You are Sweet | 7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 3) #gundam


Mobile Suit Gundam: War in The Pocket (機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争; kidou senshi gundam poketto no naka no sensou).

Near the end of the One Year War, there’s an incident in Side 6, a neutral colony.

That’s it. Is this overrated? It was a genuine cry and this is a well-done product. It shows friendship, it shows fear, it shows courage, it shows innocence, in a span of three episodes. That’s why I put it here.

This OVA/novel was mentioned in the GOO Ranking poll, in which I covered, about which gundam makes everyone cry the most. Pocket ranks in TOP 3.

To quote someone on NicoDouga’s comments on the poll:


“At the time when Al was crying, ‘the war will begin!’ said, at the end, it was quite deep. Profound.”

EXACTLY! (I think that’s a rough quote). Also, WiP contains one of my favorite OP, in gundam and in anime in general.


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