better drawing of Ryu from Breath of Fire.

For a long while, I wanted to design Sarutobi Sasuke as a kid.



HardBoiled Drama of 91 Days Pt. 1 (Spoilers)

Not talking about Kamen Rider W, even though I wish to.

There is always revenge and vigilantism.

As you may know already, I have been watching 91 Days (official website), directed by Kaburagi Hiro (鏑木ひろ), who has also worked on Kimi no Todoke and Zenryoku Usagi, and animated by Durarara’s Shuka Inc and there has been three episodes already.

A fun fact: Shuka branched from Brain’s Base, which animated BACCANO, Kyokai no Rinne, and Durara.

In the town of Lawless, Angelo Lagusa witnessed the murder of his parents and younger brother on his birthday. They were killed by the Vanetti Family, who they were affiliated to. He was just a boy. He became gloomy. Seven years later, he received a letter from an unknown sender. The flames of revenge were lit. Something about this drama, crime dramas, creates a sentimental appeal seeing a side of little moral fiber. A conflict of society. In this case, Avilio’s actions gradually leads to dead bodies and war.

It’s like The Godfather novel. The author, Mario Puzo, wanted to create this image of the honorable humanity of Don Connello. Even though, when you hear of gangs and mafia, they are so deep in racketeering and murder.

There are spoilers.


Watching the National Convention so this won’t be a big entry.

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