Marriage Status in danger | Monster Hunter RIDE ON Ep 5-36 Run down #mhst_rideon

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The series is near its end; we have 48 episodes and I’m going to keep it short.

Of course, there are spoilers.

MHS Ride On Episode Summaries (Official Site)

To cover maybe twenty or so episodes, it’s typically Monster Hunter (or JRPG). You pretty much have your peaceful days, training or finding your way in social life, and then chaos strikes. In MH, something threatens your town or village, you rise through the ranks, and then you face against a massive foe. Gradually, we were noticing something dark lingering outside of Hakum Village.


Then, we realize this was an old time threat, thwarted by a legendary Rider. By the time of Lute’s birth, his parents died, his father and Cheval’s having fought an evil monster to deter this darkness called the “Black Blight” (黒の凶気; kuro no kyōki; black abnormality; black misfortune; black evil spirit). Hakum was attacked by a Nargacuga, causing the death of Cheval’s mother Vlau.

The Riders travel to bond with other monsters and seek out how to rid of the Black Blight. To do that, they must use their kinship stones to purify the giant ores located around the world. The guild in Gildegaran would provide support and funds.  Lute and team meet new friends along the way such as the greedy Debli and Baroth rider Aluria. Of course, there are shenanigans, and of course there are other monsters turned to the darkness such as a Diabolos and a Tigrex.

Another matter is an old researcher/scientist named Managler, who is interested in the manipulation of monsters. We also learn of Narivou’s past and how cool he is.

The burden of the Black Blight’s presence becomes too much for Cheval and he eventually separates from Lute to personally hunt down the dark monsters. Hyoro and Millie goes with him too.

Even in this week’s episode, it has degraded. Cheval is more concerned about personal power, seeing “kinship” or “bonds” as weak. Or maybe he is reminded of Lute too much. In other words, Cheval hates the bishounen crap. 😉

Is the key to peace the “White Dragon” mentioned within the myth? Isn’t this Lute’s destiny?

I wondered over what the dragon might be, but all the monster I thought of aren’t too “noble”. Not to mention, Sergieos made an appearance as a Blight Monster; the Kirin doesn’t fly and the rival of Rathalos is more yellow.


Cheval is very hard on himself.


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