#Gundam IBO 49 Quick Thoughts #g_tekketsu (spoilers)

This is the pre-final episode, so I am a week late.

I want to say that I’m proud of Mika honestly. Episode 49 is “Mcgillis Fareed”.

Everyone’s conviction is stunning; I don’t even disagree with Zack. I don’t think Mika has been any better to be honest. Sure, he looks like he follows Orga like a dog, but he knew the importance of his orders: Make sure that Tekkadan continues forward. Orga is the one who gave Mika a “life”, so the best that he could do was fight to ensure the future of Tekkadan. Of course he doesn’t say it in that dignified manner. To him, Orga is the action and the words. Full stop.

And Gaelio passes the “Revenge curse” that stinks in the gundam series’ entirety, or maybe he lives because he wasn’t “possessed”? I really like him! He said some weird thing such as “accepting corruption to defeat his enemy” or the like, but he maintains his humanity. Furthermore, he felt remorse for McGillis.

I can’t believe what they did to Hush. After that, and after Orga a week before, you wonder how much Sunrise will continue to make you angry. He had to be a victim of this desperate struggle. Did I ever say that cockpit attacks make me a little squeamish? Poor baby…got axed in the torso. Like Shino, I really wanted him to make it out. I was hoping, despite the scene, that he’d make it.

And it’s not that bizarre. Some characters in gundam make it out some absurd situations.


McGillis? the second you behave crazy, you’re headed towards death. I felt kind of bad for him. Rather, in the end, I felt that nothing was solved after such a terrible war. We lost Shino, we lost Isurugi, we lost many forces to the Dainslief, McGillis lost his position in the Seven Stars, chased to the ends of Earth Sphere, branded a criminal for conspiring with Tekkadan, and Orga is assassinated.

I felt a little sorry for him and I kind of wanted him to live. I know that’s strange to say; he is in some ways like Aznable. Killing friends and using pawns willing to follow (and love) him, McGillis, despite his awful past, took a very blind, foolish, childish path. Basically, “I dislike the bureaucracy so I will use a fearful means of changing it because I only know power.” I don’t think that makes him that much better than Rustal – both having to show their authority. I don’t think he was that vile.

Watching Rustal, I kind of wondered what McGillis would do had he succeeded.


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