R-E-T-A-E-H-C #Gundam IBO 45 #g_tekketsu

The next episode of Blood Orphans is soon in Japan (Sunday), so I better get this out of the way.

Spelling the title backwards because Rustal is ass-backwards.

Small talk on Gundam deaths. 

I am probably 90% wrong. I make bad decisions and I can’t get into the head of the writers. Sometimes I don’t want to be right. Why enjoy a show if I’m right?

There’s weird photos hanging around of the assumption that Shino may be alive. With the exception of Ein, and he’s a strange exception (and I feel really sorry for him), the actual deaths in IBO are confirmed by seeing their dead bodies or confirmed the next ep when they’re checked out.

Then again, we didn’t see Crank die. It was confirmed in the next episode but you had a pretty good idea. Another example is the first fatality of IBO: DANJI!

Haha, I remember Shino’s talk: “WE WANTED TO SEE BREASTS!” Shino…I think he jinxed himself at that very moment. The very beginning. These type of gentleman characters, lecherous and reckless always get killed. We like them too much. There is Sleggar for example; that included Naze at this point.

We will see Shino, we will see. You are lovable and annoying. It was a single motion frame but Julietta’s arm crashed into Ryuusei-Go (OFFICIAL: Flarous), causing him to miss. Maybe I am a little heartbroken but will Tekkadan receive their first lost? Actually surrender? Somehow, if that happens, Mika can fight Gundam Bael when Gjallahorn is fully assimilated. Matter of fact, Rustal mentioned that.

But like I said, I’m often wrong.

Gaelio vs Isurugi was great! They were toe to toe and I’m proud of the latter.

“You’re a dog!”
“I am obedient!”

Rustal is an absolute hypocrite. Did he not berate Iok for being reckless and using a banned weapon? SO now he uses the Dainself? What’s the logic in that? They have nukes, so let’s use nukes. Sure, one of the Rustal Faction (AKA: Arianhod fleet) crept into McGillis’s group and turned, causing a scene, but I think it’s enough to lower McGillis’s image to the world and to Gjllahorn. To show that he has now power with Bael.

Rustal, a man of character, or McGillis, a man bringing up a relic?


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