7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 1)

So I have two entries in mind sooner or later: Top Mecha show rivals and this, which is anime shows that make me cry.

I always wondered myself since I covered a topic on a poll about gundam shows that make people cry. It was nice to make me reflect, so I wanted to do it more. What made me cry in the past? I can definitely say Disney movies and animal deaths in cinema immediately, also sappy soundtracks fitted at perfect moments.

Can I even remember? Did I find it difficult to cry?

Due to time, I’m splitting into maybe two or three parts. Also, these are not in order.

Some SPOILERS (ネタバレ) warning. Not necessarily now.

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Cute as a Button | Comic Review of @AdrianandBlaze Vol 1 (Part 1) + Sketch a Day


Twitter: @AdrianandBlaze
Official Wiki: Adrian_and_Blaze_Wiki
Tumblr: AD&BL Tumblr

You can buy A&B VOL. 1 at Lulu.com.


Adrian the pug and Blaze the German shepherd are two adorable pups living in the same neighborhood. They live separate lives and come from different backgrounds, but they’re the best of friends. When impressionable housedog Adrian joins a mischievous stray for a run around the city, he and his companion are captured by the pound. What follows is a day full of perilous adventure, an epic rescue, and a simple escape plan. Both heroes make plenty of friends, but their bond is unmatched by anyone. However, with Blaze leaving to complete police dog training soon, will it last?

Last week, I was wondering how to review my books and comics better. Should I score the impact of the illustration? Comedy? Conjunction and transition? Print? Plot/Story? Because I have the intention of doing this more, especially for personal works for those who inspire to get noticed or improve, especially if it assist in a professional path. Novels, fanfiction, online comics, scripts, etc. And, I just need to read more in general. It is quite valuable. My time is still limited, so I keep using the term “Quick Impressions” and I wondered whether to just drop it. That may be 80 or 90% of the time, and I end up cranking out a few paragraphs to explain something.

Adrian & Blaze is the third comic that I’m reviewing on this WordPress site. I made remarks on a fanfic and a net novel; the other two comics are Zelda and Initial D.

Author and Illustrator Peyton Mitchell, according to her, was just in 9th grade and inspired by Balto when she made this comic. We came across each other by way of social media as we both have a love for the same series: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (銀牙 -流れ星 銀; Silver Fang: Flowing star, Gin) and its series by Takahashi Yoshihiro. Also called the “Ginga Densetsu” (銀牙伝説; silver fang legend) series. That includes Armor Fighter Gaimu; in his work,s Takahashi has a practice for making a dog the main character. You rarely see a product where the dog is the main character or very heroic these days.

I’ve been in contact with Peyton for a while, and I’m easily impressed by someone who puts determination in a neat concept. Also, we’re both fans of the Kamen Rider series, so we ended up talking to each other back and forth.

On to A&B, and Part 1 covers the first half of the first volume, meaning three chapters. The book is a hardcover and it looks short with six chapters.

Despite the fact that the illustrations has a lot of room for improvement, suitable for a child’s book and with typical mistakes in proportions, this comic is quite adorable and there is attention to detail. When I mean detail, there is for example, a rather good insight on a bad dog shelter. Also, the characters are very expressive to a humorous point, such as watching Adrian getting annoyed or shocked, such as steam coming out of his head.

April, why would you call him a lousy watchdog? ^.^; He’s a pup. April kind of looks like Peyton or maybe it’s the hair?

A&B is overall cute and I actually enjoyed it. Pey said that the story isn’t too realistic, but I don’t see much problem with it. It’s not Alfred Hitchhock and there is a story of a pup being easily influenced, a young German Shepard training in the K-9 program, and a lousy trip to the pound.

The personalities of the animals really reflect Ginga Nagare. Adrian is curious and naive, and there’s a “ward-like dog” who’s something like a prison guard or drill sergeant, and there’s Blaze’s police dog superior Maxwell. You can also tell that the author has knowledge of various dogs, and its a strong point.

I considered reading the comic to niece since she’s getting into that growing psychological point, and needs to find fun in reading.

Also, Pey recently graduated. Congratulations buddy. Class of 2017!

Thanks for the book. Keep it up.


BTW, today’s Sketch-a-day. I guess I’m not that good with dogs yet. Then again, I rushed through it for this article. Also, first time on Kamen Rider.

Bickerin’ bros show, plenty of action | GEAR Fighter DENDOH Quick Impressions ! #mecha #GEAR戦士電童

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.dendoh.net/chara/

SRW WIKI: Dendoh on SRW.Wiki

“Protect earth from the evil hands of Galfa!” SENPUU KAITEN KYAKU!

Only episodes 1 – 5. Will I finish? I can hope.

Where else can you fight mosquito or maybe hummingbirds attacking your precious earth?

This show starts up with a bit of mystery and some beautiful music.

Dendoh looks and feels 90s, especially the music, having humour and that dated animation, but it actually just crossed the bridge into the 2000s. Mechanical alien antagonists, extraterrestrial commanders, fighting large robots, upgraded powers, strength from the heart, plenty of action and comedy, Dendoh has the correct recipes.

You could consider Dendoh “Pre-Gundam SEED” as it has the same director – Fukuda Mitsuo (福田 己津央), who also worked on Cyber Formula and Gundam SEED series with his late wife Murosawa Chiaki (両澤 千晶). Among the three works, there are similarities in terms of cast and design; character designer Hisayuki Hirokazu (久行 宏和) took part in Cyber Formula’s OVA series. Mechanical Designer is Akutsu Junichi (阿久津 潤一), who has done designs for Detonator Orgun, SEED, Code Geass, Build Fighters and Cross Ange. I can’t help but see Asurada’s boosters when Dendoh uses its strongest finals attacks.

The creator of the work is Yatate Hajime (矢立 肇), a joint name for Sunrise planning staff. In the past, it was the pen name for Yamaura Eiji (山浦 栄二).

If you’re a really 90s dope, you’ll enjoy the Opening and Ending theme songs. The OP W-Infinity, a duet by Mieno Hitomi and Kageyama Hironobu, has a fine beat with a geniune 90s feel. It’s almost obligatory to put a JAM Project singer in these robot shows. That is a definite for Mieno as it turns out that she did various songs for the HAOU TAIKEI RYU KNIGHT series! My favorite being “Kaze no Tsubasa” from the OVA series. From upbeat to soft, isn’t she perfect for Dendoh?

And C.V Mitsuichi Kotono (SEED’S Murrue, CF’s Asuka, Build Fighters’s Rinko) is #1 Mom/head lady again. Also, she is in charge of narration.

The contrast between the two Dendoh pilots Hokuto and Ginga, blue boy who uses his head and red boy who puts muscle above all, is a highlight in this series. They have to work as one to get out of a troublesome situation and face Galfa. When their confidence is shaken against a strong opponent, doesn’t it make good development?

As for the Dendoh itself, it is indeed a warrior as it excels in mostly melee attacks, and combines with the Data Weapons for different attacks. It is really neat in a sense that it uses cylindrical rotors to both attack and travel. Unlike most mecha attacks, most of Dendoh’s physical strikes are named in Japanese (ie: Senpuu Kaiten Kyaku, Senkou Raijingeki, Shippu Gekisokyaku). The Data Weapons product some neat effects, and their skills are in English (ie: Fire Wall).

Of course there is the fabulous rival, Altair. We got to have them. His machine Ouga/Ogre ends up being the main character’s strongest rival once again. Even though Cyber Formula’s Ouga is a deep purple color instead of black and red. Both CF and Dendoh’s Ouga uses the same Kanji, meaning “Phoenix Fang” (凰牙).

I’d say that the show is a turn pager.

Fun Facts:
– Vega’s C.V Mitsuishi Kotono had (?) a Yamaha FZ250 Phaser motorcycle; Vega rides a motorcycle as well.

I already explained the cast has connects with the staff’s products. In the main character’s case, Ginga’s C.V Matsuoka Yoko is Cyber Formula’s Randall; Hokuto’s C.V Naomi Shindo becomes Cagalli in SEED.

Freak on Freak | Doggie’s favorite #BLEACH fights (Part 2) #SPOILERS #ネタバレ #久保帯人

Previous Articles:

I know – has it been a year later? Sometimes I can crank out an article or two in a day, and sometimes I cannot. Too much to show and little time.

What are the next BEST fights?

Spoilers (ネタバレ)

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“The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): “FLUTE 1” (PART 4)

Previous Articles:

The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei (朝倉玲) continues.

In Flute 1 (following the prologue or Flute 0), which is called “Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (黒い霧の沼の戦い), 11-year-old Flute, a boy from Sill Town, is the true hero of the Golden Stone. Now the King of Romudo acknowledges this.

Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (FLUTE 1) has forty chapters total divided into five parts, each with its own number of chapters.

Here is the 2nd part’ and its seven chapters, written in 2004: 第2章 炎の剣 (Part 2: Sword of Flame)

  • 8.水盤 (Basin)
  • 9.盗賊 (Thief)
  • 10.黒森 (Black Forest)
  • 11.炎の馬 (Horse of Flame)
  • 12.火の山 (Volcano)
  • 13.ゴブリン (Goblin)
  • 14.脱出  (Escape)

Welcome to the new part of the Black Mist saga; this is about chapter 8 to 10.

No matter what I do, I can’t make a concise summary as a read this story. I guess I’m really enjoying myself.

Flute enters his first struggle, which convinces him that he must become more skilled.

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More going on as there’s stars in the sky | #Kyuranger Quick Impressions #ballin

I had to do a catch up because I’m a slow poke. It’s time for Doggie Opinion: SUPER HERO TOKU TIME!


It’s the Rebellion vs JARK Matter!

A bunch of puns, a feudal era empire, and a large galaxy. Kyuranger is titled thanks to nine initial rangers, the space theme, and the use of balls. All of it means “kyu” in Japanese. So no, Sho Long, you can’t change the show’s title by any means.

I think this show is good for both fans of sentai actors and voice actors (especially Aoni). Also, an actor from a previous Kamen Rider appears.


No? Okay.

The red ranger Lucky, upon first impression, turns out to be grating. He is straight positive and impulsive as if he doesn’t have a molecule in his brain. However, I haven’t started to hate him yet. Red is always the lead-action color, and it’s like his combination with the characters makes a fine chemistry. Why? That’s one of the fine components of these fighting squadron dramas. With such an ensemble cast, there’s a lot going on.

And on the opposite side of Lucky is Naga (silver) and Stinger (orange).  Naga is so confused, he’s hilarious. Cool temperament, but uncertain where to place his emotions correctly. Once again, Silver and Gold maintains the sentai tradition of being COMPLETELY weird. Naga and Balance (Gold) are also complete contrast of each other, with the latter being the happy-go-lucky treasure hunter.

Matter of fact, majority of the characters have positive attitudes.

I really like the organic poses and fighting styles of Garu (and Kamen RIder Gemn). Garu is also voiced by Nakai Kazuya (ONE PIECE’S ZORO, Gintama’s Hijikata, Aldnoah’s Koichiro), he seems to always play a blue dude and a complete gangster.

So gangster that he has a Hiroshima dialect that I’m trying to pick up. It’s there. Not sure why Nakai plays those guys when he’s from Kobe. Garu and Gaomon! They’re not trying at all, huh?


C.V Kamiya Hiroshi, Toei/Aoni’s poster boy (or one of them) voices the supreme commander of the Rebellion, Sho LongPun. With his intelligent voice, the role works in sounding “older”. Strangely, he isn’t always consistent with the “old man” sound and the familiar “young man” sound.

Never thought of Kamiya Hiroshi in having a “boy sound”. Intelligent (and glasses are often a factor) and somewhat repressed sound, and also incompetent or orthodox. As a combination, Shou Lonpung turns out to be an usual Kamiya character that’s conflicting with another figure of the cast. In this case, the other figure is everyone. Straight-man partially, then comedic in another. So, Sho is kind of a headache?


The Rebellion is making me despair!

HiroC voices not only Minamoto Koji (Digimon Frontier) and Terra Arde from Gundam 00, but Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei . There’s too many character to talk about really. He also does the insert song in episode 9.

Hammy and Raptor are the squad girls and pleasant amidst this clown tent. M.A.O (Aka: Gokai Yellow) is expanding her VA career, currently appearing as Navirou in MONSTER HUNTER RIDE ON and was Julietta in Gundam Iron Blood Orphans.

Champ, Bull Black, is Otsuka Akio! Surprisingly, he gets the hero role as a stubborn robot bull that was a wrestler. Not mule, a bull. We also have Ono Yuuki as Balance.

Again, I enjoy the puns. Virtually everyone’s names are somehow connected to their respective constellation or some specialty or theme. For example:

  • Raptor – Aquila (bird of prey)
  • Naga  – Snake (Ophiuchus)
  • Balance – Libra/Scales
  • Spada – Sword/Blade (Dorado. His cooking skill. Also represented as swordfish)
  • Long Pung – Dragon. Long means “Dragon”; I think Pung is either the same or storm?

I am uncertain of Hammy.

The enemy also have puns in their ever-confusing names, and are ranked like in Feudal Japan. The Kyurangers spend most of their time fighting magistrates (daikarn; big Khan). By the way, the Khans carry this Inrō-like small box item that shows their rank, also makes them big, and calls their towers.


In my opinion, the Seizabracer (“SAY THE BRACER”) is one of the best things about this show.  I fell in love with it on the first ep and it looks nice. However, it’s kind of big on the wrist and the Kyurangers have to hold this bar in their hands the whole time. I often wonder if it’s uncomfortable. Voice is Kimura Subaru, who has a thick voice, but sounds perfectly dramatic. He’s the CURRENT voice of Jian in Doraemon and has been expanding his voice roles. Apparently he ‘s a big fan of Tokusatsu.

Say the Attack! GALAXY@

Robots, fairies, and mallets! | Doggie Highlight – Game Company Edelweiss (えーでるわいす)

The name means “Elegant White” in German, the name of a European mountain flower. That is called Leontopodium alpinum.

Edelweiss (Hiragana: えーでるわいす; ederuwaisu) is a game company that brings you fancy shooters and action games such as Ether Vapor (エーテルヴェイパー) and Astebreed. It is a good follow up of the previous entry regarding Okamto Maya’s sci-fi concept CD. There is also Fairy Bloom, which you fight to protect the flowers from pests before they sprout.

Their products are the following:

花咲か妖精 stands for hanasaki ka yousei (lit: flower blooming fairy).

Here’s a trailer for Astebreed for the PS4:

The next project is Sakuna (仮), where the main character seems to be a Japanese youth from the farmer class. He or she uses the scarf and a kneading hammer (mallet; 杵) to attack. The Kanji stands for “temporary.”

Sakuna trailer from C91 (comicMarket):

Edelweiss is considered a doujin game creator, which is independent.

PV for Freesia: