About Doggie

ABOUT Author and Blog

“Doggie”, the author of this blog, is a resident of Michigan, U.S.A. She was born to two loving parents, an American and a Jamaican, who decided to pick her up from the hospital. Premature, but still a child that needed nurturing. Even today, Doggie does not question about genetics, and cares about family. Like many, she had aspirations; also like many, on the flip side, she suffered from dejection many times. Doggie became withdrawn. Limited. Then, she noticed: Even if she wasn’t like others, she could improve herself.

The blog titled “Supra Doggie World” (SDW), covering various topics and news of interest such as Michigan economy, film and TV, animation, opinion/reviews, etc. Her interests covers machines, space exploration, pets/animals, animation, art/drawing, books, news, research, reading/writing, history, and many more.

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