Doggie’s Top 9 Pokemon Generation Episodes (Part 5) #pokemon20th


SO what do we have so far for TOP 9 Pokemon Generation episodes?

The Adventure (The beginning with strongest Pikachu)
The Reawakening (The Three Johto Beasts)
The Cavern (Kyogre)
The Scoop (Deoxys)
The Challenger (Blue vs Elite 4)

Next is episode 10: “THE OLD CHATEAU”! After we freak out from Kyogre destroying everything, the world of pokemon doesn’t give us a break and give us the obligatory Halloween episode. Matter of fact, this episode aired after the “The Scoop” (Ep 9). Amazingly scary as we see the grisly sense of humor of our first generation ghost pokemon. Well done.

Yes, pokemon can portray its dark moments, and I welcome it. There are mentions of death, there are figures of authority who want to enslave pokemon and rule the world by using their power, and the world of pokemon overall has developed its versatility through twenty plus years. I also have to praise Sun and Moon in that part too villainy included.

With this, we have three more to go. Another one later today, where we talk about the cruel use of pokemon.


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