8 Great Rivals from the Robot Japanese anime genre (Part 1)

So, I’m doing an article called 7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry, and this was the second idea that I had on the same day. At first, I wanted to add in video games, calling it “rivals from games and anime” but I felt like it would require more time as I can only think of a few. Plus, the term “robot genre” isn’t that loose. You may think Megaman (and MMX series, you can drive robots) or you may think a military drama or a space-sci-fi like ZONE OF THE ENDERS.

In Japanese anime, or rather internationally, if the primary function of battle is using a robot, especially to protect or defeat something then this is what I’m putting focus on. In most cases, there is an extraterrestrial setting or war ends up in space. Therefore, the article is about not about the main character of a show in this genre, but rather the rivals that oppose them stubbornly.

Also, it is very important to me that this rival is in battle with the protagonist in more than one or two occasions.

Let’s start. No spoilers and in no particular order.


HAOU TAIKEI RYU KNIGHT (覇王大系リューナイト; high king history RYU KNIGHT)

Galden is THE RIVAL of Ryu Knight TV Series and the pilot of Dark Knight Steru. While Aduu Waltham trains to be a knight, gathering a group of friends from various adventures, they meet up a really troublesome fellow in dark armor. He’s at the pinnacle of rivalry, crossing swords with Adeu and his friends, increasing his strength (And vengeance), evening putting the hero group in a very desperate, near-death corner at one point. This is through the majority of the 1st half and even a part of the 2nd half.

Galden’s C.V is Tsujitani Koji, so we have nobility and gentleman with perfection. Galden made the show entertaining with his sense of pride.

The robots in this series are called “Ryu” and I’ll leave out of the spoilers of their significance. They are considered magical and function as “Super robots” of different variety. As Galden drives a black knight Ryu swordsman and Adeu drives a white knight Ryu swordsman, isn’t it perfect?

Photo of MACROSS ZERO Vol 4. From bandaivisual.

Nora Polyansky
Calling the Variable Fighters or VFs “robots” might be pushing it a bit. It is a machine, it does transform into a “battroid” human-like form; real and super robots can transform, and the VFs are included in video games based on robots such as Super Robot Taisen and Another Century’s Episode.

The lover of D.D, and with a magnificent C.V, the ever-so-fun Takayama Minami, Nora is the pilot of a red SV-51γ (Gamma). The gamma is used for ace pilots; SF might mean “Space Variable” in reference to the first Macross ship the SDF-1 (ASS-1), as the SV followed after the variable fighter prototype. Nora’s battles with Shin Kudoh are highlights in ZERO, but then again, when are the dogfights aren’t? The first battle completely shows the difference in technology and ability of both pilots and their machines (VF vs a naval F-14), and lays the setting of Zero. The second is similar, even with Shin’s new machine, and the third shows Shin’s guts facing desperation. Whether it’s her hate for the Earth forces or she’s just plain cold, Nora took a liking in facing Shin.

You’re probably wondering – why not Isamu and Guld in Macross Plus? They are the main protagonists and are actually friends even with a strained past. Their affiliations are the same as well; it is more of a rivalry between the significance of man and machine. Only on one occasion has their rivalry became personal.


7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 1)

So I have two entries in mind sooner or later: Top Mecha show rivals and this, which is anime shows that make me cry.

I always wondered myself since I covered a topic on a poll about gundam shows that make people cry. It was nice to make me reflect, so I wanted to do it more. What made me cry in the past? I can definitely say Disney movies and animal deaths in cinema immediately, also sappy soundtracks fitted at perfect moments.

Can I even remember? Did I find it difficult to cry?

Due to time, I’m splitting into maybe two or three parts. Also, these are not in order.

Some SPOILERS (ネタバレ) warning. Not necessarily now.

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Hot eyes! WET TEARS! Poll shows #1 #Gundam Series that makes you cry #機動戦士ガンダム #ネタバレ

OFFICAL LINK: GOO RAKING: TEAR DUCT EXPLOSION: #1 Gundam Series that makes you cry

Nico Nico News article on same ranking


Hooray, a new gundam article. I’ve seen a few polls on Goo about gundam as it is, such as “worst female character” and “the gundam you’d wish to pilot”. Maybe I’ll cover those one day since they’re interesting. Now, this time, this is about the gundam series that makes you cry.

Indeed, a series with a tradition of war. According to GOO Raking, these are the top three crybaby gundams:

1位 機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ (Iron Blooded Orphans)
2位 機動戦士ガンダム (0079’s gundam)
3位 機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争 (0080 War in Pocket)

4 and lower are listed on Goo.

SPOILERS (ネタバレ)! GO!

I’ll try not to reveal too much, but there are thoughts here and there. So here are spoilers for ORPHANS, Gundam X, Gundam AGE, IGLOO 1 & 2, 0080 War in Pocket, STARDUST MEMORY, 0079 (1st Gen), G_RECO, Z Gundam, and 00 (Double O; TV series and movie.

I love everyone’s opinions on NicoNicoDouga. They seem to like IGLOO.

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A 90s idea? Okamoto Maya x Asamiya Kia Concept CD Raijin Hachisei ZARAM @femmefatale_kaz @maya_pan0203

Voice actress Okamoto Maya released a concept CD of her fictitious anime “Raijin Hachi ZARAM”. What does that mean? It’s basically an independent production in the form of a CD, rendering the idea of a hit 90s sci-fi anime.

Illustration/Key Visual is by Asamiya Kia (麻宮騎亜) of STUDIO TRON, who’s in charge of illustrations for sci-fi Shinseiki Vagrants (神星記ヴァグランツ), Space Battleship YAMATO 2199 movie, Martian Successor Nadesico manga, Batman Child of Dreams, and Silent Mobius. She also does the genga (key animation used for replication) and moving scenes for anime works such as Naucisca, Z Gundam, and Lupin The 3rd Part 3. Character design for Sonic Soldier Borgman, Zeorymer, and Detonator Orgun. She also works on creature design for KAMEN RIDER FOURZE and was animation director for Shurato (OM SOWA!). Check out @kia_asamiya on Twitter and her above website.

First sight, and I immediately liked the key visual.

About the Work

NEWS WALKER: “Concept anime is group performance staged in Earth and Mars. Okamoto Maya’s self-made plan interview”

Part 2 of Interview

She provides the voice of Emma Sheen from Z Gundam (where she was 17 years old), Haruka Minato of Nadesico, Soretta of SAKURA TAISEN and Saiko Yuki Silent Mobius, among many others. She “retired” for a while, dedicating time to singing and overseas dubbing, even going to New York. (Source: Wikipedia). She is a member of talent office NEVERLAND ARTS Co.,Ltd., being one of its few “voice actors”.

Emma Sheen plays the clear minded role of the AEUG (united earth faction), having defected from the TITANS due to their brutal methods. If I could explain Okamoto’s voice quality, it’s “chirpy” with a bit of an adult-sister feeling.

Full title of this project is “The Eight Thunder Gods ZARAM -bFemme Fatale – Girl of Fate.” (雷神八系-ZANAM- ファム・ファタール 運命の女). If ever produced as an anime, the idea for it to be a 52 ep series with the image of a contemporary 90s anime. For starters, there’s the theme RISE AND FALL, which Okamoto sings. In this work, she is the character Kanon J (Jeanne d’Arc) Kusanagi.

Okamoto, in the above interview, states that the main song wouldn’t have a simple theme such as “good and evil” or “light and darkness”. Also, not “fire” and “water”; it is difficult to distinguish. There is a mention of “Wind” and the eight thunder gods as a part of the “anime”‘s concept.




“Glance of a Battle on Earth, battle on mars, and possibly a third power”.

The official website of ZARAM provides information on an official CD and radio show that Okamoto hosts, receiving questions via e-mail. The show is called 岡本麻弥のラジオDEファム・ファタール. (Okamoto Maya’s radio DE Femme Fatale)

The CD contains 2 songs + short drama “Blueness Star” for 2,000 yen. Then, there was a music event at M3 [media mix doujishi exhibition] back in April. Here are the CD Contents:

M1.「Rise and Fall」
(”架空”TVアニメ『雷神八系- ZANAM- ファム・ファタール 運命の女』主題歌)
歌 : 岡本麻弥 作詞 : RUCCA 作曲/編曲 : 加藤慶

Main theme. M1 “Rise and Fall.”
Song: Okamoto Maya
Lyrics: RUCCA
Composition/Arrangement: Katoh-san

M2.ショートドラマ 第0話「星の蒼さ」 (脚本 : 岡本麻弥)
カノン・J・草薙 : 岡本麻弥 / シャンテル・シャルマ : 新井笙子 /
チミー・神山・テンジン : 徳本英一郎 / ナレーション : バロン山崎

M.2 is a short drama called “A more blue star.” (blueness?) Original idea is Okamoto. Cast:
Kanon J Kusanagi: Okamoto Maya
Shantel Saruuma : Arai Shoko
Chimi Kamiyama Tenzin: Tokumoto Eiichiro (NEVERLAND ARTS)
Narrator: Baron Yamazaki (NEVERLAND ARTS)

(”架空”TVアニメ『雷神八系- ZANAM- ファム・ファタール 運命の女』劇)
歌 : 岡本麻弥 作詞 : 岡本麻弥 作曲/編曲 : 加藤慶

M.3: KAZE NO OTO (Song of Wind)
Song/lyrics: Okamoto Maya
Composition/Arrangement: Katoh-san [possibly Kyo]

You can hear a piece of KAZE NO OTO on the radio show. Sounds like it’s 90s bridging into 2000s. I can’t find Rise & Fall.

∪^ェ^∪ | Doggie’s Thoughts | ∪^ェ^∪

Good luck in your efforts Okamoto and everyone else! ❤ This is unique and I am always into these bots. Like she said, it is “wishful thinking”: 50 episode anime, participating with a 90s cast, and so on (source: interview). It could be foolish, but an idea can only sprout into something interesting. That’s the whole point of arts. Because there was someone, aside from Okamoto, who contained the feeling of wanting to see an animation that contained the essence of 1990s.”

If 90s is what she looks for, I wouldn’t mind Katsuki Masako as a fierce rival. Hayashibara Megumi could also be that or the evil Mars empress (lol). I can also imagine Ueda Yuji, Yasunori Matsumoto, and Seki Tomokazu. Okamoto mentions that even she would like for the project to be something for a young voice actor to participate in.

I will keep an eye on this project and provide more updates. I’m a bit too busy to catch anything from the radio show, if I can catch any familiar Japanese that is (^.;), but we’ll see. Next time, I’ll look over that interview a bit more.

52 episodes? If anything, I couldn’t mind a cheap budget show even with a freeze frame, akin to an older video game for cutscenes.

Check out another original mecha audio drama “Chou Onisei ZEA VIDE” (超鬼兵ジーヴァイド). It’s OP is Z TOGETHER. ZEA VIDE

Doggie Highlight – Musician Hano Seiji (羽野誠司)

Link: Hano’s website

How to explain this guy’s style?

“A traditional Japanese with violin”. Or rather, a “storyteller of music”. That is what you call Utagatari (歌語り). Take the thrums of the string instrument for example. Hano debuted in 1978, learned piano in his child days and then moved to guitar, which I confused with a violin I guess.

A couple of his favorite artists are Debussy, Bartok (violin concerto specialist), and Takemitsu Toru. Hobbies are photography (写真)、reading (読書)、traveling (旅)、performance appreciation (演芸鑑賞)、and kabuki (歌舞伎も). He likes jazz and pop, favoring artists like Pat Metheny and Baden Powell.

Check out Hano’s photo collection and music collection. For the latter, the songs contain a theme such as recitation, anime, nature, and story. This is a song for the concept anime Sanada Gunden, produced by Bungyoso (3×3 Eyes, Macross F).

Participated in the music of Musashi Ninpouden Ninja Reppu. A TV drama based on Saitama prefecture’s local tokusatsu hero. Musashi was the former name of Saitama Prefecture. Check out the Twitter account @ninja_reppu for more.

He also participated in the soundtrack of YOTODEN (妖刀伝; supernatural sword story) OVA series. Internationally titled “Wrath of Ninja” series. Also, insert music for the short toku series “Shinraku bishoujo Mami (侵略美少女ミリ; invading pretty girl Mami).

Matter of fact, it was Yotoden that made me think “violin” or “cello”. Heavy strings. Yotoden became popular and the soundtrack became a hit on Oricon charts (Hano’s profile). I agree. It has great music! Check it out by all means.

Other works:
Tsugumi e (つぐみへ)
Yokashi Banashi (妖かしばなし) – 2017 Horror tokusatsu
Sangokushi/Three Kingdoms (三國志)

Trailer for Yokashi.

Doggie had a Q&A and forgot (Part 1) #SAO #horror #Pokemon

Amidst my self-centered, unnecessary distress over social life and being noticed, and the drag of weekend education crunchtimes, I forgot that I made a failed attempt on Youtube. I had a few Q&As with a few subscribers, and I do mean few, but I was glad to do it. However, I don’t do videos anymore. I went back to grab the questions so that I could post the answers on my blog — about a year later.

Here they are:

  1. What’s your take on directors remaking classic horror films, rather than coming up with something original?
  2. If the pokemon games were to be rebooted, what would you like to see in the reboot?
  3. Would you like to see an open world game, inspired by sword art online? Similar to Skyrim or Fallout in terms of open world.
  4. What’s your favorite mecha anime?
  5. what’s your favorite and least favorite Nintendo game/franchise?
  6. how old are you? you always make me feel old lol (I know it’s rude to ask a woman of her age so you don’t have to answer)

Doggie’s Answers:

1.) What’s your take on directors remaking classic horror films, rather than coming up with something original?

Adapt means to fit for a new use.

Since it’s 2017, we’re seeing, and have seen, many remakes from remarkable classics such as Friday the 13th, It (from TV series  that adapts a novel), PSYCHO, Poltergeist, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre tagging along reboots of past movies. Apparently they’ll be a John Carpenter Halloween reboot. It seems commercial to introduce to the latest generation, embellishing with CGI.

I honestly appreciate that there’s a group of people who still have a passion for this genre. Of course, that passion is taken advantage of for commercial success, because we know of its past success, such as Transformers, Dragonball, and TMNT (yes, those aren’t horror), despite how they turn out as a final product. This is the effect of pop culture.

It’s difficult for me to express what I think of these reboots. Horror/thrillers were always corny, and its maintained through the years. From bone breaks to decapitation, the violence is more or less the same. Same with soundtrack. However, soundtrack/sound effects and makeup effects are very important and stimulate our emotions, from making us guess on what will happen next to churning our stomachs, creating a thrill. I think the deaths are getting more digital, and maybe more simplified or a little difficult to see (looming in background?). Hard to explain.

Compare werewolf transformations in The Howling or “American Werewolf in London” to 2010’s The Wolfman.

Trailers are meant to be thrilling. I liked the “If (2017)” trailer but that’s probably as far at it will go.

2.) If the pokemon games were to be rebooted, what would you like to see in the reboot?

As of 2017, it looks like we’re on the way of going towards that route as it is! Red/Blue/Green, Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire were all rebooted, and I hate admitting it, I have yet to play either. There really isn’t much to reboot yet since after Ruby/Sapphire there’s Diamond/Pearl (already a hint?) and Black and White series. X&Y are still sold in retail (I might get Y this year).

I guess I wouldn’t mind a new Pokemon Snap since the number of PKMN has expanded? For mobile for example? Would it work well in conjunction with the release and update of GO? The sit-down version of GO I’d say.

3.) Would you like to see an open world game, inspired by sword art online? Similar to Skyrim or Fallout in terms of open world.

I should’ve asked if he especially meant real life just to be super extra sure. Didn’t a maniac create SAO?. Seems like it since SAO is mentioned.

If you meant real life, then absolutely not. I think every player knows the woes of MMO gaming, especially when combat is involved. Even in SAO, we had players killing players for fun. In fantasy, such as dark souls, I’d cower against zombies, demons and dragons; in sci-fi, I’m afraid of slimy fanged aliens (ie: DEAD SPACE). I’d be like Kirito and grind like crazy (and I’m not much of a party person either). There is this selective process for party players. You have to be strong. Strong or casual.

If you meant game wise: Looks like we may get there with the development of VR systems. In other words, a game where we interact with motion sensors in a gigantic digital world. But I can imagine it being very glitch ridden. Matter of fact, it looks like OW is the ideal success for games these days. I don’t mind it at all. If I can just get my hands on Breath of the Wild. Who doesn’t like travel?

You’re not human if you don’t cry | About #BravePoliceJDecker #勇者警察ジェイデッカー #勇者シリーズ


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.yusha.net/jdecker/index.html

Brave Police J-Decker is the fifth installment of SUNRINE’s Brave Series, proceeding Might Gaine. The only one licensed in America is Gaogaigar.

These are my quick impressions after watching episodes 1-4.

I’m not trying to wire my brain into liking 90s shows, I swear. About ten minutes into the first ep, you want to cry. Today, many light novels are being adapted; their themes can be flexible and unpredictable, such as a dead/ageless person being a main character, or being able to see/fight ghosts, or the presence of summoning magic or alchemy in modern world.

Back in the 80-90s, a major general course for anime were sword and sorcery, sports, and various kinds of robots. Especially robots with human like personalities, thanks to SUNRISE and the sustained popularity of gundam. While near-future themes is still rooted in decades long products, these human-to-AI shows have a lot of heart.

And the show is about Deckard “having a heart”.

Tominaga Yuuta is a 4th grader who befriended a robot detective named Deckard, who is assigned to metro police dept’s “BRAVE POLICE”. They’ve known each other for six months as Deckard was still under construction. As they interact, Deckard’s AI memory would learn from Yuuta, from speech to actions. One of the cutest scenes in the first ep is Deckard trying out his space police introduction pose. It turns out that this interaction made Deckard function better in his duties.

This series, and even the sister series of ELDRAN (produced with Takara Tomy/Tomy) has a squad-tokusatsu feel to them. Each of the protagonist robots has some effective function when combining together, creating variability for different situations. With Eldran, the motifs are animals and dinosaurs.

J-Decker also has its comedy.


A couple of the Brave Series’s main characters has the Kanji for courage(勇) in their name. For example, Yuuta and Yuuichiro. Yuuta’s full name is apparently from the phrase “Tomo yo nagaku ki o futoku toiu kotoba ni yurai suru” (気をく という言葉に由来する。) Or it’s just “tomo yo nagaku yuki o futoku” because the rest of it says “It’s said to derive from [this].

Roughly the above phrase means something like “A long-time courageous friend.” Suitable enough. The “futo” in “futoku” can also be read as “ta” or “tai“, meaning “big” or “spread out”.

Kawasaki Hiroyuki (川崎 ヒロユキ) was in charge of Series Composition. He also did Godannar, Battle Betterman, and the film SINBAD. he’s also one of the script writers of GUNDAM X; I actually see a comparison between Yuuta and Garrod.

THE OP of Brave Police Dekcard is HEART TO HEART, sang by Kuwata Yasuko.

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