Doggie Sketch a Day – From various days

A sketchbook is a sketchbook; I’m still stuck in the initial idea stage. I can’t point to which days I’ve did these and how long they took.

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Doggie Sketch a Day : Gau Ban (ガウ・バン) practice #SHADOWSKILL

More sketches from my 9 x 6 ( x 15cm). Once again, it’s Gau from SHADOW SKILL as I practice his look. The upper right looks a bit like how Okada Megumu (creator of SS) draws him, and the others makes him look more like a typical main character from a Japanese animation. It’s hard for me to put him down. between the animation product and the comic product, he looks different.

However he turns out, I’d like for Gau to look dynamic during his battle pose. A bit concerned with his hair.


Doggie Sketch a Day – Various

Various sketches from my 9 x 6 ( x 15cm) and from different days, including today. I have a goal to make a good Gau Ban drawing in a fighting pose. Well, if I want to do a comic, I’ll have to work on poses in general.

It makes me a little frustrated to do studies. How much more will it take until it’s perfected? Until I get the right body language?


2.) fightpose2.jpg

3.) Was trying to imagine myself as a Fire Emblem character in basic armor but it didn’t work out?



5. Pretty good jab here, and a lunge.


Sowa nanzo! Waga SHADOW SKILL OVA! (and Chewbacca Talismans) #我が一撃は無敵なり


A world of Fist and Magic, rather than sword and magic, world becomes the stage of this unique battle fantasy work

The OVA series is animated by ZERO G Room, the core of the director Negishi Hiroshi. Nothing else much is known; I didn’t watch the Epilogue just yet.

Spoke back on this in another entry briefly: Doggie Digest: SHADOW SKILL (obligatory Hayashibara Megumi time)

So, I was watching the campy TV series, and further in, I checked the OVA. Certainly brings me back – those old-fashioned OVAs were totally real! It’s a total flip-flop. The OVA came first actually, starting in 1993, while the more comedic TV series aired in 1996 or 1997. Not to mention a change in character designs.

 photo gau_zpsqx7a4x9m.jpg

OVA Gau is cool here! Still like a boy, but very strong-willed. C.V is Matsuoka Akio, and this seems to be his only signature role.

Matsuo Shin did the designs, and was also in charge of lithography for episodes of Guyver, Patlabor, Full Metal Alchemist, ONE PIECE FILM Z and Gundam IBO. Total veteran. The character designer/original lithography producer of the TV series also directed BASILISK Koga Ninja Scrolls and Afro Samurai. Good series?

Here are the first three episodes, which covers a plot point of the main party members:

  • OVA 1: Sevarr, roughly based on TV episode 2
  • OVA 2: Septia, roughly based on TV episode 3
  • OVA 3: Sui Rem, roughly based on TV episode 7


Elle and Gau

Those two are a bit unrecognizable.

TV series and OVA are a bit of a mixed bag in terms of what’s adapted and how, the background of the characters, designs, etc. For example, the comedy. Lots of comedy in manga, which is more present in the TV series, but the manga is also known for its “shounen seriousness”. When it’s Okada Megumu, everything is ink bold, including the battles. There’s a lot of emphasis on “the fanged beast Elle”, “warriorship/warrior blood”, which I think is more present in the OVA. Also, Gau is also trained severely by Elle in the TV series, like manga. Hell, I almost think she’s trying to kill him ^.^;

Sevarr, Septia, and Sui Rem, and I’m uncertain of their etymology, are titles within the SHADOW SKILL series. In this case, Sevaar (or Sevalle) is a highly ranked warrior, Elle Ragu being the 59th in succession of that title, and Gau Ban wanting to aspire to be one like his sister and the 57th Sevaar Scarface. Septia are beast hunters – that is Kyuo, who lost her grandfather; finally, Sui Rem, the talisman magic enchanters, which is Faury.

In OVA, it’s explained briefly that Gau Ban is an orphan, and he shuts himself away from Elle until the confrontation with Sui Rem Kor Icks.

King of the Moon (Tsuki no Ou) & Septia Kyou


Ohtani Ikue (C.V of Pikachu and Shota, ONE PIECE’S Tony Tony Chopper, Escaflowne’s Merle, Corpse Party’s Sachiko yes, not a lie. On that fxxxxhit) is one of my favorite voice actors ever, and she plays a little girl named Kyou, who was a member of the Phantom Beast Hunter squad. The Septia squad included her grandfather and they were all taken out by the KING OF THE MOON.

If you like chimeras, I think you’ll like the King. I appreciate what they did here. I was disappointed with the King of the Moon episode in TV version. OVA King actually puts up a fight and Kyou struggles to honor her grandfather, holding onto her chain chakrams for dear life until sunrise. OVA Kyou is a mix. She’s strong willed and a bit of a klutz, but she seems more of the latter in the TV version?

Scene where Gau and Elle meet Kyou in the bar is like manga. Gau pushes back the bullies, but I don’t think Kyou was that much of a crybaby?

Friend Dark Witch FAURY and names

 photo fiadarknmess_zpsb9uuvcdh.jpg

Sui Rem Fia Arcana: “Shadow Skill, you are deserving of my vengeance.”

You know I love revenge.

There are many weird names and titles in this series. Vai Rou and Scribe Lowingrin for example, and I could be totally wrong with their spellings. However, I like both of those characters 😉

Weirdest thing is the form of the characters names such as Faury. Her full name is “フォウリンクマイヤー・ブラズマタイザー”. Faurink Maya Plasmataizer. Subtitles describe “Plasmataizer” as a title or nickname. English dub of tv series, produced by ADV, refers to her as the “Enchanter”. Her other name was Fia Arkana or Fear Arcana (Title Kanji: 恐怖の呪符), which she used as an assassin. OVA 3 is based on her rivalry against SHADOW SKILL. According to the rules of Sui Rem, when their master dies, they must change their name and hunt down their master’s killer.

While TV series Faury looks more like a manga counterpart with the long hair, I really like this OVA version too (with bowl cut? Thinner hair?), bringing out the dark heart of Faury. It’s scary, and C.V Mizutani Yuko sounded good as bewitching, speaking a monologue about “light and darkness”.

That freakin’ Seki Tomokazu voiced Dragneel, the half-brother of Faury. The scene where they meet is equivalent to the manga. I think it’s a better image of provocation where Faury seems to struggle with the idea of fighting her friend, Elle.

I’d like to add that Faury’s Sui Rem incantations (or chant) to evoke her talismans are just great. It usually starts with her name and demanding the identity of the talisman, then the talisman talks. Probably up there with Fudou and other Yugioh characters in later series. It’s also referenced in Super Robot Wars by Excellen Browning (same C.V). I’ll bring that up another time.

フォウリンクマイヤー・ブラズマタイザーが符に問う。 答えよ。其は何ぞ
“Faurinkmaiser Plasmataizer asks of you. Answer me. Who are you?” ([name] funitou. kotae yo. sowa nanzo?)

我は炎 赤き炎 真紅に燃える赤い刃となり変わり―我が敵を裂く!!
WAGA HONOO! AKAKI HONOO! [shinkou??] ni moeru aka yaiba to nari, waga teki o saku! (I am Flame. A red flame! Change into Crimson flame of a red sword and cut enemy)

I also like “Flash” – Waga Senkou (我は閃光!). Tv series dubbed version is interesting too (Ie: “Reveal thyself!”). Although, the talisman voice is…it sounds like the Sui Rem will burn your city down. Thus, “Chewbecca Talisman”.

I’m going to have to touch on SHADOW SKILL some more with Epilogue and the TV series. There’s plenty of terms, spells and skills to talk about too!


Doggie Digest: SHADOW SKILL (obligatory Hayashibara Megumi time)



(My strike has no equal!)


Web Archive: SOTSU – SHADOW SKILL (japanese)

Encyclopedia: (Japanese)

Ragu = spaghetti sauce.

Character name with red hair = Elle Ragu

The Sevaar, or Warrior in Training, has the mightiest kick! Now here’s a literally “Ass kicking” action show/comic.

Blame Okada Megumu, who is also the creator of Saint Seiya EPISODE G, for this shounen series that I thought had to do with ninja. But the transition to the Seiya universe shouldn’t be a surprise: SHADOW SKILL is one with the “youths mature into a warrior fantasy” genre and marks Megumu’s debut. You can also expect that anorexic character design with the awesome hair.

I believe that I’m supposed to watch the four OVAs first, although retro OVAs are sometimes cursed. They may or may not deviant from the core work or/and they just leave a ton out, and the ending leaves you seemingly with a cliffhanger or just in dark despair. Also, OVAs are often compiled into “movies” when dubbed (ie: Sonic the Hedgehog, Yotoden). The manga wasn’t licensed, but OVAs and TV series were dubbed.

Titles (order, weakest first): Valle (ie: Gau Ban), High Valle, Sevaar (ie: Elle Ragu), High Sevaar.

Op & ED are cool

Today was a very rare calm down kind of day so I can’t talk much about it now.