Doggie Highlight – Musician Hano Seiji (羽野誠司)

Link: Hano’s website

How to explain this guy’s style?

“A traditional Japanese with violin”. Or rather, a “storyteller of music”. That is what you call Utagatari (歌語り). Take the thrums of the string instrument for example. Hano debuted in 1978, learned piano in his child days and then moved to guitar, which I confused with a violin I guess.

A couple of his favorite artists are Debussy, Bartok (violin concerto specialist), and Takemitsu Toru. Hobbies are photography (写真)、reading (読書)、traveling (旅)、performance appreciation (演芸鑑賞)、and kabuki (歌舞伎も). He likes jazz and pop, favoring artists like Pat Metheny and Baden Powell.

Check out Hano’s photo collection and music collection. For the latter, the songs contain a theme such as recitation, anime, nature, and story. This is a song for the concept anime Sanada Gunden, produced by Bungyoso (3×3 Eyes, Macross F).

Participated in the music of Musashi Ninpouden Ninja Reppu. A TV drama based on Saitama prefecture’s local tokusatsu hero. Musashi was the former name of Saitama Prefecture. Check out the Twitter account @ninja_reppu for more.

He also participated in the soundtrack of YOTODEN (妖刀伝; supernatural sword story) OVA series. Internationally titled “Wrath of Ninja” series. Also, insert music for the short toku series “Shinraku bishoujo Mami (侵略美少女ミリ; invading pretty girl Mami).

Matter of fact, it was Yotoden that made me think “violin” or “cello”. Heavy strings. Yotoden became popular and the soundtrack became a hit on Oricon charts (Hano’s profile). I agree. It has great music! Check it out by all means.

Other works:
Tsugumi e (つぐみへ)
Yokashi Banashi (妖かしばなし) – 2017 Horror tokusatsu
Sangokushi/Three Kingdoms (三國志)

Trailer for Yokashi.


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