Doggie’s Top 9 Pokemon Generation Episodes (Part 8 Final) #pokemon20th

Well, here we are. The end of the road. Twenty years of a series, compressed into eighteen episodes of crisp animation and wonderful memories and characters. So what are my top 9 PKMN Generation episodes?


  • #1: Adventure
  • #2: Reawakening
  • #3: Challenger
  • #9: The Scoop
  • #8: Cavern
  • #10: The Old Chateu
  • #14: Frozen World
  • #17: The Investigation
  • #18: The Redemption

Flawed human, pokemons as weapon, and but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We end it with the last episode, a tear jerker. That’s it. It’s beautiful.

A fun fact: In the Japanese dubbing of “The Redemption”, the mother is voiced by Inoue Kikuko, while her daughter Honoha actually voices the daughter.


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