Doggie Sketch a Day – Courageous Blue Bomber.

OKAY, this wasn’t 5-10 minutes (maybe 10-15?), but it was relieving. before that, I was looking at leg anatomy and I was going to make a post about that how splitting body parts via segments. Instead, I just drew THE BLUE BOMBER because I wanted to for a long time.


It’s definitely an improvement from my old sketches:

Going to have a busy evening. Also, I am working on straightening my blog a bit, starting with the categories.

Doggie Digest is deleted, and I might rename “Funny Side”. I forget some of the categories, the reason why I named them in the way that I did and that I can use them.

“Toku Doggie Time” and “Tokusatsu”
Kind of silly I guess. They’re the same category because I guess “Toku Doggei Time” refers to impressions/reviews of movies, episodes and such on this genre. All of those entries are under “Tokusatsu”. So I guess I could change it to “Tokusatsu Time” or “Doggie Tokusatsu Time”. And if I say “Toku”, will you know what I mean if you weren’t a geek?

Speaking of which, there’s Analysis and Commentary. Complex isn’t it? This is the opinion center. Also, for reviews and critical analysis/surveys/explanations. In that area.

Introduction/Holiday – Events
Everything in here is pointless, with only one entry talking about a holiday. So it’s probably best as tags rather than categories.

Keeping “What the Fluff” because it’s a silly title and it surrounds shocking news. “World News”.


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