Spreading the love? About @GL_Phantasy + an Issue in Michigan

What good am I? If I don’t promote my own platform, expecting someone to see it?

Once in a while, on social media, I like to share news or some knowledgeable tidbits that I happen to pass by. About future developments such as what we see in outer space, renewable gas, school techniques, touching stories about the handicapped, local sports, military, etc. Not necessarily politics. Something with some kind of meaning. So, I made an account to spread interest in different themes.

Maybe I didn’t think too ahead.

To provide advertisement, networking, and maybe advice with research. For example, you want to work in psychology so you and I should find a way to spread counseling (or maybe you want to be a teacher, and you want to do writing). For example on writing, you can give me one of your essays to put on my blog. Also, advertising donation pages, and maybe my own personal projects if I ever find time.

I’m not too embarrassed by it. It’s something that I always enjoyed. It’s something I think social media should be used for.

On the deeper end, it is a selfish reason to grow money. I also have my insecurities as desirable money doesn’t come soon and net popularity is unpredictable.

Being human, I can be selfish and financial insecurity is one of the top issues in the United States.

  • BOSTON REVIEW: 80 Percent of Americans Experience Economic Insecurity (Fischer)
  • theatlantic.com: What Is Driving America’s Financial Woes? (Green)
  • It’s funny when people can get paid for their own opinion or sharing information via free writing, or exposing rhetoric. It is not that strange to do then?

    I even considered AdSense and changing the blog address, since the website’s name is a bit ridiculous, and who is interested in a person called “Doggie”? You don’t exactly find a place called “Supra anything” and expect something useful. It is indeed in the name. You see “Conservative Wagon”, you think political; you see “StickWithIt”, you may think…of a few things.

    More importantly, the views don’t stack up so it’s not a good idea for me to try Adsense. Various people always note about the unpredictability of net popularity.

    TO be honest, despite the blog address, I want people to read more. That’s why I do comic reviews. I plan to do more for novels.

    My six-year-old niece is in a growing psychological stage in her life and has to start being more comfortable in reading. She’s also saving money in her piggie bank (or trying to). Reading is a growing problem in Michigan, particularly southern Michigan (AKA: The troll land), where over 80% of the Detroit residents are not proficient in reading and math. For the latter, I’m probably one of them and I stay clear from accounting.

    Apparently, in Detroit, it is getting so bad that they have to sue the goverment and local teachers for making their children illiterate. I even brought that up at one point.

    CNSNews.com: Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math

    CNS states 90%, while I see comments starting 50%; it’s still too high. Among that, there is also the issue with real estate and crime.

    The Convo: Detroit’s Recovery – The Glass is Half Full

    SDW: Literacy Lawsuit in Detroit

    Glove State Murder, Crime, and Jesus Complex?

    So, I thought, “If I could do something, I’d like it”. At the most, I can only offer exposure for these articles whether they are frauds or not.

    Cute as a Button | Comic Review of @AdrianandBlaze Vol 1 (Part 1) + Sketch a Day


    Twitter: @AdrianandBlaze
    Official Wiki: Adrian_and_Blaze_Wiki
    Tumblr: AD&BL Tumblr

    You can buy A&B VOL. 1 at Lulu.com.


    Adrian the pug and Blaze the German shepherd are two adorable pups living in the same neighborhood. They live separate lives and come from different backgrounds, but they’re the best of friends. When impressionable housedog Adrian joins a mischievous stray for a run around the city, he and his companion are captured by the pound. What follows is a day full of perilous adventure, an epic rescue, and a simple escape plan. Both heroes make plenty of friends, but their bond is unmatched by anyone. However, with Blaze leaving to complete police dog training soon, will it last?

    Last week, I was wondering how to review my books and comics better. Should I score the impact of the illustration? Comedy? Conjunction and transition? Print? Plot/Story? Because I have the intention of doing this more, especially for personal works for those who inspire to get noticed or improve, especially if it assist in a professional path. Novels, fanfiction, online comics, scripts, etc. And, I just need to read more in general. It is quite valuable. My time is still limited, so I keep using the term “Quick Impressions” and I wondered whether to just drop it. That may be 80 or 90% of the time, and I end up cranking out a few paragraphs to explain something.

    Adrian & Blaze is the third comic that I’m reviewing on this WordPress site. I made remarks on a fanfic and a net novel; the other two comics are Zelda and Initial D.

    Author and Illustrator Peyton Mitchell, according to her, was just in 9th grade and inspired by Balto when she made this comic. We came across each other by way of social media as we both have a love for the same series: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (銀牙 -流れ星 銀; Silver Fang: Flowing star, Gin) and its series by Takahashi Yoshihiro. Also called the “Ginga Densetsu” (銀牙伝説; silver fang legend) series. That includes Armor Fighter Gaimu; in his work,s Takahashi has a practice for making a dog the main character. You rarely see a product where the dog is the main character or very heroic these days.

    I’ve been in contact with Peyton for a while, and I’m easily impressed by someone who puts determination in a neat concept. Also, we’re both fans of the Kamen Rider series, so we ended up talking to each other back and forth.

    On to A&B, and Part 1 covers the first half of the first volume, meaning three chapters. The book is a hardcover and it looks short with six chapters.

    Despite the fact that the illustrations has a lot of room for improvement, suitable for a child’s book and with typical mistakes in proportions, this comic is quite adorable and there is attention to detail. When I mean detail, there is for example, a rather good insight on a bad dog shelter. Also, the characters are very expressive to a humorous point, such as watching Adrian getting annoyed or shocked, such as steam coming out of his head.

    April, why would you call him a lousy watchdog? ^.^; He’s a pup. April kind of looks like Peyton or maybe it’s the hair?

    A&B is overall cute and I actually enjoyed it. Pey said that the story isn’t too realistic, but I don’t see much problem with it. It’s not Alfred Hitchhock and there is a story of a pup being easily influenced, a young German Shepard training in the K-9 program, and a lousy trip to the pound.

    The personalities of the animals really reflect Ginga Nagare. Adrian is curious and naive, and there’s a “ward-like dog” who’s something like a prison guard or drill sergeant, and there’s Blaze’s police dog superior Maxwell. You can also tell that the author has knowledge of various dogs, and its a strong point.

    I considered reading the comic to niece since she’s getting into that growing psychological point, and needs to find fun in reading.

    Also, Pey recently graduated. Congratulations buddy. Class of 2017!

    Thanks for the book. Keep it up.


    BTW, today’s Sketch-a-day. I guess I’m not that good with dogs yet. Then again, I rushed through it for this article. Also, first time on Kamen Rider.

    Doggie Sketch a Day – Niece stuff and Grooms?


    Niece is enjoying arts and crafts at school, so it all expands at home.

    FIRE EMBLEM HEROES is celebrating special characters as Brides (Lyn, Caeda, etc).


    so I drew Eliwood in a tux with a too big undershirt. if you’re a Fire Emblem fan, marriage, children, and in this new gen of FE, confessions/dating isn’t new in this series.

    Doggie Sketch a Day – I went nuts?

    Semester’s over and I feel like I need a week to recuperate. I barely made it through, and it’s not simple with the other tasks involved.

    At one point today, because my realism skills were lacking and I keep making too many mistakes, I had the thought of giving up in pursuing media arts. A flexible artist. Rather, this thought enters my head often since my work and family life is in the way.

    Anyways, here are my current sketches.

    “Awarded free rent?” Annotated bibliography about homelessness in #Michigan

    Today, I was reordering my computer files, and I came across something from last year’s winter: A document on my short research on homelessness, and it made me recall on some assignments that I did. I was aiming for an idea on how to reduce homelessness/beggars as it poses a huge issue in southeast Michigan (before that, I focused on animal abuse), but I mostly ended up with data.

    Art and fitness, to me, is very important in mental health and plays a big role in Michigan lifestyle. Take a look at the League of Michigan Bicyclists and the Michigan Bicycle Racing Association. Also, Detroit is home to one of the nation’s most renowned museums: The Detroit Institute of Arts.

    The following is what I gathered for my assignments. Also, I advise to never sleep in a dumpster to save your life.

    Continue reading

    Doggie Daily Life #mentalhealth #health #Professionalism


    Short version: I talk about daily life and how noise affects the brain.

    These past three weeks I’ve been hard myself.

    It is a typical feeling for anyone to have if there’s little going on in one’s life, if finances are low, if there’s lack of friends, etc. First week, I became sick, then afterwards, I felt the pressure of getting work done. Once more, I felt like I “missed my chance”.

    I even considered stopping Twitter.

    I might not be the wisest or most informative person in the world, especially for blogging world, but while I was teetering over the choices of how to use WP and why, I came up with the thought that I had plenty to share. Thoughts that I wanted to share just like everyone else. It took me so long because I was scared. I did arbitrary blogging few time before, and I knew that I made rash decisions, thinking that they were the right thing to do. I thought I had enough reasoning and persuasive skill. However, being rash ended up with unfavorable results.

    Unfavorable results such as proving my nativity and ignorance to a wide audience and getting embarrassed. Proving that, when I thought I could do critical analysis, my attempts bombed.

    Still, I wanted to keep trying. Maybe because I always liked to write since I was younger. When its something from youth, it can’t easily go away.

    So I came with the decision that I disliked thinking of the words “Not sure” and “I can’t do it”. Being fixed in one place due to fear isn’t healthy. Instead, I thought of “What could I expose?”, “How can I help?”, and more importantly, “Who can I touch?” and “What will the future will hold?” How can I be an asset? To someone or something?

    “Who can I find?”

    Why are these thoughts so strong? What is the path to a faithful life? I often wondered over being “accepted” and what I could do?

    I am a very ordinary person. Currently, I work part-time and I’m a part-time student, along with babysitting my niece. Not my daughter, but my niece. Long story behind that. A common day is getting up for work, preparing breakfast for both myself and niece before school. I try to take a couple days off to focus on homework. At the moment, I am unable to make living wage. Full-time is out of my reach, so I sought for a better degree/program. However, you can’t ignore children.

    You can’t ignore elders either. And both “focus” and “demand” just doesn’t connect. It is difficult to focus on myself when others desire my attention. That is especially when a child is starting to grow psychologically, and teaching starts at home.

    “{Auntie], look at this.”
    “Can I have this?”
    “Can you do this?”
    “Well, what are you doing?”
    “Are you done yet?”
    “Can you change the channel?”
    “I’m hungry!”

    So, in the afternoon-evening, I have to look over niece’s homework, if she has any, and a list of supplementary tasks such as reading and preparing for the MAP. Unfortunately, I am not a genius and I’m not quick, especially when there’s so much disruption. Next thing you know, I have three assignments, one being an essay. Imagine the research that is needed. A lot of patience and time is needed, the day’s light dwindles every passing hour. I get little done. Too many voices, too much moving around, too much blanking. This is the same case with leisurely projects such as trying to think up a novel, or thinking up an elaborate blog entry.

    Then, I get the complaint that I’ll make the child “a hermit” if I keep her, my niece, in the house for too long.

    For the longest time, I didn’t care about myself. Few years ago, I’ve decided to change that, and that’s where the aggravation comes from. Especially when I see those doing “better” than me, improving more than me. Especially with little competence. I want to show professionalism and live a life. My passion could be used for something much more.

    That will come in another entry.

    Stress is a factor. Long before niece, a family member would rock in her chair and it would tap the ground, creating an intermittent noise almost every day. So, I guess I get a case of constant disruption. So, I’m incredibly shrewd and impatient with sounds. I don’t even like it when niece talks sometimes, and I have to restrain my anger when I hear her call me. Other that that, we get along quite well.

    When I’m doing homework, studying, I often find myself playing calming music. From just listening to classical to Legend of Zelda medley. It gives me some comfort.

    SOURCE: The brain’s ‘stopping’ mechanism can be triggered by sounds to derail your train of thought | DailyMail

    For the majority of the trials, participants were played a simple tone, but occasionally would be played a section of birdsong, which acted as a minor distraction.

    The scans showed that the unexpected interruption resulted in activity in the STN, indicating that distraction produced the same signature as the brain’s stop signal for an abrupt stop to physical movement.

    In addition, more activity in the STN [subthalamic nucleus, apart of the basal ganglia] was related to a greater degree of disruption in working memory and the more likely a person was to lose track of the memory task.

    Here is more:

    SOURCE: Too Much “Noise” Can Affect Brain Development (2016; Neuro Science News)

    Using cutting-edge imaging technology, University of California, Irvine biologists have determined that uncontrolled fluctuations (known at “noise) in the concentration of the vitamin A derivative Retinoic acid (RA) can lead to disruptions in brain organization during development.

    A good reason why to not yell at children, which I happen to see a lot at work and become disgusted by.

    If that’s the case…

    I would say that I am a pro at my work, because, among a group of people who disdain their job, sit in the back, and aren’t prone to doing their tasks, I deliver DELIBERATELY. I also can have plenty of sympathy when it comes to caring for people. Supporting my niece also helps in that department too.

    That is all. That is why I keep my entries short if I can help it.

    Being a College Student: I. (My weird draft)


    SO my theme here is to answer these questions after hundreds of years:
    How to be a good college student/what happened?
    Self-motivation and what does a degree mean?

    College, along with the tuition and subsidiary fees, and the question on how to pass the finals during the exit gate of the semester, we all wonder how to reach success through hard work and education. This entry was hanging in my drafts for probably half a year or more, and what I wanted to say for this initial entry was completely forgotten. I wrote down the questions “how to enjoy my job?” and “how to pass college? What happens afterward?” in my small notepad and nothing more. When I started this entry for the blog, I didn’t go back to refine it, leaving a few sentences.

    This is what I did say: “I returned to school after a long absence“.

    There was also something weird in the draft:

    I also remember some books about drug dosage and intestinal disease stored high in the closet. I think professionalism has to do with routine.

    This might have to do with advanced medical books, and they don’t belong to me, that I found in my closet. Looking at the following sentences about “professionalism”, was there some kind of revelation? There’s some kind of point that I was trying to make.

    I don’t like the answer of “hard work”. It seems like a cliche phrase. “Please work hard and you’ll do well” because sometimes hard work or diligence isn’t awarded in the way you want, or not right away. In addition, “hard work” isn’t understood; some people don’t have what it takes. And, “hard work” can have various definitions. Who is working harder than others? Better or worse?

    Life is not straightforward like a child. People suffer depression because they meet a speed bump in their lives where they don’t know how to react to the difference.

    According to USA Today, finance is one of the greatest difficulties people living in the United States face. For example, “making ends meet” and “Debt”.

    USA TODAY: You may have heard about the groundbreaking AP research from last year, which found that 4 out of 5 American adults are faced with economic insecurity at some point during their lives.

    In a survey designed by Chapaman University in 2015, Personal Life is in TOP 5 of American fears.


    America’s Top Fears 2015

    First thing’s first is to build an agenda. Put it on paper (I prefer it) or keep it in memory. Another cliche? Probably so, but I think one of the best ways to relieve (or to avoid) pressure is to tell yourself that you want to do something and presume the accurate result of that something. That way you will start taking direction into “hard work” type of spirit.

    Also understand before long that some work isn’t found mainstream.

    That’s all for now.