“NOPE!” Doggie’s Sketch a Day / #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge

Remember what I said about my gym leader challenge, where I would take the time to draw a pokemon gym leader each month? Starting with Brock in January?

Haven’t been keeping up with it. So tonight before bed, I sketched these up. This is February, March and April.

8 minutes? This is horrible and makes me cringe. You can tell who they are, but it’s not close enough. But of course, I rushed through them to make up for my negligence. Erika bothers me; Surge (matthis) is funny though; I can’t find my old Misty (Kasumi) sketch but wanted to draw her in a swimsuit and jacket.


Will I do it again? Certainly. I can’t allow this.

Since it’s April, that means that it’s Koga’s turn.


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