Why do I love Monster Rancher? (Part 3)

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  • Part 1
  • Part2
  • Continuing on with my “10 Best Monsters” list, perhaps reducing it to one per entry a week for the sake of time, and for the sake of getting something complete.


    • Guts/Guts Regeneration: Points needed to use monster attacks during battle
    • Parameters: Monster stats. There are five: Life, Power, Intelligence, Speed, Accuracy/Skill, and Defense.
    • Tochikan: Demonym for the Ancient Tochika People. There are many shrines.


    NAGAThe Brutal Snake!

    • Appearances: MFA, MF2, MFA2, MF3 (PS2)、MF5、MFDS2
    • Style: Keep strong and hitting; shaving off a life.
    • Profiles: MFDS2, MRA2
    • Signature attacks: Stab, Tail Sweep, Drill Assault, Poison, Eye Beam.

    A monster that is just as familiar as Suezo, Mocchi, Dino and Hare. It’s name means snake or a dragon, has a brutal nature, and attacks with its large claws and tail, plus the stinger on its tail contains  a toxin. Because of the viciousness, Naga thinks of nothing but victory against an enemy.

    Fighting Style: Naga has adequate life, slow Guts, and isn’t too fast, nor does it have the best defense, so it uses accurate hits to slow down and disorient an enemy. It’s a deadly foe because of the force within the hits. It doesn’t do knockout blows such as Hare and Golem, but if swift and forceful enough in the blows, and it won’t go down quickly because of the high Life parameter, the Naga should be approached carefully.

    Anime: Like Gali, Naga is also one of the Four Devas of Warumon (English: Big Bad Four) under Moo. His ruthless character is suitable.
    He is responsible for the destruction of Holly and Suezo’s town. C.V is Kobayashi Kazuya (小林 和矢) from 81 Produce, but he’s particularly elusive. For some reason, Naga’s voice has an echo effect in the original version, while the English version is much like a gravely snake.

    Commentary on NAGA (Ameblo: Hakka)

    Watch a Naga/Plant in action. With the Plant being a sub-breed, Naga’s Life Parameter and Guts increases.

    Naga/Tiger video series (Youtube: Onoki)


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