Black Lion FujiKei | 7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 2)

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It was genuine tears.

If anyone has read or watched Hajime no Ippo, you know that there are some significantly strong rivals that Ippo had to face. Miyata, Sendo, Vorg, and Mashiba are among a few.

One of the seniors of the Kamogawa gym, a junior light weight (AKA: Super feather weight), Kimura Tatsuya had a rough school life with his pal Aoki and was inspired to train in boxing. Within this sport, this “ex-thug” also had to face challenges unlike before.

The OVA “Kimura vs Mashiba: Execution” (はじめの一歩 間柴vs木村 死刑執行) is beautiful in and out. You would do yourself a disservice if you don’t watch this after the first TV series. Despite being a veteran, Kimura Tatsuya is a total human being. You wouldn’t see him much as a competent boxer considering the spotlight has been on Ippo. Also, Kimura and Aoki has had risen through the ranks. When Kimura realized that he had to fight Mashiba,, he had insecurities and started comparing himself to Miyata and Ippo, well-known fighters. Not to mention, Mashiba is quite known for being terrifying, and sending boxers into retirement.

The OVA also teaches you that you can have ups and downs, and you can teach yourself new tricks.

The C.V of Kimura is FUJIWARA KEIJI, who has been on a rather long hiatus for medical reasons, and has finally returned. I am quite happy as I was floored by his Kimura. I’m quite glad actually, since he plays a lot of goofy and rough guys, but there’s a complete concept of humanity within Kimura that can be praised, different from Fujiwara’s Leorio, ACDC (Esedesi), Holland (Who is great too), Axel and Reno, etc.

Hajime No Ippo has an ensemble cast of characters, many men of different backgrounds and personalities. I recommend it even though I am not a boxing fan.

Hiroshi, take it easy. Don’t hop back in too quickly.

Cute as a Button | Comic Review of @AdrianandBlaze Vol 1 (Part 1) + Sketch a Day


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You can buy A&B VOL. 1 at


Adrian the pug and Blaze the German shepherd are two adorable pups living in the same neighborhood. They live separate lives and come from different backgrounds, but they’re the best of friends. When impressionable housedog Adrian joins a mischievous stray for a run around the city, he and his companion are captured by the pound. What follows is a day full of perilous adventure, an epic rescue, and a simple escape plan. Both heroes make plenty of friends, but their bond is unmatched by anyone. However, with Blaze leaving to complete police dog training soon, will it last?

Last week, I was wondering how to review my books and comics better. Should I score the impact of the illustration? Comedy? Conjunction and transition? Print? Plot/Story? Because I have the intention of doing this more, especially for personal works for those who inspire to get noticed or improve, especially if it assist in a professional path. Novels, fanfiction, online comics, scripts, etc. And, I just need to read more in general. It is quite valuable. My time is still limited, so I keep using the term “Quick Impressions” and I wondered whether to just drop it. That may be 80 or 90% of the time, and I end up cranking out a few paragraphs to explain something.

Adrian & Blaze is the third comic that I’m reviewing on this WordPress site. I made remarks on a fanfic and a net novel; the other two comics are Zelda and Initial D.

Author and Illustrator Peyton Mitchell, according to her, was just in 9th grade and inspired by Balto when she made this comic. We came across each other by way of social media as we both have a love for the same series: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (銀牙 -流れ星 銀; Silver Fang: Flowing star, Gin) and its series by Takahashi Yoshihiro. Also called the “Ginga Densetsu” (銀牙伝説; silver fang legend) series. That includes Armor Fighter Gaimu; in his work,s Takahashi has a practice for making a dog the main character. You rarely see a product where the dog is the main character or very heroic these days.

I’ve been in contact with Peyton for a while, and I’m easily impressed by someone who puts determination in a neat concept. Also, we’re both fans of the Kamen Rider series, so we ended up talking to each other back and forth.

On to A&B, and Part 1 covers the first half of the first volume, meaning three chapters. The book is a hardcover and it looks short with six chapters.

Despite the fact that the illustrations has a lot of room for improvement, suitable for a child’s book and with typical mistakes in proportions, this comic is quite adorable and there is attention to detail. When I mean detail, there is for example, a rather good insight on a bad dog shelter. Also, the characters are very expressive to a humorous point, such as watching Adrian getting annoyed or shocked, such as steam coming out of his head.

April, why would you call him a lousy watchdog? ^.^; He’s a pup. April kind of looks like Peyton or maybe it’s the hair?

A&B is overall cute and I actually enjoyed it. Pey said that the story isn’t too realistic, but I don’t see much problem with it. It’s not Alfred Hitchhock and there is a story of a pup being easily influenced, a young German Shepard training in the K-9 program, and a lousy trip to the pound.

The personalities of the animals really reflect Ginga Nagare. Adrian is curious and naive, and there’s a “ward-like dog” who’s something like a prison guard or drill sergeant, and there’s Blaze’s police dog superior Maxwell. You can also tell that the author has knowledge of various dogs, and its a strong point.

I considered reading the comic to niece since she’s getting into that growing psychological point, and needs to find fun in reading.

Also, Pey recently graduated. Congratulations buddy. Class of 2017!

Thanks for the book. Keep it up.


BTW, today’s Sketch-a-day. I guess I’m not that good with dogs yet. Then again, I rushed through it for this article. Also, first time on Kamen Rider.

Freak on Freak | Doggie’s favorite #BLEACH fights (Part 2) #SPOILERS #ネタバレ #久保帯人

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I know – has it been a year later? Sometimes I can crank out an article or two in a day, and sometimes I cannot. Too much to show and little time.

What are the next BEST fights?

Spoilers (ネタバレ)

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“The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): “FLUTE 1” (PART 4)

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The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei (朝倉玲) continues.

In Flute 1 (following the prologue or Flute 0), which is called “Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (黒い霧の沼の戦い), 11-year-old Flute, a boy from Sill Town, is the true hero of the Golden Stone. Now the King of Romudo acknowledges this.

Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (FLUTE 1) has forty chapters total divided into five parts, each with its own number of chapters.

Here is the 2nd part’ and its seven chapters, written in 2004: 第2章 炎の剣 (Part 2: Sword of Flame)

  • 8.水盤 (Basin)
  • 9.盗賊 (Thief)
  • 10.黒森 (Black Forest)
  • 11.炎の馬 (Horse of Flame)
  • 12.火の山 (Volcano)
  • 13.ゴブリン (Goblin)
  • 14.脱出  (Escape)

Welcome to the new part of the Black Mist saga; this is about chapter 8 to 10.

No matter what I do, I can’t make a concise summary as a read this story. I guess I’m really enjoying myself.

Flute enters his first struggle, which convinces him that he must become more skilled.

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Downhill or DIE! | INITIAL D Vol 1 (Part 1) #頭文字D (and a


Akagi Red Suns vs Akina Speed Stars!

This series has been on my mind for years and I couldn’t decide whether to do comic or animation first. I already had a taste of one of the intense arcade games (title eludes me), so it was just a matter of time that I’d get in the series as I seek out the one of the best motorsports series.

I bought VOLUME 1 from Barnes and Noble where the description is a little bit deceiving:

Only the fearless survive in the white-hot world of street racing, as teams take on dangerous roads in the shadow of Akina Mountain. Behind the wheel of the mysterious “Ghost of Akina” is Takumi, on his way to becoming the greatest racer ever. (Source: Barnes & Noble).

Unfortunately, thanks to cancellation, it seems that only up to the 33rd volume (out of 43) is available. Despite that, and the translation weirdness, I think that I may pick volume 2.

Due to TokyoPop and their editing “magic”, tthe character’s first names are westernized and thus, presumably simplified.

Takumi Fujiwara, despite the B&N description, turned into “Tak”; Kousuke is “Cole”; Itsuki is “Iggy”; Natsuki is “Natalie”; Takahashi brothers Ryosuke and Keisuke are Ry and K.T respectively, and so on. You can sense some closeness. For some reason, Takumi’s father Bunta retains his name. Worse thing they could’ve done was feign the setting. Locations and team names such as Red Suns are kept

Keisuke and Takumi (and I’m kind of alright with “Tak”. A little Korean but it may fit as an annoying nickname?) are in center stage as volume 1 gradually unveils the story behind the GHOST OF AKINA:

The Toyota Trueno, the A86 (the author Shigeno has one too, also named “86” or “Hachiroku”).


Earth to Takumi? Despite working at the gas station, Takumi displays having no clue about Japanese cars as this ripping racer comic has its share of comedy. Actually, Tak-Tak’s ignorance has been a recurring theme in this volume. To his benefit, these cars do have their funny number codes that takes some encyclopedic looking up on spare time. Makes me want to look up my FORD CHRONICLE. And we’re talking some old classic Japanese cars. Toyota, Nissan, Madza, Mitsubishi (in fact, Cole-Kousuke had a…run in with a Mitsubishi in Akina. No? Okay.)

In these days, we’re improving on the internal combustion engines, the use of electric energy (battery), and faster reactions of manuals. Keisuke’s Mazda car has a rotary engine that speeds up acceleration, while the Trueno works on a 4-straight cylinder.

Why Keisuke as a “center”? Because of his deep desire to take on the A86, which is an older model. You could say that’s a bit salty, but anyone desires a true challenge.

There is talk on Mazda creating a new rotary engine – as a hybird work (Auto Express U.K).

I haven’t picked up the name of Natsuki-Natalie’s boyfriend but you could immediately tell from first words that he was was total jerk that was rightfully punched.

Shigeno has a funny design for characters that I can’t explain, but it’s unique and adapted well even in the games and animation. The cars look pretty good.


Takumi vs Keisuke!

Saint Seiya Tenkai-Hen: Zeus trailer

Hakuren Studios works on Saint seiya animation based on a fanfic called “Tenkai-hen – Zeus”.

Rotten Usagi

Hakuren Studios presents the first promotional trailer for his project called “Saint Seiya Tenkai-Hen: Zeus (Prelude of Pegasus)

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This show needs Jesus | Seraph of the End 1-2 Impressions #終わりのセラフ

(c) Official Site/Yamamoto Yamato

Website: OWARI NO SERAPH.COM (Japanese)
Anime Site (Japanese)

Funny since a seraph is an angel. I was about to say “WIT STUDIO needs Jesus”, thanks to Kabaneri, Attack on Titan, and this, but I changed my mind.

The writers may be different, but there are some parallels to these shows, such as humankind facing extinction, a crisis facing Japan, undead, crisp animation, and an MC hellbent on revenge after seeing his love ones get killed.

Seraph of the End is a comic and novel series by Kagami Takaya (Densetsu no yuusha no densetsu), with an anime adaptation directed by Todo Daisuke (did some render directing for Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown). The anime has two seasons, 12 episodes each.

Enjoy seeing a kid get his hand crushed.

Long story short, I watched this around when it aired and I didn’t finish, so I’m starting again due to interest. I have to change my mind on the artistic look. Years back, I thought it wasn’t good, but it is WIT, and I can determine that its more crisp than originally thought.

Hyakuya Yuuichiro (C.V: Irino Miyu) is such a…douche. He is best described as stubborn but hides his true feelings. Due to his hatred of vampires and being sent to the orphanage by his parents, he had a rough temperament. The adults of Japan are being infected by a bizarre virus, and the Hyakuya orphanage is forced to live with the vampire nobles in an underground city. After Fareed kills the children of the orphanage, Yuuichiro escapes to the surface world of Japan and joins the demon-slaying army, aiming to become a member of the anti-vampire squad The Moon Demon Corps, led by Ichinose Guren. He makes friends despite not wanting to, and they face against the vampires.

Again, and again, Sakurai Takahiro. He is not to be trusted. He provides the C.V of Fareed, a pretty face and the killer of Yuu’s orphanage family.

And what do you mean “virgin-less”, Guren? Yuu is 16 years old, even though the age of sexual consent in Japan can be a low at 13. What a provoker that Guren. As expected from C.V Nakamura Yuchi.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of dark fantasy, especially vampires. These products keep coming up in present day as we become engrossed into the dark side. Perhaps it is a cousin of crime drama. We like what’s grotesque, we like monsters artistically, and we like death and thriller/tension. Supernatural horror with a combination of giallo.

I don’t mind vampire hunters though, and magical or hi-tech weapons, which will have a big role in the Moon Demon group. So, I say, it’s time to kill the night.


  • Good atmospheric art fitting the dark fantasy genre
  • Show’s Dark tone is composed well, especially the opening theme
  • Magical weapons; KATANAS!
  • Good cast (Irino, Sakurai, OnoKen, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, etc)
  • Awesome full dress uniforms


  • Yuichiro is a jerk. Typical MC with rebellious streak that can get him killed.
  • Syringe on kids/children in messed up situations
  • Revenge, revenge, revenge (it could be a pro if you’re into it, but it effects Yuu and Yoichi)

So far, so good.

P.S: Kanazawa is pleasant and will save me from the Aoi Yuuki that is about to come.