“Cold-blooded!” Doggie’s Top 9 Pokemon Generation Episodes (Part 6) #pokemon20th

Since the Black and White series has two games, The Plasma Group has a notable appearance in Generations. So we have a couple appearances of the Sages. My next top ep is #14: “THE FROZEN WORLD”.

It’s funny. The majority of the Sages are old, relatively or much so, and sound imposing. We have Plasma’s Ghetsis with a typical boss aura (and even the rest of the sages in episode 13; look at Cyrus (Team Galactic) even.

However! The main sage of this episode is Zinzolin (or Vio), for some reason is voiced by someone akin to Vic Mignogna (or Spike Spencer?). I am disagreeable with it. There aren’t any credits. If it’s Vic then he keeps doing that…well God bless, you’re over 40 and sounding like that, sir.

To the episode. It looks like it’s from a movie. It’s beautiful, it’s criminal, and it again shows the dark side of Pokemon. The far lengths that humans will take to achieve control, even enslaving a living creature with a ton of power, and to attack a city with no remorse of the innocent. Even if power is not wanted, to hurt and kill for research is just as bad.

We also get some dragon power from Drayden!

A fun fact: I should show you Japanese Vio, who is voiced by Shimura Tomoyuki. To give you an idea, he’s Demitri in LINEBARRELS OF IRON, Kondoh Keiji in Inazuam Eleven Go, Kitz Woermann of ATTACK ON TITAN, and currently in Jojo Part 4: Nijimura Keicho (okuyasu’s brother).


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