I am always wrong | #Gundam IBO 46 #g_tekketsu


I actually put in some extra time on this picture because at first, it didn’t look like Shino and it actually pissed me off. I was upset with being an amateur, while I see various digital drawings posted via social media in tribute to a wide renowned series. That’s gundam in general. “I’m not posting it until it looks more like him!” I thought.

You don’t look too bad, brother! Niece said she liked it and said “HAPPY!”

And it seems that Terasaki Yuka, the voice actress of Kudelia, confirmed Norba Shino’s death via the official radio show “TEKKADAN”. Why am I always wrong? Or rather, why do I often consume myself to my selfish passions at times? Indeed, we saw his cockpit blow up did we not? I do blame social media sometime.

I think Shino’s VA is the next guest on the radio? So he’s not really gone?

G to J. Hey! That stands for “GOOD JOB!”
I’m shocked by Julietta, while Isurugi, not so surprisingly, sacrifices himself for McGillis to escape. With that, the battle against Rustal Faction is headed for Mars, or is it? Didn’t want her to die, I’m just a little surprised by her passion. And Mika crushed her up pretty good. Hopefully she won’t end up like Ein in some way

Gaelio is the devil, and a hypocrite. Losing what he cared for and turning towards the shadows thanks to deception, he welcomes the use of Ein and the despicable Alaya system to defeat his former friend. I’m sure McGillis saw Gaelio as a friend, or so that’s what he said, but he has an Aznable type of deception, willing to kill friends for an ambition. However, he’ll deeply embrace the girl.

Gaelio is totally handsome though. The scar and the hair definitely shows off his change. Even the voice of Matsukaze Masaya is a bit mellow, showing that he has discarded everything to take on the identity of “Vidar”. OK, maybe that’s too much considering he shows feelings for Julietta. He’s not entirely consumed by hatred. Does he show more pride?

He does a far better job than Silvermask.

Yamagi, Eugene, and Orga
Bless your heart, Yamagi. Orga mopes, Eugene takes charge for a bit, but you have to admire how human Ogra is. He has to be reminded of reality over and over as he feels pressure.

It’s also human of him to ask if his crew is crazy on more than one occasion. Like “For real?!”

Also, last week apparently was the one year anniversary of Biscuit Griffon’s death. Orga had a similar attitude as well.


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