Unpredictable? | Quick Impressions of #PokemonDuel


Luca is a cute fellow.

I didn’t play Pokemon Duel for very long since I have too many other games, but what makes this game both interesting and a little irritating is how unpredictable it is. This is not your average RPG or pokemon game. The tools you use are “decks” amibos containing pokemon, and you utilize them by the help of spins.

The goal is to…reach the goal on your opponent’s side of the field. The foe’s pokemon blocks your path and you can knock them over by spinning on the higher attack. However, you need to watch out, because your attack needs to be higher than the other (see photo) . In order to increase your attack quantity, you have to level up the pokemon via items. You can also use booster cards.

Duel gets repetitive quickly, but the tutorial is simple.

The status interface is kind of strange. The number for example, in Eevee’s status in upper right photo, means the amount of moves you can take (ie: 3). I’m not sure what the letters mean, such as “R” and “UC”.

Why is in unpredictable? Aside from the spins, you can get a knockout in one hit. There is no HP. Knocked out to the beginning , or in this case, to the pokemon center, and you can’t move for a few turns. There is also the “surrounding” technique, where you can easily knock out an enemy pokemon by surrounding it.



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