Looker needs love. Doggie’s Top 9 Pokemon Generation Episodes (Part 7) #pokemon20th

My titles were out of order so I fixed them up; this is the second to last entry. So far, here is my list of best PKMNGen episodes:

#1: Adventure
#2: Reawakening
#3: Challenger
#9: The Scoop
#8: Cavern
#10: The Old Chateau
#14: Frozen World

The next one shows more of the series’s dark side and the criminality of the characters. As Looker is apart of the law, he does witness the worse. I realized that I avoided most of Looker’s eps so I wanted to pick one. I wondered if I wanted to choose either “The Magma Stone” (with silly Buck) or “The Investigation.”

I guess I’ll go with The Investigation. Torture, disbelief, mind control, creepy music, an excellent assistant pulled into a cruel situation. If you know about one of these characters, you’d understand how terrible it is.


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