CGI #saintseiya is coming to Netflix! Doggie Sketch a Day

Saint Seiya, AKA: Knights of the Zodiac, is coming to Netflix as a new CGI series.

So, why not have a sketch a day to commemorate?

This was done today but not sure how long. Could’ve been around five minutes. Okay, so the hands/fingers are getting a bit better.



Doggie Sketch a Day – Various

Various sketches from my 9 x 6 ( x 15cm) and from different days, including today. I have a goal to make a good Gau Ban drawing in a fighting pose. Well, if I want to do a comic, I’ll have to work on poses in general.

It makes me a little frustrated to do studies. How much more will it take until it’s perfected? Until I get the right body language?


2.) fightpose2.jpg

3.) Was trying to imagine myself as a Fire Emblem character in basic armor but it didn’t work out?



5. Pretty good jab here, and a lunge.


A free acting sense? Mental Strength? Release the stress | 2015 Katsuki Masako x Shumei Doki Article (Part 1) #勝生真沙子


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller (ヘレン・ケラー)

It’s been nearly two years in the making. Matter of fact, this was hanging in my documents, incomplete, for quite some time. Real life has gotten in the way, but this is something I wanted to place a lot of effort and accuracy into. Why?

Back in September 2015, there was a program special called Shumei Doki (趣味どきっ!一声入魂!アニメ声優塾; Hobby time! Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!) hosted by multi-talent Nakagawa Shoko (AKA: SHOKOTAN) and two other guests. Each week, Shoko and these guests are assigned to a single instructor: Eight well known seiyu or voice actors. I love the majority of them, their craft indeed renowned.

What was this special about?”


番組では、魅力あるキャラを完成させるために、声優たちが声の演技に込めるもののすべてを“アニ神魂”と呼び、 単にアニメ制作現場の裏側を知るだけではなく、人生の教訓ともなる教えを学ぶ。

塾長として番組を取り仕切るのは、アニメ、漫画などに関する造詣が深く、声優としても活躍する歌手・タレントの中川翔子。 アニメと共に時代を創り上げてきた声優陣をゲスト講師として招き、“アニ神魂”を引き出していく。

Why is “that anime character” we know so attractive? The voice actors who breathe life and voice to the character, voice actors of effort and inventive idea, working behind the production, source of passion, are revealed to light.

This program, completing charming character, performance of voice actors are called “Ani god spirit”.

Lessons of life are learned.

One of the instructors, the seventh, is someone I would probably put in my TOP 10 Japanese voice actors. When it comes to females in entirety, she would probably rank in my TOP 5. I adore this person.

A sensual tone, a passionate timbre, probably a go-to-gal when you reliably want a strong female character, this person is probably best known to Westerners as the voice of NARUTO’s Fifth Hokage and Sailor Moon’s Sailor Neptune (in which was recently given to Ohara Sayaka for Sailor Moon Crystal) among a long line of credits – animation, tokusatsu, video games, dubbing, narrator, drama CDS, singing. Among her performances is her rather silly personality; she is also a VA tutor of the Tokyo Animation College in Shinjuku. There’s an impression that a “heart is straight”.

Her name is Katsuki Masako.

There are many things that I could say about this person but I should contain myself to the main topic.

In today’s age where there are live shows and music performances of seiyu, Katsuki-san’s appearance in media is quite rare. In such an opportunity, as an instructor of Shumei DOKI, she applies knowledge that is fundamental NOT just for any actor, but is also universal health advice. What to learn from “sensei”? Sensei’s advice is nothing technical or complex.

On the program, she was defined as 止まらない勝生 (tomaranai katsuki). The unstoppable Katsuki.

It’s weird because Katsuki’s theme is “freedom”: Having little preparation of getting into the part, and let the flow run free. Why is that? It’s due to the pressure. An actor’s mind should be released of pressure. Now, I will elaborate on sensei’s performance style or Katsuki-ryuu (勝生流).

This is the Refresh Style (リフレッシュ術).

心構え = 勝生流声優道
Prepation/readiness/mental atitude = Katsuki style VA path

One of the techniques to release this pressure or stress is LAUGHING! I recall her appearance on “BLEACH B STATION”, hosted by Morita Matsukazu (the C.V of Kurosaki Ichigo) and answered a question from someone regarding “being scared”

And K’s answer was “WARAE” or “to laugh!”.



Tell me advice to stand on stage.
Everyone get up!

The majority of her explanation in Shumei Doki is about a strong mentality, or there is “little matter”.

I found a hilarious photo regarding the “laughing” advice in connection to the program and I have yet to find it (and I am totally upset about it).

Using the voice

The diaphragm, which is the piece of muscle underneath your ribcage that supports your lungs and the flow of air, has an important function in breathing, thus your voice. Another important factor for your use of voice is your larynx. To put it simply, the muscles you contain in neck and chest must coordinate equally. This is necessary when singing, using the muscles in continuum.

Your vocal cords (in laryx) function by vibrating from air and making sound. Because you breathe outward while speaking, laryx goes down and your cords close. Avoid touching the back of something with tongue (or muscles). To not stray far from the point and not into science, the point is that breathing is highly important. You have a versatile voice capable of making sound, including tone change. So confidence shall be a factor in a good performance because it’s both physical and mental. Inflection is important as well; not just voice but the use of speech.

Listen to a contrabass flute of different range of “low” notes.

A mental effort is a significant factor within a performer not just for the practice and conveying for a character, but to avoid self-indulgence, and to know what to expect from such a job (ie: difficult products, criticism/ugly remarks, etc). This also includes your mistakes. Also, a confrontation of a physical and mental disorder. There should be a step-by-step patience and motivation.

Part 2 and further elaboration should come another time.

About Katsuki-san:


Eating bunny rabbit sundae | Tatakae Iczer-1 (戦え!!イクサー1) OVA

LINK: イクサー1 in sakuhin database

Oh God help.

Pronounced “ik-zah”. For some reason, I kept reading it as “Ice-ser”. Odd.

After Amazons, I go way back into that evil 80s department of darkness. Where you bend your arm, rip the flesh, and the bones sticks out with a splatter of blood?

So when animation was mostly cels, OVA releases were popular, especially for an original work or following the popularity of a comic or tv series. Thus, production cost aid and promotion, going right into the 90s. That’s just to put it in digest. I saw someone ask if this was the “first gore anime”, which was a little odd. It might be his/her first, but you’ll see some pretty creepy stuff in the classics. If there’s no gore/blood, there’s physical/mental abuse and sexual themes.

BEAST KING Golion (Americanized into VOLTRON) comes to mind, a brutal 81 show with violence and gore, and I think there’s also Ganba’s Adventure (ガンバの冒険).

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Sacrilegious Hot Mess | Kamen Rider Amazons S2 1-11 #仮面ライダーアマゾンズ

I can’t even find a joke. Nearly every episode, I feel like I’m blighted and vomited my soul out. Somehow, the violence became worse, and so did the entire situation. Even back at the end of S1, I felt like nothing was solved, despite the plot surrounding the removing the dangerous Amazons.

I think I officially fear females being writers, and funny enough, Kobayashi Yasuko is responsible, partially or fully, for OOOs, Ryuki, Gobusters, Denoh and Tokkyuger. She also participated in Attack on Titan, episodes of GEAR FIGHTER DENDOH, and many others.

If AMAZONS has cons then it’s the alternating goals of the cast and the stubbornness of 2nd season’s main character. It pretty much turns into civil war. There isn’t a black and white sense of good and evil in AMAZONS. Human morality isn’t clear as humans are in danger of a large threat, at least in Japan, and that is the threat of turning into murderous monsters and getting hunted down. In S1, we ask, or Haruka asks, if killing and eating a “former” human is okay?

As Amazons S2 nears the end, I think we’re sighing relief.

I can’t help but see Rider BLADE-Kenzaki in this Amazon Neo. Chihiro can’t fight that well though.


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More going on as there’s stars in the sky | #Kyuranger Quick Impressions #ballin

I had to do a catch up because I’m a slow poke. It’s time for Doggie Opinion: SUPER HERO TOKU TIME!


It’s the Rebellion vs JARK Matter!

A bunch of puns, a feudal era empire, and a large galaxy. Kyuranger is titled thanks to nine initial rangers, the space theme, and the use of balls. All of it means “kyu” in Japanese. So no, Sho Long, you can’t change the show’s title by any means.

I think this show is good for both fans of sentai actors and voice actors (especially Aoni). Also, an actor from a previous Kamen Rider appears.


No? Okay.

The red ranger Lucky, upon first impression, turns out to be grating. He is straight positive and impulsive as if he doesn’t have a molecule in his brain. However, I haven’t started to hate him yet. Red is always the lead-action color, and it’s like his combination with the characters makes a fine chemistry. Why? That’s one of the fine components of these fighting squadron dramas. With such an ensemble cast, there’s a lot going on.

And on the opposite side of Lucky is Naga (silver) and Stinger (orange).  Naga is so confused, he’s hilarious. Cool temperament, but uncertain where to place his emotions correctly. Once again, Silver and Gold maintains the sentai tradition of being COMPLETELY weird. Naga and Balance (Gold) are also complete contrast of each other, with the latter being the happy-go-lucky treasure hunter.

Matter of fact, majority of the characters have positive attitudes.

I really like the organic poses and fighting styles of Garu (and Kamen RIder Gemn). Garu is also voiced by Nakai Kazuya (ONE PIECE’S ZORO, Gintama’s Hijikata, Aldnoah’s Koichiro), he seems to always play a blue dude and a complete gangster.

So gangster that he has a Hiroshima dialect that I’m trying to pick up. It’s there. Not sure why Nakai plays those guys when he’s from Kobe. Garu and Gaomon! They’re not trying at all, huh?


C.V Kamiya Hiroshi, Toei/Aoni’s poster boy (or one of them) voices the supreme commander of the Rebellion, Sho LongPun. With his intelligent voice, the role works in sounding “older”. Strangely, he isn’t always consistent with the “old man” sound and the familiar “young man” sound.

Never thought of Kamiya Hiroshi in having a “boy sound”. Intelligent (and glasses are often a factor) and somewhat repressed sound, and also incompetent or orthodox. As a combination, Shou Lonpung turns out to be an usual Kamiya character that’s conflicting with another figure of the cast. In this case, the other figure is everyone. Straight-man partially, then comedic in another. So, Sho is kind of a headache?


The Rebellion is making me despair!

HiroC voices not only Minamoto Koji (Digimon Frontier) and Terra Arde from Gundam 00, but Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei . There’s too many character to talk about really. He also does the insert song in episode 9.

Hammy and Raptor are the squad girls and pleasant amidst this clown tent. M.A.O (Aka: Gokai Yellow) is expanding her VA career, currently appearing as Navirou in MONSTER HUNTER RIDE ON and was Julietta in Gundam Iron Blood Orphans.

Champ, Bull Black, is Otsuka Akio! Surprisingly, he gets the hero role as a stubborn robot bull that was a wrestler. Not mule, a bull. We also have Ono Yuuki as Balance.

Again, I enjoy the puns. Virtually everyone’s names are somehow connected to their respective constellation or some specialty or theme. For example:

  • Raptor – Aquila (bird of prey)
  • Naga  – Snake (Ophiuchus)
  • Balance – Libra/Scales
  • Spada – Sword/Blade (Dorado. His cooking skill. Also represented as swordfish)
  • Long Pung – Dragon. Long means “Dragon”; I think Pung is either the same or storm?

I am uncertain of Hammy.

The enemy also have puns in their ever-confusing names, and are ranked like in Feudal Japan. The Kyurangers spend most of their time fighting magistrates (daikarn; big Khan). By the way, the Khans carry this Inrō-like small box item that shows their rank, also makes them big, and calls their towers.


In my opinion, the Seizabracer (“SAY THE BRACER”) is one of the best things about this show.  I fell in love with it on the first ep and it looks nice. However, it’s kind of big on the wrist and the Kyurangers have to hold this bar in their hands the whole time. I often wonder if it’s uncomfortable. Voice is Kimura Subaru, who has a thick voice, but sounds perfectly dramatic. He’s the CURRENT voice of Jian in Doraemon and has been expanding his voice roles. Apparently he ‘s a big fan of Tokusatsu.

Say the Attack! GALAXY@

Japan VA General Election #声優総選挙2017


Not a hate entry. I am tired and wet from both snow and rain.

In a nutshell: “In Japan, 200 voice overs select Best 25 of their own”. Again, and again, and again.

The acting and voice acting industry is very argumentative, and it’s a big case in Japanese anime.

If I saw that “Miyano Mamoru” was the best then I’d probably find it asinine. But it turns out that Yamadera Koichi (AKA: YAMA-CHAN) was, at least, twice elected as the “#1 voice actor”. You’d probably expect to see Kamiya Hiroshi, Kaji Yuki, Hanae Natsuki, Sakurai Takahiro, etc. Wait for the Seiyu Awards for that.

The majority of this industry’s new members are fans of anime and games, especially voice actors, longing to be a certain someone. Examples are Furukawa Makoto, Natsuki Hanae, Toyoguchi Megumi, and Ikoma Rina, who has recently caused a bit of a controversy from her reaction to this list.

I see lamentable comments such as “who are they?” Matter of fact, if you’re not well-known and retire, it gives someone the opportunity to say “So what?” or “You suck”.

If you don’t know these 25 names, then I think you need to watch more anime or pay attention, or just be patient, or just be a little curious. Like I said in a previous entry, there is a range of 300 – 700 notable [named] voice overs. Entirely, over 4,000; the program showing this election seems to suggest over 6,000.

With that said, counting 25 is pretty unfair as everyone has a opinion on who should rank where. Still, I cannot undervalue their cultural importance.


It’s crazy that I know all of them. The majority of these 25, especially Nozawa Masako, Shibata Hidekazu, and Nakao Ryuusei serve as a foundation for animation.

It’s a bizarre feeling. I’m happy, but at the same time, there’s this feeling of something being out of place. For once, I don’t see Kamiya Hiroshi; I always see Furukawa Toshio as a top ranked voice actor with a top ranked character (ie: Piccolo, Asuma). I always see the Lupin cast, I always see Oyama Nobuyo (Doremon), ONE PIECE, TOUCH, etc.

It’s not a feeling of disappointment. Maybe it’s something that conflicts with questioning or argument. One of the biggest names in anime is Midorikawa Hikaru, thanks to SLAM DUNK and Gundam series, and he is not on this list. If the voice overs work together so often, this is their answer as to who the best are? Which reminds me, again, how I hear that the VA senpai rarely work with the VA kouhai (senior-junior in workplace) .

So, we have very big veteran list.

To be honest, I was very surprised to see Suwabe Junichi, Sakakibara Yoshiko (finally!), and Fujiwara Keiji (I’m really nervous now)! Sawashiro Miyuki, the youngest in this ranking, is in Lupin III; the majority of the Lupin cast, old and new, are always mentioned in these popularity lists. I think it’s a crime to put her in TOP 5 or higher than Seki Tomokazu. In comparison to the rest of the picks, it, again, feels out of place. I see a ton of Aoni voice overs too.

Just a random ramble to get out of the body.

Yamadera Kouichi has the honor of playing whoever, including a rival, a main character, and a major-main antagonist.

Tobita Nobuo should get an honorable mention.