This show needs Jesus | Seraph of the End 1-2 Impressions #終わりのセラフ

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Funny since a seraph is an angel. I was about to say “WIT STUDIO needs Jesus”, thanks to Kabaneri, Attack on Titan, and this, but I changed my mind.

The writers may be different, but there are some parallels to these shows, such as humankind facing extinction, a crisis facing Japan, undead, crisp animation, and an MC hellbent on revenge after seeing his love ones get killed.

Seraph of the End is a comic and novel series by Kagami Takaya (Densetsu no yuusha no densetsu), with an anime adaptation directed by Todo Daisuke (did some render directing for Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown). The anime has two seasons, 12 episodes each.

Enjoy seeing a kid get his hand crushed.

Long story short, I watched this around when it aired and I didn’t finish, so I’m starting again due to interest. I have to change my mind on the artistic look. Years back, I thought it wasn’t good, but it is WIT, and I can determine that its more crisp than originally thought.

Hyakuya Yuuichiro (C.V: Irino Miyu) is such a…douche. He is best described as stubborn but hides his true feelings. Due to his hatred of vampires and being sent to the orphanage by his parents, he had a rough temperament. The adults of Japan are being infected by a bizarre virus, and the Hyakuya orphanage is forced to live with the vampire nobles in an underground city. After Fareed kills the children of the orphanage, Yuuichiro escapes to the surface world of Japan and joins the demon-slaying army, aiming to become a member of the anti-vampire squad The Moon Demon Corps, led by Ichinose Guren. He makes friends despite not wanting to, and they face against the vampires.

Again, and again, Sakurai Takahiro. He is not to be trusted. He provides the C.V of Fareed, a pretty face and the killer of Yuu’s orphanage family.

And what do you mean “virgin-less”, Guren? Yuu is 16 years old, even though the age of sexual consent in Japan can be a low at 13. What a provoker that Guren. As expected from C.V Nakamura Yuchi.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of dark fantasy, especially vampires. These products keep coming up in present day as we become engrossed into the dark side. Perhaps it is a cousin of crime drama. We like what’s grotesque, we like monsters artistically, and we like death and thriller/tension. Supernatural horror with a combination of giallo.

I don’t mind vampire hunters though, and magical or hi-tech weapons, which will have a big role in the Moon Demon group. So, I say, it’s time to kill the night.


  • Good atmospheric art fitting the dark fantasy genre
  • Show’s Dark tone is composed well, especially the opening theme
  • Magical weapons; KATANAS!
  • Good cast (Irino, Sakurai, OnoKen, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, etc)
  • Awesome full dress uniforms


  • Yuichiro is a jerk. Typical MC with rebellious streak that can get him killed.
  • Syringe on kids/children in messed up situations
  • Revenge, revenge, revenge (it could be a pro if you’re into it, but it effects Yuu and Yoichi)

So far, so good.

P.S: Kanazawa is pleasant and will save me from the Aoi Yuuki that is about to come.


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