Please meet a young man named Andrew Murray #Driving #NASCAR #racing #DRIVERSAFETY

At the time of his speeches, Andrew Murray was thirteen years old, and that makes him the youngest driver to be sanctioned into NASCAR.

“To me, nothing is more important than driver safety.”

This speech was from seven years ago, and is very casual and modern, but this is from a youth who can speak on motorsports with a professional clarity. Using prompt words and utensils, it shows that he indeed knows what he’s talking about. In the end, he stresses to be aware of your surroundings. Blinking your eyes, he said, takes about 1.5 seconds. Imagine that going 40 mph, let alone sneezing, texting, reaching for your drink (or radio dial), etc.

It is a proposal to take action for something quite important in ordinary life. This is especially for young drivers (or those under 25 years old), who are often a part part of fatal accidents everyday.

Source: General Statistics for fatal car accidents (2015).
IIHS = Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

In my state of Michigan alone, with an over 9 million population, motor fatalities are in the rate of 9.6% per 100,000. A range of 800-900 people total annually. These days, the crashes are gradually reducing. Of course, states with lower population will get higher fatality rate. Using the same source, it’s noticed that alcohol plays a high factor in Michigan’s accidents.


CLARK LAW OFFICE: TOP 5 Causes of Car Accidents in Michigan

1.) Distracted Drivers
2.) Drunk Driving
3.) Bad Weather Conditions
4.) Excessive Speeding
5.) Falling asleep at the wheel (or any kind of fatigue)


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