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Adrian the pug and Blaze the German shepherd are two adorable pups living in the same neighborhood. They live separate lives and come from different backgrounds, but they’re the best of friends. When impressionable housedog Adrian joins a mischievous stray for a run around the city, he and his companion are captured by the pound. What follows is a day full of perilous adventure, an epic rescue, and a simple escape plan. Both heroes make plenty of friends, but their bond is unmatched by anyone. However, with Blaze leaving to complete police dog training soon, will it last?

Last week, I was wondering how to review my books and comics better. Should I score the impact of the illustration? Comedy? Conjunction and transition? Print? Plot/Story? Because I have the intention of doing this more, especially for personal works for those who inspire to get noticed or improve, especially if it assist in a professional path. Novels, fanfiction, online comics, scripts, etc. And, I just need to read more in general. It is quite valuable. My time is still limited, so I keep using the term “Quick Impressions” and I wondered whether to just drop it. That may be 80 or 90% of the time, and I end up cranking out a few paragraphs to explain something.

Adrian & Blaze is the third comic that I’m reviewing on this WordPress site. I made remarks on a fanfic and a net novel; the other two comics are Zelda and Initial D.

Author and Illustrator Peyton Mitchell, according to her, was just in 9th grade and inspired by Balto when she made this comic. We came across each other by way of social media as we both have a love for the same series: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (銀牙 -流れ星 銀; Silver Fang: Flowing star, Gin) and its series by Takahashi Yoshihiro. Also called the “Ginga Densetsu” (銀牙伝説; silver fang legend) series. That includes Armor Fighter Gaimu; in his work,s Takahashi has a practice for making a dog the main character. You rarely see a product where the dog is the main character or very heroic these days.

I’ve been in contact with Peyton for a while, and I’m easily impressed by someone who puts determination in a neat concept. Also, we’re both fans of the Kamen Rider series, so we ended up talking to each other back and forth.

On to A&B, and Part 1 covers the first half of the first volume, meaning three chapters. The book is a hardcover and it looks short with six chapters.

Despite the fact that the illustrations has a lot of room for improvement, suitable for a child’s book and with typical mistakes in proportions, this comic is quite adorable and there is attention to detail. When I mean detail, there is for example, a rather good insight on a bad dog shelter. Also, the characters are very expressive to a humorous point, such as watching Adrian getting annoyed or shocked, such as steam coming out of his head.

April, why would you call him a lousy watchdog? ^.^; He’s a pup. April kind of looks like Peyton or maybe it’s the hair?

A&B is overall cute and I actually enjoyed it. Pey said that the story isn’t too realistic, but I don’t see much problem with it. It’s not Alfred Hitchhock and there is a story of a pup being easily influenced, a young German Shepard training in the K-9 program, and a lousy trip to the pound.

The personalities of the animals really reflect Ginga Nagare. Adrian is curious and naive, and there’s a “ward-like dog” who’s something like a prison guard or drill sergeant, and there’s Blaze’s police dog superior Maxwell. You can also tell that the author has knowledge of various dogs, and its a strong point.

I considered reading the comic to niece since she’s getting into that growing psychological point, and needs to find fun in reading.

Also, Pey recently graduated. Congratulations buddy. Class of 2017!

Thanks for the book. Keep it up.


BTW, today’s Sketch-a-day. I guess I’m not that good with dogs yet. Then again, I rushed through it for this article. Also, first time on Kamen Rider.

6 “Bad to the Bone” Bikers

I think it was a month ago. While driving, I saw a guy, burly looking old guy with his skullcap and sunglasses riding on his motorcycle. His bike had a sidecar, and guess who was in it:

His partner right? Of course! His partner was a big guy too; he or she looked to be large white thick-coated terrier.

Turns out it’s not that weird.

I can’t wait for another Annual Dog Day! So, here are videos of dogs riding with their owners on motorcycles!

1.) In the Philippines, here’s Reyes and his dog Bogie, the Askal (Aspin).

2.) One of my favorite songs, and driving songs, “BAD TO THE BONE” by George Thurugood (originally) with doggie Zeb!

3.) A trailer of a documentary called “SIT STAY RIDE” about America’s Sidecar dogs. Totally not weird.

4.) The ever famous Brad and his golden doodle Moki! You can find a few articles on them. Various vids and images.

5.) Golden retriever takes the front!

6.) From Japan, here’s Riki, 3-year-old black Shiba Inu, and Dan, 13-year-old red Shiba Inu. They belong to the Nomura family.

Future Titles

  • SHADOW SKILL Tv series (Once I get to halfway point)
  • Shinobi Hyakka – Doggie’s ninja archives
  • More Mizutani tribute
  • How to be a good college student/what happened?/Self-motivation and what does a degree mean?
  • GUNDAM (More IBO and 0079)
  • Promoting Thunder Future
  • “Acting Sense” (theme)
  • Literature ramble: Dawn of End

What is taking so long?

6 Beloved Dogs that don’t want you to leave #NationalDogDay

In honor of National Dog Day, and it’s just total stress relief, I show six videos of cute doggies that show their loyalty – they don’t like it when their owners leave. Many dogs, especially young ones, can have separation anxiety where they can have panic attacks or damage/run around the home. Through technique and practice, it’ll eventually pass, but no loving family member wants someone to leave.

It could’ve been any video, from homecomings to dogs watching babies, pets are darn funny, intelligent, and even more. Especially the canines.

We start off with Dash.

I recently met Roma the Doberman! The Dobies, with their intellect and smooth coats, has to be one of my favorite breeds.

This is Babies.

An old beagle?

Sarge the Dobie is not having it.

Don’t go into the water!

As a finish, a compilation of dogs and kids going to school – or not!

A Long “Tail”

I would definitely put this in a top saddest song/greatest love song list. This seems a little too much for a pet song. This would fit better for my mom, but I like it anyway. Tammy Wynette’s version is less sad. Matter of fact, I’m listening to Wynette’s version now.

I wanted to make an animal tag, and what better way to start is with an entry about dogs? And it suits my name of course. Love animals, and so far I had two dogs in my lifetime.

Last year in July, I lost my dog of 15 years.

To be honest, it’s kind of hard. I would watch youtube of families with their dogs and it can’t be any more therapeutic. Dogs display so much intelligence, character of various kinds, and “pack function” that you wonder if they were human at one time.

I have a few regrets. I felt like I could’ve been a better owner. Maybe what pushed me back from getting another dog was these regrets.

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