Doggie Sketch a Day – D.M #seiya

Not as good as Megaman, and this might be 8-10 mins.


O.C [original character] Dark Meadow attempt again. Not sure but the concept I’m looking for is “scary”. Not overly concerned with armor, even though I want the correct helmet. The name is from a possible excerpt from Greek about the “meadow of darkness” (leading to Hell?). Don’t take my word for me until I find it.

Image C.V., currently, is Ooki Tamio (大木 民夫), renowned for narrator work. Dubbing-wise, he voices many, including Patrick Stewart in X-Men series. Magic Mirror from Snow White. Also, Ken-Goh from Eureka Seven. He’s almost 90! However, I think he’s on hiatus.

D.M doesn’t speak much. He talks and immediately there’s a booming, dignified sound (this the Magic Mirror). As the Kereberus is a great guardian of the dead and for Hades, isn’t it suitable? Not sure who in the current forerunner department could compare to Ooki if I wanted to give a more familiar seiyu name. Ginga Banjo (Seiya wise, he’s Cassios and Jango) is close.


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