“The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): “FLUTE 1” (PART 4)

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The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei (朝倉玲) continues.

In Flute 1 (following the prologue or Flute 0), which is called “Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (黒い霧の沼の戦い), 11-year-old Flute, a boy from Sill Town, is the true hero of the Golden Stone. Now the King of Romudo acknowledges this.

Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (FLUTE 1) has forty chapters total divided into five parts, each with its own number of chapters.

Here is the 2nd part’ and its seven chapters, written in 2004: 第2章 炎の剣 (Part 2: Sword of Flame)

  • 8.水盤 (Basin)
  • 9.盗賊 (Thief)
  • 10.黒森 (Black Forest)
  • 11.炎の馬 (Horse of Flame)
  • 12.火の山 (Volcano)
  • 13.ゴブリン (Goblin)
  • 14.脱出  (Escape)

Welcome to the new part of the Black Mist saga; this is about chapter 8 to 10.

No matter what I do, I can’t make a concise summary as a read this story. I guess I’m really enjoying myself.

Flute enters his first struggle, which convinces him that he must become more skilled.

To find a companion for his quest to save the Kingdom, Flute has set off, reaching a post town called Gazumu (ガズム). He received an high, eloquent welcome by the owner (or the tout?), being referred to as a “young master” (若旦那様; wakadan-sama). It’s because of his rich attire (Armor, helmet, etc). Flute, despite finding it a little too much, was given a rich room. He’s even called “Viscount”; he is confused as a noble.

Flute went to the room’s basin for water when the bird-shaped faucet suddenly stopped working. Suddenly, the magical gold stone reacts – there’s a deep, black whirlpool inside the water. Flute hears a sound from it, giving off a creepy atmosphere. A black hand comes out of the basin, grabs Flute, but it was a brief moment.

The Innkeeper knocked on Flute’s room door and came in. Flute asked about the basin, and the keeper stated that “You have a good eye” (ability to distinguish). There is a story behind it: Long ago, at the time of the first innkeeper, the basin was donated to the inn by a magician, and its said to project the truth.

“Project the truth?” In an overwhelming darkness? Is it inside Flute? After dinner and bath, Flute watched the basin all night. Nothing happened.

Next morning, Flute sets out on his journey again. He can’t help by think of the round shadow (and sound) from before, the Black Mist in its entirety, which spreads in the south. Further, he hears from a group of thieves; one of them had a familiar speech pattern (I could be wrong here). Instead of causing a ruckus with the town guards, they are known to steal from nobles. Flute eventually ended up showing himself from his hiding spot. The thieves are not intimidated by a “young noble” and Flute swiped at the leader’s horse with his sword.

Surprisingly, Flute shows a little force…or bravado?

「離れろ! こいつの命はないぞ!」

Flute cries, “LEAVE! Or it’s your life!”

He tells them to leave. The horses are released so Flute can escape on his own, but the Thief leader dodges the end of Flute’s blade and lifts the boy. “You made a mistake to disgrace the northern band of thieves. For turning your blade on the Great me, the price that you’ll pay is high. VENGEANCE!”

The Bandit leader throw down the boy with his might, and then his goons swing their blades down on the fallen Flute!

…and the blades break. Go for the head, Flute guards by quickly lifting his arm, the blade breaks. Flute is wearing magical armor!

BTW, the thief group calls their boss “Okashira” (お頭). Surprisingly, thanks to Goris’s training, Flute fights toe to toe with the thieves. The leader is a bit stubborn, holding back Flute with his sword.

“Damn you, damn you…little BRAT!”

The chief promises to chop Flute into pieces and feed him to the dogs. There is a struggle as the chief’s weight is more than Flute’s. Seeing the hero compromised, the thief goons grab Flute, he awaits the last strike, and there is a spurt of blood. Both are wounded; the leader is shocked because he sees that Flute’s injury suddenly disappear without a trace. Flute is referred to as an “Undead“, and the thieves are now scared out of their wits.

Surprisingly, Flute shows some snark and smiles, stating that he is one [an undead]. The theives’s thrill of killing is completely reversed, and they show an unexpected, deep fear of the darkness. They retreat.

This was Flute’s first desperate struggle as the Hero of the Golden Stone. He was aware of his weakness, and he knew that he couldn’t turn and face what was behind the Black Mist. A companion was necessary, and he must find that companion before anything. The journey continued, and after long, his presence as a “noble child” disappeared. He hid his armor, which became dirtied during travel, and he stayed at a cheap inn room.

One week later, Flute reaches Kuromori or the Black Forest, where darkness and ferocious creatures such as a bear and a wolf dwell. Flute is warned not to go in alone by a woman. Traders to dwarfs have disappeared recently. There was no turning away Flute, even if he was a child. He packed food and drink, and entered.

It wouldn’t be long that Flute would meet a small pack of wolves. They spring out of the deep thicket, dragged him off his horse, but end up getting hacked and their teeth broken thanks to sword and armor. The pack is driven away; now, Flute’s horse is attacked by a bear.

And we get a flashback of Vampire Hunter D. The horse is injured, Flute tries to help but is knocked backwards by the bear. The force, agility, and endurance of the bear demonstrates everything that you hear, and fear, about bears. Taking some poundings with the paws, Flute drives his sword into the bear’s heart. The bear dies and Flute heals the wound of his horse, apologizing to it again and again.

Will Flute pass the Black Forest?


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