Doggie Sketch a Day – From various days

A sketchbook is a sketchbook; I’m still stuck in the initial idea stage. I can’t point to which days I’ve did these and how long they took.

The majority of these I draw with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil or just a HB (No.2) pencil; I also use an 0.5 with a nice comfy grip, and neither are too thick or too thin. I take a smaller pad to me at work; these works are on a 9.5in x 6″ (or a 24cm x roughly).

So I was testing cubism, buildings, just plain faces and posing.


More work on Saint Seiya armor. Was I lucky at this time? So I worked on this for days, focusing on the segments for a full body armor. The godl saint armor and the Pegasus armor are often used for reference.



More works on the face, mostly on the proportions. My main issue is the nose, and then the curve for the lips and the curve below for the chin. It’s said that the same length of the top of the head to the top of the nose, is about same length as the top of the nose to the chin.


Time for more Gau Ban. It looks like I keep taking the handsome route. I actually I was working on the body and what would grooves/wrinkles look like through clothes. It wasn’t intentional to draw a face. I couldn’t help it I guess.


Cubism fan with robots, plus a new hand test while looking at mine. Why is that thumb stubborn? The fingers are getting better for sure. I should say “more fun”.


A new Billy HATCHER sketch. I like it, but the main issue is that he looks older.



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