7 Anime shows that made Doggie cry (Part 1)

So I have two entries in mind sooner or later: Top Mecha show rivals and this, which is anime shows that make me cry.

I always wondered myself since I covered a topic on a poll about gundam shows that make people cry. It was nice to make me reflect, so I wanted to do it more. What made me cry in the past? I can definitely say Disney movies and animal deaths in cinema immediately, also sappy soundtracks fitted at perfect moments.

Can I even remember? Did I find it difficult to cry?

Due to time, I’m splitting into maybe two or three parts. Also, these are not in order.

Some SPOILERS (ネタバレ) warning. Not necessarily now.

91 Days.

Original work by Kishimoto Taku (JOKER GAME, Silver Spoon, Usagi Drop). In a course of twelve episodes, the entire show is riddled with death as Avilio plots revenge against the Vanetti family. However, he ends up working with them while they struggle against the Orca Family and a civil dispute. Since I didn’t start crying until way later in the series, I won’t explain what happens. It was disgusting, but also a good representation on the hard-boiled life of the crime family. And in these dramas, your family gets executed for even a little provocation,. 91 Days also starts off pretty grim too.


Please Save My Earth

A comic series that was adapted into an OVA animation. Easily has one of the best soundtracks that I can put on repeat and it just puts me at ease. Actually, it supports the emotional, crying part. Even in the first episode, there is a meaning to cry as you learn some sympathy and remorse. There’s also a bit of mystery as PSME is a sci-fi series surrounding the “dreams” of different characters. It was created by Hiwatari Saki (日渡 早紀) and considered a representative work.

The OVA’s ED is called “Memory of Time”.

Please Save my Earth, published by Viz Media.

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