Favorite #mecha? Doggie had a Q&A and forgot (Part 2)

Continuing from the last time, these are my last three questions.

how old are you? you always make me feel old lol (I know it’s rude to ask a woman of her age so you don’t have to answer)

I don’t make you feel old, I just like to tell you to keep at what you’re doing because it’s too important. In other words, remain determined because we don’t like facing difficulties.

I usually tell people “I’m old enough to drink” (AKA: I’m over 21). I’m actually embarrassed because sometimes I don’t feel like an adult.

2.) What’s your favorite mecha anime?

I feel like my choices are limited at the moment. Despite my fervor for gundam and robots, I haven’t watched (or rather completed) much series of this genre. They can be a bit difficult to get into and hard to pick out as favorites.

There is one series I am honestly sure about. PATLABOR is mostly a police drama with functional combat-mobile mecha. The TV Series and one of the OVAs is produced by SUNRISE, known for series about robots conventionally used to fight an ambient evil. Labors such as the main character’s INGRAM (nicknamed Alphonse) is considered “real robots”. They are a smaller size and built to perhaps fit something that can arrive in the 20th century. Aside from that, it’s such a fun show.

A fun fact: I share the same b-day as Patlabor’s main character, Nao Izumi (picture above). She is a ditz too.

J-Decker (see quick review) is going to be a favorite soon enough!

I loved all of GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT. It was so perfect. Cast, soundtrack, the views of war, companionship, animation (DAT animation), etc.

And didn’t I tell you watch Knights of Sidonia (another sci-fi)?!

I’ll leave it with four.

3.) what’s your favorite and least favorite Nintendo game/franchise?

I’ll try to do 5 outside of Mario, even though it’s difficult to not add Mario Party.

Favorite: Starfox, Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem
Least Favorite: F-Zero, Punch-Out, pre-Prime Metroid, puzzle spinn-offs (ie: Dr. Mario, Yoshi)

I want to get into F-zero, and I try it out every time (AND I await for its return), but every attempt from me is ridiculous. And I actually got motion sickness from playing the gamecube version. Punch out Wii is absolutely hilarious but I was never good at boxing games. Terrible at the NES version.

Did you know that I hated Metroid and Zelda at one time?


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