Making Mistakes and Sketch a Day| Doggie Stories – Why do I like drawing 2?

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So, last Wednesday, I was just sketching and seeing how much I could do.

I am well reminded that the time and patience is necessary to provide a good work. Also, I am guilty for now. However, immense detail wasn’t the goal as it was quick sketches and the use of mostly a mechanical pencil. I was a little surprised at the differences that each drawing attempt made. Or rather, I was surprised at the occasional improvements. I would say, “That looked better than before”.

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Unacceptable. Words for mental abuse online #health #support

So far,  I made a couple of entries on information, what’s relayed, by who, and about the consideration of conducting oneself. One’s character.

Months ago, I saw something that made me irate, but more so, I became impressed by the aftermath.

This is Doggie Simmer Talk.

Who is deserving of online abuse and why?

Not sure what I would call her. She’s not my “friend” even though I’d secretly like her to be (did I say “secret”?). I’ll keep it anonymous.  Let’s call her “Lady M”, like Mikumo from Macross.

She’s “young” and talented with the big sister title.


Popularity could be synonymous to “knowing thoroughly what he/she does”. Whether it is broadcasting, which I always loved, culinary, writing, or singing.

But I respect her. This Lady M. I don’t like the idea of someone being put under another due to popularity. However, if it weren’t for popularity, some wouldn’t follow in “Lady M’s” footsteps. Some people, notable names even, aspire to be her or work with her.

M seemed to have be accused for “self-promotion”. In other words, an unworthy human being; maybe a washout even? There is a gap within the “popularity level”. Also, she might’eve been called bad names and was frequently disparaged.

Why was such hatred received?

Jealously? A thrill? A deceptive truth?

Lady M was being susceptible to abuse for some time. It is perhaps the reason why she’s been fickle and upset over “her words”. Grieving over it as if she received some attacks that most could not see. One point she put her foot down and revealed this abuse.

“That is not my intention”.

“Those words, do not send them to another woman aside from myself!”

It is possible that she “isn’t nice“.  Who isn’t rash and who doesn’t get angry and say a harsh thing? Especially on social media? However, so far, from my own impression, M is pretty accepting to a follower or a random stranger, easily inspired, and does not say a cruel thing. People who have worked with her has stated the same thing: “Heart is nice”, “big-hearted”, “nice big sister”, relatively the same.

They describe her as “温かい” (atatakai) and “大らか” (ooraka; generous). This is a reply to someone who said that M “seemed scary”:

ええっ⁉︎ 優しいよ〜(^ー^)ノ💕

“Huh?! She’s tender.

Voice is strong, and so is the character’s image. [The character is strong too]

A blunt person, however, has a warm heart.”

From my POV, M does say many strange phrases (ie: “A man holding a purse is odd” or along those lines) but often apologizes for it. The “blunt person” part may be true after all. It’s not entirely the abuse. M always says “Sorry u(_-_)u” for an awkward phrase. Those who receive scathing words are usually those who dedicate their time and their actions to being negative to others. Take politicians for example.

So far, she hasn’t said anything personal or political, and often praises/thanks others, commenting that she is “healed by gentle words”.


For those who witnessed the abuse was quite supportive, and M thanked them.

Doggie Thoughts

I’ve seen this before, the belittlement of someone being “not popular enough”. An actor could retire for not receiving enough roles, let alone main roles,  as it is a demanding, competitive, and wide industry, and someone could leave a comment such as “I don’t know you, so good for you” or “Great”.

For Lady M personally, it is extreme ignorance. There can be more said, but that is all.

To quote “you need to survive physically and mentally.”

Also, do not quit. After so many years, Lady M has not quit. Don’t think of yourself as useless and don’t let anyone else say so. And if you’re wrong, be humble and reflect on the mistake/words.




Doggie Daily Life #mentalhealth #health #Professionalism


Short version: I talk about daily life and how noise affects the brain.

These past three weeks I’ve been hard myself.

It is a typical feeling for anyone to have if there’s little going on in one’s life, if finances are low, if there’s lack of friends, etc. First week, I became sick, then afterwards, I felt the pressure of getting work done. Once more, I felt like I “missed my chance”.

I even considered stopping Twitter.

I might not be the wisest or most informative person in the world, especially for blogging world, but while I was teetering over the choices of how to use WP and why, I came up with the thought that I had plenty to share. Thoughts that I wanted to share just like everyone else. It took me so long because I was scared. I did arbitrary blogging few time before, and I knew that I made rash decisions, thinking that they were the right thing to do. I thought I had enough reasoning and persuasive skill. However, being rash ended up with unfavorable results.

Unfavorable results such as proving my nativity and ignorance to a wide audience and getting embarrassed. Proving that, when I thought I could do critical analysis, my attempts bombed.

Still, I wanted to keep trying. Maybe because I always liked to write since I was younger. When its something from youth, it can’t easily go away.

So I came with the decision that I disliked thinking of the words “Not sure” and “I can’t do it”. Being fixed in one place due to fear isn’t healthy. Instead, I thought of “What could I expose?”, “How can I help?”, and more importantly, “Who can I touch?” and “What will the future will hold?” How can I be an asset? To someone or something?

“Who can I find?”

Why are these thoughts so strong? What is the path to a faithful life? I often wondered over being “accepted” and what I could do?

I am a very ordinary person. Currently, I work part-time and I’m a part-time student, along with babysitting my niece. Not my daughter, but my niece. Long story behind that. A common day is getting up for work, preparing breakfast for both myself and niece before school. I try to take a couple days off to focus on homework. At the moment, I am unable to make living wage. Full-time is out of my reach, so I sought for a better degree/program. However, you can’t ignore children.

You can’t ignore elders either. And both “focus” and “demand” just doesn’t connect. It is difficult to focus on myself when others desire my attention. That is especially when a child is starting to grow psychologically, and teaching starts at home.

“{Auntie], look at this.”
“Can I have this?”
“Can you do this?”
“Well, what are you doing?”
“Are you done yet?”
“Can you change the channel?”
“I’m hungry!”

So, in the afternoon-evening, I have to look over niece’s homework, if she has any, and a list of supplementary tasks such as reading and preparing for the MAP. Unfortunately, I am not a genius and I’m not quick, especially when there’s so much disruption. Next thing you know, I have three assignments, one being an essay. Imagine the research that is needed. A lot of patience and time is needed, the day’s light dwindles every passing hour. I get little done. Too many voices, too much moving around, too much blanking. This is the same case with leisurely projects such as trying to think up a novel, or thinking up an elaborate blog entry.

Then, I get the complaint that I’ll make the child “a hermit” if I keep her, my niece, in the house for too long.

For the longest time, I didn’t care about myself. Few years ago, I’ve decided to change that, and that’s where the aggravation comes from. Especially when I see those doing “better” than me, improving more than me. Especially with little competence. I want to show professionalism and live a life. My passion could be used for something much more.

That will come in another entry.

Stress is a factor. Long before niece, a family member would rock in her chair and it would tap the ground, creating an intermittent noise almost every day. So, I guess I get a case of constant disruption. So, I’m incredibly shrewd and impatient with sounds. I don’t even like it when niece talks sometimes, and I have to restrain my anger when I hear her call me. Other that that, we get along quite well.

When I’m doing homework, studying, I often find myself playing calming music. From just listening to classical to Legend of Zelda medley. It gives me some comfort.

SOURCE: The brain’s ‘stopping’ mechanism can be triggered by sounds to derail your train of thought | DailyMail

For the majority of the trials, participants were played a simple tone, but occasionally would be played a section of birdsong, which acted as a minor distraction.

The scans showed that the unexpected interruption resulted in activity in the STN, indicating that distraction produced the same signature as the brain’s stop signal for an abrupt stop to physical movement.

In addition, more activity in the STN [subthalamic nucleus, apart of the basal ganglia] was related to a greater degree of disruption in working memory and the more likely a person was to lose track of the memory task.

Here is more:

SOURCE: Too Much “Noise” Can Affect Brain Development (2016; Neuro Science News)

Using cutting-edge imaging technology, University of California, Irvine biologists have determined that uncontrolled fluctuations (known at “noise) in the concentration of the vitamin A derivative Retinoic acid (RA) can lead to disruptions in brain organization during development.

A good reason why to not yell at children, which I happen to see a lot at work and become disgusted by.

If that’s the case…

I would say that I am a pro at my work, because, among a group of people who disdain their job, sit in the back, and aren’t prone to doing their tasks, I deliver DELIBERATELY. I also can have plenty of sympathy when it comes to caring for people. Supporting my niece also helps in that department too.

That is all. That is why I keep my entries short if I can help it.

Impairing memory and the best approach. #Nutrition #health

“Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun for everyone.”

Iwata Satoru


What is stress? According to Merriam Webster, stress is defined as “a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.” and “something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety”. That also includes what results from said stress; there is also the physical pressure on an object, the “importance/emphasis of something”.

Stress can also be caused by trauma, but is anxiety and depression the common cause? Or maybe I want to focus on that the most.

I thought I had to be at least forty years old; now I keep losing valuable things. I make stupid messages/tweets/anything through tweets due to rushing, so any one can say that if you rush, you lose concentration.

Two or three months ago, I either lost or misplaced by new anti-glare glasses. I just bought them. I could’ve sworn I grabbed the bag. Til this day, I still think they are in the house somewhere because I did some cleaning around the same time. However, wouldn’t I have found them by now? Now I’m down by one pair again, being frugal with money.

Last week, I put my coin case in a shopping cart before placing my groceries in my car and driving off. I was halfway home until I realized that I left my case. It was about ten minutes after. I turned around and took the risk to see if I can find it in the same place. At the very least, maybe see if it was at customer service. It may sound stupid, but even when I find a bag, a cane, or an envelope of coupons, I take it to the CS. They look like something “someone really wants”.

I was pretty angry at myself, thinking, “I should’ve expected that.” All that was left in it was foreign coins, and the irate idea that someone can exchange my coins for some bucks entered my head. If that’s true, I don’t think they’ll get much any way unless it’s my Canadian coins?

This is happening way too often; I had that case for many years, and I lose it due to rushing home. SO simple. I know one thing – my 2DS is freakin’ staying home unless I go on a long trip. Even yesterday, I put down the 2DS’s stylus and I forgot where I placed it for nearly two minutes. A little understandable because of its small size.

I felt like my work and “depression” (and maybe lack of sleep?) had a lot to do with a negative stimulation of the brain. The words “work” and “babysitting” often enter my mind, and nothing much for me, and that’s why I bought the 2DS. I didn’t care for the money, so I took the chance and took step one.  The common benefits of playing games, and you can find this just about anywhere, is reduction of pressure and all-around brain stimulation (concentration). When the late, great Iwata Satoru [the former President of Nintendo] said that “video games are fun”, believe it.

I also felt like I should eat better.  

I rarely drink alcohol as I honestly don’t find it that good.  I drink coffee virtually everyday, which has both an energetic and, if too much, low energy effect due to caffeine. SO if you drink coffee and red bull, and want to fall asleep, that’s why. You’re overworking your body. Next to my job is McDonalds, where I often go to when I get off, especially when it’s hot. Fast food has a lot of calories, protein, carbs, and [too much] sodium, but little vitamins. Also, due to the meat and sodium, there are a lot of fats and it causes fatigue. That also includes sugar.

I feel a bit more spirited when I don’t eat it. It all varies on everyone; everyone’s eating habits vary. Many say that cheese is healthy because of its low calories, fat, and calcium (milk), but it also causes high blood pressure.

If anything, I agree with a good breakfast with iron and fiber. I often buy food with whole grain in it, such as Eggo waffles (recently, they need to recalled due to lizeria) and raisin brain.

Here’s 6 Health Benefits from

  • stroke risk reduced 30-36%
  • type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30%
  • heart disease risk reduced 25-28%
  • better weight maintenance
  • healthier blood pressure levels


I’ll talk more about vitamins in detail another time, especially the B Types and D types. I also need to look for a particular bottle before that. Also, memory might also be effected by aspirin and other over-the-counter drugs, even anti-depressants, as time goes by.

About HORIZON Omega 3 Milk

One more thing – Omega 3 Milk. It’s a product that I buy. Omega 3 is a DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid. I’m a big fan of seafood, and Omega 3, which is in fish, meat, and eggs, supposedly helps the brain function (even against dementia and vision deterioration) but is it in the milk? Is it just the label, because the nutrition facts look to be standard.

In fact, there’s not a lot. It’s only 32 mg. Might as well be another standard half gallon of milk. Plus it costs more, which is silly.

See Food that is Rich in Omega-3



Beautiful Star (美星; Mihoshi): A Farewell and Tribute Part 1 #水谷優子さんありがとうございます

I had this sitting in my drafts for two months now. I wanted it to be special with my effort put into it fully, but my time doesn’t allow it. So now, to give me a goal, and to collect memories, I split it into parts.

Plus, watching no-chill SHADOW SKILL OVAs (which I will probably talk about tomorrow! Or after I move a little further into the TV series) reminded me.

From May 2016:

This is a horrible year with too many names of the deceased to list. To quote someone else, from people of entertainment to authors, “a generation is changing”. With Alan Young very recently, I’m really starting to wonder what that guy said.

This is not an anime blog or website; my youtube channel isn’t based on doing anime reactions or reviews. I had someone tell me, roughly, that I shouldn’t care about the old cast of Digimon because the new cast is the most relevant thing in anime today, in an era of streaming or more widespread released compared to twenty or thirty years ago in the West. Things you have probably watched five or ten years ago are probably considered “classics” or “retro” now because people had admit that they can’t watch things before a particular year. Years listed even after 2000. Now Sword Art Online is well over five years old.

No one should have a say or proof on the breadth of what others watch, hear, play, etc. I don’t even remember the person’s name. Shows how significant he/she was. Matter of fact, this is a common problem for many others.

Now, a Digimon Reunion won’t be fully complete with the deaths of singer Koda Wada…

And Sora. Let me get to the core of the entry or I’ll end up explaining too much on the flaws of “new kid influence.” This isn’t a time to get angry, but I’m angry because I was reminded of those foolish words amidst the death of someone who will barely be remembered in the long run.

Unless you allow it!

(Mihoshi from TENCHI MUYO series)

It’s not just digimon.

There are those who continue to stay with us and have relevance to those have good eyes and ears. It would disappoint me if they didn’t have much “credit” as, say, Sakurai Takehiro, Kaji Yuki, and Toshiyuki Morikawa. I feel the same with Mashiba Mari (真柴 摩利) for example.

But the importance is “catching it“. It takes one or two; even current voice actors were inspired by other roles. No, not even that. Current roles inspire the actor.

Mizutani Yuko (水谷優子), who was Sora, was one of those names. Outside of Digimon, she does not have a low number of “credits”. She has participated in video games, animation, radio, and in Japanese dubbing, a good versatility.

You could say that she was the Sato Rina, Kugimiya Rie, Aoi Yuki, Inoue Marina of her time.

NEWS: From Chiba MARUKO Website: Oneesama Sakiko role MizuTani passes away.

I was devastated. It looks like a very common name for a female lviing in Japan, but it was still easy to spot trending. You could say she was a picker for the bubbly, heroine archetype or the big sister. In fact, I think she herself was “bubbly’ and liked to jump up and down in the studio while performing.

A tenacity and pride of still wanting to go to work, even in final moments. She recorded Maruko-chan with many lines (Source: YAHOO Japan News).

I’m not sure if it was tenacity or stubbornness as I’ve never suffered from cancer, but I’d assume it’s unpredictable, and there are various symptoms capable of being handled intermittently (American Cancer Society: Working during Treatment).  Apparently, she was not subject to substitutes for her roles until post-death.

Comments from the above entry (note: I may not be accurate):

(A Professional til the end)

最期までプロの声優さんだったんだね。 (Her Professional Spirit is great. To the last, she was a professional VA)

本当に仕事に熱心でプロ意識の塊だったんだなと (Mysterious, no one speaks bad of this person. Really earnest professional spirit in work)

From someone who hasn’t listened to her and is sorry:
今までどうもありがとうございました。 (I think she was a voice of total class. Thank you everything til now.)

最後の放送必ず見ます。 (Voice I remembered since my childhood. To think today’s the last time. I am very lonely. (sic) I thank you sincerely. I will watch the final broadcast [of MARUKO])

“sic” has something to do with “envious of her who continues to drive on even when body is struggling.” An interpretation.

Comments from those who work with her, such as Mizushima Yu, Furukawa Toshio and Chiba Shigeru:


Furukawa Toshio (Ace of ONE PIECE, Piccolo of Dragonball Series, Ataru of Urusei Yatsura, Asuma of PATLABOR): Accept my condolences.

Mizushima Yuu (God Mars, Saint Seiya, Doraemon, Ginga Eiyuu): “An image of girl performance was strong, hear that she has died, I can’t understand.”

千葉繁「水谷優子ちゃんが逝ってしまった ケロヨン、またね 合掌」
Chiba Shigeru (Kimengumi, Kyoryuger, Patlabor, Yuyu Hakusho): “She died young….Keroyon, farewell, prayer.”

Honna Yoko (PreCure, Gundam 00, Danbooru) Young…I’m so shocked that there are no words. R.I.P.

Japan, 熱いコメントありがとうございます.

Earlier this month, Mizutani had a parting wake where 700 (or more) people attended (source: oricon), fans and all?  I will have to talk about TARAKO later, and when she had a birthday at Disney courtesy of Mizutani.

 photo fiafaury_zpsnuogxi0y.jpg
So now Mizutani-san, I am going to do this for you.

In Part 2 (and 3? 4?), I’ll talk about some of her characters.

DAILY DOGGIE: Fast Food + The Libra (Balance) of your Diet


Hi Libra Dohko.

This isn’t an anime/manga and games blog, this is more like an “anything goes” blog, even though I rather enjoy games and talking about them. However, if anything, I’d like to spread daily life activities in any way that I can. So what is more daily than working, eating and sleeping?

So my issue for Daily Doggie is “staying awake”. Rather, do I think that my eating habits, in combination with this sweltering weather, has to do with me feeling fatigued? What exactly is in fast food? And is it at fault for making me sleepy? Or is it sugar? How about you?

If not, maybe looking into it is a good idea. The key may be calories, sugar, carbohydrates and fat. It may even be my intake of sodium. I pick “fast food” for today’s topic because after work, especially when I’m frustrated, I drive to the nearest FF place before heading home. I tried to swear it off for this week, starting yesterday, but I ended up getting some McDonald fries today. Earlier this morning, I was also concerned with memory loss and zinc, vitamins, and Omega 3 (seafood, milk, etc). Also, can fast food make you prone to getting sick?

Considering my time, this’ll be various entries, plus I can use my good old “health” tag.

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended that we eat no more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day. That level is associated with a significant reduction in blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

[Frie pic]

From Kids to Large:

  • Calories: 110 – 510
  • Sodium: 65 – 290mg
  • Protein: 1 – 6g (1 g of = 4 cal)
  • Carbohydrates: 15 – 67g.

Large alone can be a quarter of daily calorie consumption in an average diet.

Believe it or not, fries do not contain a lot of sodium compared to an actual teaspoon of salt. Not even salt; Michigan’s Vernors, which turned 150 years old this month, is 25 mg of sodium.

So my fatigue might have to do with low sodium (Low blood pressure) and low calories.. My job is a bit strenuous so I’m probably burning a bit. Let’s depict that most ladies need approx 1400 a day.

My breakfast is probably poor as well, primarily coffee and a frozen waffle (380 mg among other things). I will have to talk about waffles later.


The title is probably not the correct lyrics, but the heat is on.

“Day-tonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Let’s go away.” Thanks Sega, damn it.

mentioned here in my last entry that I went to a fun center with my niece, and I absolutely needed to. It wasn’t just for my niece, but it was also therapeutic for me.


(Source) This is:

Triotech’s TYPHOON simulator

The TYPHOON was a two seat simulator, giving 8 options to choose from. All you had to do was sit and hold onto the sidebars.

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