7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 1)

So I have two entries in mind sooner or later: Top Mecha show rivals and this, which is anime shows that make me cry.

I always wondered myself since I covered a topic on a poll about gundam shows that make people cry. It was nice to make me reflect, so I wanted to do it more. What made me cry in the past? I can definitely say Disney movies and animal deaths in cinema immediately, also sappy soundtracks fitted at perfect moments.

Can I even remember? Did I find it difficult to cry?

Due to time, I’m splitting into maybe two or three parts. Also, these are not in order.

Some SPOILERS (ネタバレ) warning. Not necessarily now.

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LIFE! (and feeling bad for Cerotto) | Doggie Digest of #91Days Episode 12 FINAL


I’m not too reliable aren’t I?

I have a ton of entries regarding the following: BLEACH fights, Monster Rancher monsters, Monster Hunter 4U impressions,  Adventures of Flute (soon?), Mario Kart 7 impressions (soon), Tokusatsu entries, and 91 Days extra thoughts. It also requires me to take photos.

Does anyone really care for my short opinion? I’m not getting paid for blogging, info can be found elsewhere, and I think work is wearing me down. It’s like I spend my off days languid. To be honest, I didn’t want to write. Due to my tendencies, I create “Doggie Digest”. It is a challenge to make short stories  – make a point and inspire the reader.

One should try it.


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A dirge for father and son =D | Doggie Digest of #91Days Ep 11

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I have the perfect old song for this episode. Trust and betrayal 100%, plus someone’s little old head.

#91Days: Good Scenes (名シーン) of Episode 10 #ネタバレ

A continuation of #91Days “Good Scene” (名シーン) Episode Ranking, covering episode 1 through 9. I also made a digest entry for episode 10.

These are the good scenes for Episode 10. Spoilers always. If you enjoy mafia/crime drama, watch this show by all means.

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#91Days “Good Scene” (名シーン) Episode Ranking

The official Twitter account of 91 Days (@TV91Days) and Manachi Broadcasting station website (MBS: 91Days) asks the audience of this crime drama to rank a “good scene” in each episode.  The votes were collected from Manachi and there are two scenes per episode. Screenshots were shared to match the scene, but I missed most of them as airing continues. So I went through all the trouble to check 91’s timeline to collect the ranking.

What I like is the appreciation of non-verbal language and dialogue. It’s a true drama.

For example, here are the results of the first episode:

Episode 1:
1st Place: “Avilio’s smile wrought with insanity (the beginning scene)”. Since it’s the start,

2nd place: “Angelo looks at close friend [Corteo] and younger brother happily”. Interesting pic. A genuine soft smile is something we’re rarely see from Angelo. It shows the change of mood.


Before I watch episode 10 tomorrow, let’s get to the results.


Also, I added “91 Days” as a category!

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Blessings and reveals | Doggie Digest of #91Days Ep 9 (Spoilers)

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One thing that I do like about this show is that it shows some Western  traditions that is usually absent in anime. Japanese-inclined anime. In Japan, people don’t hug or kiss each other unless it’s someone really close.

So we have something else.

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More cracked than in your hindside | #91Days 7.5 and 8 (Spoilers)

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Fango likes his booze sharp!

Ungrateful ep 8!

“I said lets watch 91 Days!”

I forget to make screenshots because I care about about being absorbed into what I’m watching.

I am grateful. I don’t think I ever appreciated a show in so long; I put Gundam Thunderbolt aside because it’s based on a long-time series and its an OVA (91 Days is original). Anime-wise, it was probably Ronja The Bandit Girl, based on a novel. Also, Sidonia in the sci-fi realm.

Too bad, maybe due to its early morning airing, 91 Days doesn’t receive much credit. How to explain this? To get someone to watch and enjoy it? It’s not the death, the blood and the gore, the music, and the American backdrop,  but composition of characters and perhaps it is the daring callback to American crime drama. Taking a backseat from “Japanese anime”, and there’s visual tension.

It is simple and hardboiled, the latter causing complexity and raising questions. Most of all, it is human as well. Nero takes a trip to the country and you wonder how it works when he’s sitting jovially next to this adversary, his nemesis.

Episode 7.5 was a recap, but I think episode 1, 2, and 7 can cover everything, from Avilio’s goal to the bad blood within the feud.


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