Robots, fairies, and mallets! | Doggie Highlight – Game Company Edelweiss (えーでるわいす)

The name means “Elegant White” in German, the name of a European mountain flower. That is called Leontopodium alpinum.

Edelweiss (Hiragana: えーでるわいす; ederuwaisu) is a game company that brings you fancy shooters and action games such as Ether Vapor (エーテルヴェイパー) and Astebreed. It is a good follow up of the previous entry regarding Okamto Maya’s sci-fi concept CD. There is also Fairy Bloom, which you fight to protect the flowers from pests before they sprout.

Their products are the following:

花咲か妖精 stands for hanasaki ka yousei (lit: flower blooming fairy).

Here’s a trailer for Astebreed for the PS4:

The next project is Sakuna (仮), where the main character seems to be a Japanese youth from the farmer class. He or she uses the scarf and a kneading hammer (mallet; 杵) to attack. The Kanji stands for “temporary.”

Sakuna trailer from C91 (comicMarket):

Edelweiss is considered a doujin game creator, which is independent.

PV for Freesia:


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