Black Knight | 8 Great Rivals from the Robot Japanese anime genre (Part 2) #GEAR戦士電童


PREVIOUS ARTICLE: 8 Great Rivals (Part 1)

It can’t get any better than the black knight.

GEAR FIGHTER Dendoh has me sold and I genuinely enjoy it. I already made a review before the first half.

Commander of the Galfa Forces, Altair is the perfect rival. A troublesome guy that the protagonists strive to defeat time and time again, and it’s usually a hassle. That is what I look for in a rival. To add onto that, he uses the same weapons as said protagonists, since GEAR weapons formerly belonged to Galfa.

Altair is constantly attacking Dendoh and upon his debut, he kidnaps the pilots. That, his coldness, and his fighting experience (compared to kids), is enough to prove his presence in the show early on. We also get some mystery as he is a guy who wears a mask. In Sunrise works, that’s usually a clue on a close connection to someone on the cast.

C.V Nakata Mitsuhiro (中田 和宏) does a great job bringing out Altair’s arrogant, dignified language, and the voice sounds like its muffled by the mask. He’s in various Sunrine shows such as G Gundam, V Gundam, J-Decker, Goldran, Dagwon, Gundam SEED and more. Also, Jirōbō Ikkanzaka of BLEACH and Joseph Shingetsu of XENOGLOSSIA.

I love it when he says “VIPER WHIP!”


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