A funny question: Putting #fanfiction in your resume (Revision)

Here is a small revision of my now deleted post. I was rushing out the door when I posted the previous one and I’m sorry. I’m sure there was more that I wanted to add, and I should’ve checked it better.


I found this funny question lying somewhere on the net, and I forgot where. It quickly met with an answer of rejection. But instead of saying “No” and leaving it at that, I thought about it a bit more diligently.

First, I probably understand the point of asking the question. You want to provide writing samples such as for magazine or newspaper articles so you can look like an author; news media, including the spread of misinformation, imbue the online and social media.

Second, you were passionate about the work you created despite any kind of quality. Some need work, some put their hair and heart into it for sure, some think they are arrogantly or truthfully, creative. You have something to show.

Third, there is the protection of one’s product or property. Whether you like it or not, the practice of fanfiction is disagreeable here and there. It is thanks to advocates of freedom of expression and of parody being a legal medium of entertainment that fanworks are given positive critique. Some published authors have written fanfiction as well.

LINK: Professional Author Fanfic Policies (FANLORE w/references)

So what is the answer?

I’d go with “no”. I also thought of why the question was given a “no” from where I found it; the word “no” can also mean that there should be alternatives.

Here is the negative part: I took consideration in the influence of the website that you place your work in.

Fanfiction, especially Fanfiction.net, which is considered the core site for where the works are found, can be a literature cesspool. I myself have ambivalent views. If you put in a link such as “https://www.fanfiction.net/~TelsaDagger” (not real by the way) in your resume or cover level, it might look pretty strange. However, people see themselves as authors and you, once in a while, can find a good product.

I also thought that this may be the most important reason: You’re not aspiring to become a published author or land your article in a reading medium by springing off the back of another unless you’re doing news or some other kind of non-fiction.

If you look at the guidelines of manuscript submissions, even for books or comics, you realize that your creativity matters. The base that you will provide matters. That is the usual case — your aspect that you must make exist. Also, when you do work on getting a writer’s job or do publishing, you have to offer reasons as to why you’re qualified and why should your writing be approved? Will your writing aim be a success? Think of the readers.

Do not think Inuyasha. Not Olympus. Not The Hunger Games. Not Rick and Morty. Not Big Bang Theory. Not Game of Thrones.

When it comes to fanfiction and one’s life, you need to know are you legally able to write (or translate) derivative work? Are you given the permission? Does the publisher, the person (or people/company) who concocted the work gave you the permission? Do you shoot to become a writer for DC Comics or Disney for example?

In any case, it’s not like the work you made can’t be inspired into something else. Also, as fanfiction is writing, you’ll have the mentality of an author.

From ‘Fifty Shades’ to ‘After’: Why publishers want fan fiction to go mainstream (WASHINGTON POST)

Check out Attack on Titan Anthology, an reinterpretation of Isayama Hajime’s original work. Various artists provided their own spin and style on AoT.

As you can see, Attack of Titan was an international success, whether you agree or not, and it makes sense to do this anthology.

I hope this is fair.

I even thought of saying “How about posting fanfics elsewhere?” For example, what if I posted my fanfics on this blog? But ultimately, I still thought the word “No”.

Doggie Sketch-a-Day – Gakkun’s back (がっくん). Gakuto.


  • Gakuto II
  • Sketch a Day – Akechi Brothers (明智兄弟)
  • Gakuto Revision + Akechi Mitsuhide in games
  • AKECHIKUN_01.jpg

    Definitely clearing up and is quite cute. Gakuto, explained from older entries, is a character from an original NARUTO net story called “OH-TEN” (皇天). I’ve sketched him various times and made his hair complex as I look for a style similar to illustrations from the “LEVEL-5” studio. A friendly youth.

    Still unsure about eyes. The symmetry and where it should curve is quite important; so is giving the impression of a child.

    Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Kannosuke + Oda Nobunaga in games (Reading “Evil”?)

    JOJO = Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

    Remember when I did a SoD entry about Gakuto, while showing different representations of historical figure Akechi Mitsuhide?

    This time it is going to Oda Nobunaga, another historical figure of importance from Japan, and my inspiration for a character that I made for a NARUTO story.

    For Gakuto, who is Naruto’s friend, I sought for the Level-5 style. Again, the link above has the explanation. For Kannosuke, I guess I went for the same thing? However, the most important feature was for him to look like he was an obvious “bad kid” or a “mischievous, stuck-up boy”. Too many characters, especially cool/rival headed characters with stand up hair in Level-5 works.

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    Getting pulled into Greek #mythology #saintseiya

    “It was the law of the Sanctuary for the female Saints to wear an emotionless mask, so that they wouldn’t inevitably bewitch their allies. Since the beginning of time, even in the mythological era, the woman whether a mortal or deity was a vicious (and easily humiliated) creature.”

    An excerpt from my story, Penitent Feathers.

    This is another old entry sitting my drafts. What am I talking about? I like detail, and both knowledge and a sense of creativity can enhance your writing. Whether its an essay, a speech, or just fictional prose.

    So when I set myself up to do a Saint Seiya fanfic, motivated by the passion of the fans outside of the States, I ended up becoming more interested in the mythology behind the series. Primarily Greek and Roman, Norse was mentioned as well; even Arthurian Legend is the core motif of Episode G -Assassin, or rather, the Gold Saint of Capricorn.

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    “Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Gakuto” Revision (June 15) + Akechi Mitsuhide in games

    Originally posted on June 15, adding Akechi Mitsuhide photos.

    Deviated from my hands sketches today, and went back to characters.

    This kiddo, just like the Terrae, is another original character from a story. Much like Ginga, I’ve done many sketches for this character because I wanted to reach a particular style. For Ginga, it was Saint Seiya (Umakoshi Yoshihiko, Araki Shingo, somewhat Kurumada); for this character, it was Level-5.

    A Settei or character model sheet for Akechi Gakuto, a friend of NARUTO. I do a fanfic that puts NARUTO series into a new light (or I’m trying). Japanese Voice actress of Naruto, Takeuchi Junko, also voices Inazuma Eleven’s Mamoru Endo (Mark Evans), so I thought “Draw Naruto’s friend as a Level-5 character. Go for that look at much as possible.”

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    Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 2)

    I’m feeling the burden of work.

    Continuing from a previous entry about the Terrae and new Sketch a Day. So, this is part 2, but I missed out details.

    More about Ginga

    Thin eyebrows and hair color.

    At first he had thick brows, but those were given to the serious original characters. One thing I really wanted to be careful about was the hair color. I wanted something that could fit a galaxy, since that’s the theme he is based on. I thought white would fit a “bright star”, then I thought orange and light blue. However, there were too many red/orange heads (ie: Koga, Soma, Genbu, Apollo, Hyperion), and both Eden and Saga have white hair. Many of the villains have white hair such as Valentine, Minos, Oneiros, Hilda, and Thanatos (or Thanatos is gray?).

    Light blue was also a concern, or rather the color “blue” itself. I was a little worried about because Lira Orphee (light shade), Saga/Kanon, and Aprodite/Albafica had blue hair; Eden had blue hair as well earlier in the Omega series. There’s also Abel. Still, the light blue idea won’t go away. So I’m thinking, “blue that it’s almost white”.

    Blue and white are common colors in a Japanese Yukata (kimono) and Ginga’s name can mean “galaxy” and “silver summer”. An “everyday life”; I think blue also means “loyalty” in Japan? And a common color for youth, and university (School) suits. It’s also suitable that Ginga has green eyes. Silver Summer.

    Ginga is one of the youngest Terrae and he shows intelligence.

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    Doggie’s Sketch a day: The Terrae (Part 1)

    I come with not only one but four “Sketches”, also ideas. One I did last night. Do I feel embarrassed to share story ideas? Should anyone? Especially on a more public blog site like WordPress? Maybe. Maybe I say this because I’m not a professional novelist or blogger. Even though I have various ideas for entries, stories, and so on, maybe WordPress has a general reputation of intricate, clever, broad-minded writing about social life? About how Donald Trump would make a great president, or how everyone in the world can defeat cancer? Or why there are so many plane crashes or shootings in Detroit, Michigan?

    And not something related to a conflicting topic like fanfiction? In other words, my small amount of ethos will probably not shield me from embarrassment. All that I can say is that art and reading/writing are correlated to the stimulation of imagination (or memory manipulation).

    Back to the sketch topic. This week, I’ve wanted to work on vehicles and monsters, the latter particularly from Monster Rancher. My zuum and zan were failures, so I ended up with these four sketches from Saint Seiya (SS) just for this entry. I’ve constantly worked on Saint Seiya due to the wish of making a cover art and villains settei (model sheets).

    I happen to do SS fanfic, one being a long series, which will end up explained in another entry, so these sketches are the “FOUR TERRA VILLAINS”.

    I’ll make this part 1 because niece won’t leave me alone and there’s work in the morning. Part 2 tomorrow.


     photo Ginga_Settei_zps3hqic6cp.jpg

    Author Notes:

    Ginga (Silver summer)

    “A big brother who works at a bookstore and became Koga’s friend during his travels. Does he care about Earth the most? Indeed, he sympathizes with Demeter’s heart deeply, but holds back his true feelings about the destruction of Earth.”

    I did this yesterday night, but my niece kept disturbing me. I think it took about 5 mins? It was simple since I’ve sketched Ginga countless times. No, I’ve been very disappointed because each sketch was inconsistent. I think I will ultimately come to the decision of giving the hair some width, short, and having them at near the same length. What distinguishes him is the curly sideburns over his cheeks. That’s what makes him. I don’t think I curled them that much in this sketch though.

    In terms of impression, I wanted to look for a “nice, big brother” (いい兄さん) look that “works in a library”.

    “Welcome.” (いらっしゃいませ) Not “too nice” like Shun, but something in between strong and tender. If that makes sense. Also, “2nd main character” (主人公) and “Don’t make him look like Koga/look a little older than Koga”.


    His Image C.V or character voice is Kondo Takayuki; if you want an English counterpart, it could be Liam O’Brien or Jerry Jewell. Also, he needs to make a different face when he’s actually serious.

    Each sketch will have a “stupid face” that I just scribble in there. In Ginga’s case, it’s the “puffy cheeks scribble”.