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I know – has it been a year later? Sometimes I can crank out an article or two in a day, and sometimes I cannot. Too much to show and little time.

What are the next BEST fights?

Spoilers (ネタバレ)

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Doggie’s favorite #BLEACH fights (Part 1) #SPOILERS #ネタバレ #久保帯人

Little time, and too much you want to do.

I like rival rights, I like the outlandishly weird, I like the cunning and sneaky, and I sometimes like flashy and beautiful. Sometimes I like a good curbstomp. With long-running Japanese comic BLEACH composed by Kubo Tite (久保 帯人) having ended on an abrupt sour note, I’d like to contribute my thoughts of what might’ve been the series’ best fights. My initial idea was to do either “Top 10 fights” or just “Best characters” but it seems too much for my caliber and time. Plus, I have a bad memory…

But if it’s something kept in that said bad memory, then maybe it’s worth it!
According to Ichigo Kurosaki, the work’s main character, sometimes you got to beat some sense in others, especially your friends. Something along those lines. BLEACH was purely a shounen comic, a work that inclined to boys, with a ton of comedy and a ton of fighting. SO, let’s talk about fights.

And I swear, I swear I will put “Read more” tag on this time.

#SPOILERS #ネタバレ 

The anime ended at the Fullbringer arc, and I will talk about the arc succeeding that.

My plan is to do one or two per entry.

Fun Fact: Kubo Tite was inspired by Saint Seiya.

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