Doggie Sketch a Day – From various days

A sketchbook is a sketchbook; I’m still stuck in the initial idea stage. I can’t point to which days I’ve did these and how long they took.

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Robots, fairies, and mallets! | Doggie Highlight – Game Company Edelweiss (えーでるわいす)

The name means “Elegant White” in German, the name of a European mountain flower. That is called Leontopodium alpinum.

Edelweiss (Hiragana: えーでるわいす; ederuwaisu) is a game company that brings you fancy shooters and action games such as Ether Vapor (エーテルヴェイパー) and Astebreed. It is a good follow up of the previous entry regarding Okamto Maya’s sci-fi concept CD. There is also Fairy Bloom, which you fight to protect the flowers from pests before they sprout.

Their products are the following:

花咲か妖精 stands for hanasaki ka yousei (lit: flower blooming fairy).

Here’s a trailer for Astebreed for the PS4:

The next project is Sakuna (仮), where the main character seems to be a Japanese youth from the farmer class. He or she uses the scarf and a kneading hammer (mallet; 杵) to attack. The Kanji stands for “temporary.”

Sakuna trailer from C91 (comicMarket):

Edelweiss is considered a doujin game creator, which is independent.

PV for Freesia:

Is my touch screen just as hard?! | Inazuma Eleven Quick Thoughts

Handheld gaming is still convenient, and I play maybe 30 mins in the SRPG (sports rpg) INAZUMA ELEVEN by Level-5. Originally for the DS, it was available for digital download. It first had a U.K english dub but was re-dubbed; this is the first game out of four main games.

Sports games weren’t always easy for me, but the majority of them have the thrill of trying hard through the gameplay. Inazuma is no exception.

Except….I feel like I’m going to scratch and break my touch screen playing this. I hope it’s as hardy as this game.

Gameplay and control directions are simple, however, this is not a turn-based RPG. There is real-time action primarily through a stylus pen, and the A.I on your team aren’t the strongest on the receiving-electric-signals side. You can either use the pen to guide them in a drawn line or they follow the ball. However, it seems like you can’t get an edge even when you’re trying to level grind, which I am very determined to do.

And you have to decide where an opponent will lead itself. Also, it looks like the game is in the tutorial stage for quite some time until you start learning skills pre-nationals. The first three teams are not pushovers.

Hard to say if I’m improving in skill, but I’m improving in being faster. In battle, you use the d-pad to scroll the camera as well, and you need to find out where everyone is and where everyone is going. Both screens don’t stretch out the whole soccer field, because one screen needs the gameplay and the other needs the player data.

Combined with my crap eyesight and little in-game icons, it’s sometimes difficult to determine who’s on your team and who isn’t. “Kazemaru, where are you?! Who’s that?!”

Local Release/Names

The localized names remain. They keep Raimon (which has the Kanji symbol for rai; lightning), which represents the team and their uniform quite clearly. Also, some of the character’s names do have a meaning in their original Japanese configuration. Some technique names are kept such as God Hand and Fire Tornado, but you can’t ruin those can you?

Endo Mamoru is Mark Evans, while Goenji Shuuya is Axel Blaze. I suppose I see a connection, such as Mamoru being Mark and Blaze probably presenting not only the fire tornado skill, but the Kanji for flame (“en“) in Goenji’s name. Another is Mamoru Endo, which is like “protecting the gate [temple]” since he’s the goalkeeper. Kazemaru is Nathan, which is very general; the name Kazemaru makes a lot of sense for his running ability and swift physique. Thus, I remember that name Kazemaru very well (plus, he is a very popular character).

Jack is Kabeyama, kabe being “wall” since he is a sturdy defender. Kevin Dragonfly is Someoka Ryūgo (染岡 竜吾), named for his dragon crash attack (ryu=dragon). Jim Wraith is Jin Kageno (Kage meanign “Shadow”), known for being elusive in his class.

Some of the puns are funny such as “Heckel Jyde”. Some of the teams name are well adapted and in correct order such as the Royal Academy (Teikoku; ‘帝国). The Kanji for the Occult team is “尾”, which is tail. Full name is 尾刈斗, literally spelt okaruto.


Sound is okay. I haven’t heard anything that catches me except maybe the scene in the hospital. I also like the goalie music. Satisfying and upbeat considering it’s difficult enough to control your team and hit a goal.

However, the OP is totally awesome. INAZUMA CHALLEN-JYAAAAAAA! Same OP from the anime series.

Nice looking animated cutscenes, and there is the 3-D models which last for like 3-5 seconds when you get a goal or do a technique. It feels brief and you can’t really enjoy it that much.

I’m still impressed that Level-5 can make like hundreds of characters. We all have a basic composition in figure. A big frame, a small frame, strong eyes or not, curly or short hair, etc.

Doggie Sketch a Day – To conclude #STG #Pokemon Mimikyu?!

To conclude my long, revised entry, here’s some sketches from days ago and yesterday.

Mimikyu was yesterday. It was a quick scribble just to see how it’d turn out. I didn’t know that the pokemon was so popular, even during sun and moon online matches. For a while, I had Mimikyu on my team. My STG or side rail jet shooters were other days. I will refine them one day as soon as I figure them out. One of them may be painted and put in a contest.

To quote my niece, the bottom one looks like a “hero’s airplane”.

I’ll update the SaD list sometime.

Favorite #mecha? Doggie had a Q&A and forgot (Part 2)

Continuing from the last time, these are my last three questions.

how old are you? you always make me feel old lol (I know it’s rude to ask a woman of her age so you don’t have to answer)

I don’t make you feel old, I just like to tell you to keep at what you’re doing because it’s too important. In other words, remain determined because we don’t like facing difficulties.

I usually tell people “I’m old enough to drink” (AKA: I’m over 21). I’m actually embarrassed because sometimes I don’t feel like an adult.

2.) What’s your favorite mecha anime?

I feel like my choices are limited at the moment. Despite my fervor for gundam and robots, I haven’t watched (or rather completed) much series of this genre. They can be a bit difficult to get into and hard to pick out as favorites.

There is one series I am honestly sure about. PATLABOR is mostly a police drama with functional combat-mobile mecha. The TV Series and one of the OVAs is produced by SUNRISE, known for series about robots conventionally used to fight an ambient evil. Labors such as the main character’s INGRAM (nicknamed Alphonse) is considered “real robots”. They are a smaller size and built to perhaps fit something that can arrive in the 20th century. Aside from that, it’s such a fun show.

A fun fact: I share the same b-day as Patlabor’s main character, Nao Izumi (picture above). She is a ditz too.

J-Decker (see quick review) is going to be a favorite soon enough!

I loved all of GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT. It was so perfect. Cast, soundtrack, the views of war, companionship, animation (DAT animation), etc.

And didn’t I tell you watch Knights of Sidonia (another sci-fi)?!

I’ll leave it with four.

3.) what’s your favorite and least favorite Nintendo game/franchise?

I’ll try to do 5 outside of Mario, even though it’s difficult to not add Mario Party.

Favorite: Starfox, Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem
Least Favorite: F-Zero, Punch-Out, pre-Prime Metroid, puzzle spinn-offs (ie: Dr. Mario, Yoshi)

I want to get into F-zero, and I try it out every time (AND I await for its return), but every attempt from me is ridiculous. And I actually got motion sickness from playing the gamecube version. Punch out Wii is absolutely hilarious but I was never good at boxing games. Terrible at the NES version.

Did you know that I hated Metroid and Zelda at one time?

Doggie’s #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge – January of Brock

Back in December, I thought of a plan. To honor pokemon, not only that I’d play Pokemon Moon, returning me to the highly celebrated series and handheld gaming, I’d draw the gym leaders. No matter how it’d turn out, I wanted to give myself a month for each gym leader. I thought of two, but it looks to me that one is preferable due to time and how busy I am. Then, I can do my sketches in open time.

So, here is Brock (AKA: Takeshi) and his signature pokemon Onix (or Iwark). I had little time so I didn’t do much sketches. So, by the end of the month, I rushed through it.


I’m sorry Brock. I’ll make it up to do. I really wanted to do full body, even attempting to draw him in the Rockium Z pose.

Here are the initial sketches. I think they look better:

February will be Misty (Kasumi). I’m not sure which pokemon just yet; Stamie and Staryu will be difficult considering the shade and sharp angles. I will have to hurry and experiment since we’re nearly halfway through the month.


Cute! | About #FEHeroes #FireEmblem



This may only be the first part. After Super MARIO RUN, there’s now the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, announced not even a month ago during a Nintendo Direct.

Patience is necessary. It should only get better as it’s only been released a few days ago? Besides, while the battle platform is familiar, some elements are FE are absent.

I still think it’s difficult. It wouldn’t be FE if it wasn’t; it is a standard for a mobile game as well.

However, since it takes stage completion and bucks to gather orbs for summon (among other things), you are spared from losing a character permanently. Am I sadistic to think that was a little weird? Like I was expecting it? Doggie are you crazy?! You are also spared from having broken weapons and having to buy more. Instead, you use skill points to upgrade your spells/weapons. There are no healing items either, so you need clerics and you’re not offered one in the beginning. At least, I wasn’t? So, that actually amounts to the difficulty factor.

Speaking of items, there are only those that help you level up (and you need a ton of shards) and restore your stamina and dueling swords (for player vs player).

The traditional “weapon advantage trigram” remains: Sword (red) beats axe (green), axe beats spear, spear beats sword.

When I started playing Fire Emblem, I tried to think of it this way:  “Sword can block a big weapon, big weapon breaks staff of spear, spear has better reach than sword.” Historically, the spear was the formidable opponent against the sword.

HOWEVER, I don’t think they explained the magic being strong against particular enemies. I could be confused. Mages do use the same color-code (ie: red beats green, green beats blue), but I could’ve sworn there was holy and dark, or some other damage augmentation when magic fought characters on horseback? There’s also “colorless” element. The tutorial does explain that archers are strong against flying enemies.

Stages are both a strength and weakness: they smaller, leading to reduced time to complete them, but it also leads to restricted movement and weapon range. With that said, you can get killed quickly. Also, environmental strengths/weaknesses are absent, except broken walls. For example, using the forest for cover. Again, no shops/houses that you can enter.

FE Hero is still in an initial stage.


Not much else here, even with the straight story and its corny dialogue, but you can enjoy seeing various FE characters in a different light as many artists are tasked to re-draw them.  The Fates/If characters still look pretty good. Kozaki Yusuke (コザキユースケ), a designer for If, Awakening and Cipher, does have his touches in it. Wada Sachiko (GBA FEs) also participation; so far, I’ve seen she has done the illustration for Marth. Another artist is Hino Shinnosuke (日野慎之助), who did work for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and STAR OCEAN: BLUE SPHERE.


But I enjoy the designs. When your character’s HP reaches 50%, you see an injured cut. Of course, the characters are assigned different C.V.

Here’s Yamada Kotaro, illustrator for FE Champion of Swords (hasha no tsurugi) and SWORD ART ONLINE: