Doggie Highlight – Swords & Sorcery Flight Shooter #Caladrius

Twitter: @moss_caladrius
Official Site:

A caladrius is an all-white bird that lives in a noble house (Source: Bestiary). It is suitable for this shooter created by MOSS company. Starting with Xbox the Xbox title for PS3, then Aile Ciel (AC), Caladrius is a shooter with alchemy and noble knights.

Alchemist Paracelsus created a taboo ability controlling Ether, creating advanced technology. He also, however, created a taboo ability using human souls. Baradan Kingdom’s King Graham (C.V: Koshida Naoki) takes the taboo power for himself, forming the Sasaza Kingdom. With same power, he formed weapons. It looks like the noble clans are destroyed by said power, their souls used by taboo technique.

Guardian forces from church are sent out, using the “wings” inherited by Paracelsus. One of the flyiers, Kei Percival is a descendant of Paracelsus’s bloodline. He’s also named after a member of the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.


Moss also produced a part of the Raiden series.

Character design is by Yasuda Suzuhito (DURARARA, Digimon World, Yozakura Quartet)

Sound Maker is Basiscape (FFXII, Gradius V, Denpa Ningen)

Opening movie

There are 3 initial characters: Alex, Kei and Sister Maria, the pilots of Sword Ifurita, Valkyrie Lance, and Lightning Justicia, battling the enemy who use demonic machines, seemingly, with portmanteau names. For example, Wildduran (related to the pixy “durahan”) and Beezetolv (Beezebulb).

Gameplay with Alex Martin:


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