Doggie Sketch a Day (3 days?) – Breath of Fire Sketches

Fan of Breath of Fire Series right here.

These were probably done in a span of 2-3 days. So I was practicing over Nina and Ryu with both a fine pen and mechanical pencil in hopes of preparing for a colored picture. I ended up going too fast just to see how the rough sketches would look like.

However, the level of skill was too clear. I am quite bad at symmetry. I thought I could easily make a head. I start off at one side, but I can’t repeat it on the other side. Sure, I was rushing a bit and training my hand with strokes and circles.


But, what you learn is that taking more time, and using guides, can help.


In the second image, the girl this time is Ryu’s sister Sara (from BOF1). In theb beginning of the game, she protected her clan from the Dark Dragons by turning everybody (including Ryu) to stone.

The idea of a portfolio is starting to look unlikely.


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