War? Revenge? Peace? Hope? Children’s Future #Gundam #IBO 50 FINAL Thoughts #g_tekketsu (spoilers)

Thank God.

What’s with these names? Geezus. “Full City?” As I thought, it couldn’t consistently end.

What do I mean by “consistently”? We had to have a time skip and a peaceful ending. Like complete retirement. NOT like that’s bad. The war on Mars ended and survivors reach Chyrse, with Mika and Akihiro staying at front to ensure everyone’s safety.

Crunchtime for Kujan
What? No? OK.

With that, the world did a sigh of relief.

I won’t lie. Despite how satisfying it was, I felt a little sorry for Iok. After all that he did, I felt bad. Through the years, I have determined the fight and death scenes that makes me squeamish: Breaking bones, especially twisting the neck (Segal!), slitting the throat, and any means of crushing the body. Iok got the Akira death. Throughout IBO, these cockpit attacks had been particularly brutal and could make you cringe. In most cases, especially in mecha series, it’s an explosion instead of crushing metal. Actually, I think it’s very skillful and a nice touch.

Unfortunately, our dear Akihiro suffered the revenge curse and paid the ultimate price. You were obviously thinking about you-know-who, God Bless.

I already said before that I LOVE THOSE PLIERS!

The Aftermath: Kudelia is a sweetheart

If anything, McGillis created a catalyst. The Seven Stars are disbanded. As for Mika, it was probably for the best. He was too inclined to fighting, despite making a baby. He was an awkward guy.

Seriously, the nerve of Rustal, dressing like a member of the Vatican. He speaks about order, but ends up collaborating with Kudelia. Kudelia is a sweetheart. I really wondered who her “sweetheart” was, leaving me in a quick state of confusion, and it turns out that he and Atra are taking care of Akatsuki.

Every time I see that grave, it’s chilling. Even after seeing Biscuit’s name in the first episode of second season. Now there are more names etched in…inevitably.

Farewell, boys.

It feels like one of the staffers are in there. Yatabe? (LOL). I can’t find Hush…

Despite what I said about “peaceful ending”, the wounds are fresh. Like for Ride, who I feel sorry for. Why? Because of revenge. Thus, he keeps a distant from his friends as he hunted down Nobliss. There might be OVAs released regarding the post-war lives of Tekkadan.

Nobliss, right in the privy! Dumped! Okay, bad joke, I have a feeling Teiwaz or Rustal relayed the info, just like the latter did for Jasley. Seriously Rustal…you’re a snake.

Gaelio got the Gundam X ending. Sort of. He’s so precious! It looks like he had a huge weight taken off of him.

God bless him. He really does like Julietta! One of the happiest things in this episode. Meanwhile, Ein and Vidal/Kimaris are locked behind a wall.

I noticed Yamagi had the Ryuusei-go symbol on his uniform.

So nice. Well, I’m done and ready for the next gundam series. I’ll give it a 7 or 8. The first season was difficult to get through, but second makes up for it. It’s in my TOPs with 0079, 00 1st season, Thunderbolt, and 08th MS. It’s bittersweet with brotherly love, unsophisticated mecha action, tension, and a little comedy here and there.


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